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Destroy Naruto

ナルトを破壊する (Naruto o hakai suru)

The six men entered the hotel that the decrepit old woman had chosen. The night was awful, the rain kept falling all day and it was freezing cold. In short, a shitty night after a shitty day.

"Hey, Boss!" a skinny looking man asked as he got closer to a man twice his size.

"What now?" the boss answered sharply, soaking wet.

"Is this the last time will meet her? I mean, I know we need the money and all but… Geez! That old hag scares the shit out of me."

The boss sighed.

"Probably this will be the last time. You should be ashamed of yourself" the boss scolded, though he felt nervous about the woman too. "Scared of an old lady like that, you wuss!"

"I can't help it, Boss. She… there's something about her. She looks like a witch."

The boss shrugged and told his men to follow him through the corridor.

The men entered a small room and stared at the woman who had hired them. Despite having her face covered by a hood, they could still see how hideous she was. With a face like that, no wonder she only met with them at night and hidden by the dark. Someone that ugly should never go out on the street.

"Did you bring what I asked you?" she said without missing a beat.

"Yes," the leader of the group said, handing her a folder full of papers that they had stolen. "The photos you requested are also in there. The archaeologists are not aware of anything, we were careful."

The old woman smiled and her face got even uglier.

"I see. You did a good job," she said, studying the photos of the ruins and reading the stolen reports.

For centuries the Hyouden Mountain had been nothing more than another snow covered mountain in the Snow Country. When it was discovered that a huge temple was hidden under tons of ice, everyone thought they would find gold and jewels or other treasures. Instead, the temple had just a bunch of worthless statues and ancient scribbles about human sacrifices and requests written on the walls that only historians and archaeologists have found interesting. No person with minimal intelligence would take these scriptures seriously.

Except that old hag.

The group of robbers thought she was quite senile since he came to hire them to spy on archaeological excavations in the new Spring Country. She wanted to know everything about the statues and the archaeologists' new discoveries. The latest news was that there is an ancient flow of chakra running under the temple.

"Yes… this is very interesting" the old woman said, giggling. "This is so perfect."

"We kept our end of the bargain" the boss said. "We spied for you for six months and gave you all the information you've asked for. The excavations are over now and Queen Koyuki is going to seal the place, so there's no need to keep going to the temple. We can't give you any more info so give us the money."

The old woman nodded.

"You're absolutely right, your job is done" she said as her lips curved into a depraved grin. "Now I don't need you anymore."

The boss didn't even have time to scream when the old woman swiftly slit his throat with a kunai. The other men offered little resistance, too shocked by what was happening, and when they did, it was too late. They never even suspected that she was a kunoichi.

Satisfied that none of her clothes were stained with blood, Fuka closed the door of the hotel room, paid her bill and left before the maid found out her little surprise. Poor woman, those stains would be very difficult to remove from the carpet, the walls and the ceiling.

For the first time in years, Fuka felt genuinely happy. Everything was falling into place perfectly and soon she would have not only her beauty back but also her revenge on Uzumaki Naruto.

She had underestimated him, she knew that now. Fuka understood that toying with him and believing that he was just a stupid and annoying brat had been her downfall. He destroyed all of her five bodies and, finally, her beautiful hair.

She still couldn't believe he found out that her hair was her life force and that her soul was inside it. However, he didn't know that she had one body left where she kept a small piece of her soul just in case: her old and withered original body.

The pain of having to walk around with that old and hideous body was unbearable, when she thought about her former beauty and power. She was too weak to steal other bodies again and, without her hair, she couldn't use them as her own and have her beauty back. All because of that hateful boy, Uzumaki Naruto! She wanted to make him pay for what he took from her. She wanted him to suffer!

She wanted to take over his body and use it more than anyone else's.

But how could she? She knew he was unbelievably powerful now. People called him the Savior because it was thanks to him that the Five Shinobi Nations had won the war against the Akatsuki.

It was thanks to Naruto that Uchiha Madara, once deemed as an immortal, was finally dead. As well as Uchiha Sasuke, one of the most powerful ninjas of the Uchiha clan. Once Naruto killed his former teammate, he had mysteriously disappeared, claiming to be travelling the world before assuming his position as Hokage.

Fuka knew she had no chances of getting her revenge. Naruto was a young man now and too powerful, she would never win.

If only she had fought against him sooner. If only Furido had decided to destroy Konoha when that damn jinchūriki was too weak to pose a threat to them. Hell! If only she knew…

Fuka glanced at the papers she held under her arm and smirked. The answer to all her prayers was in the ruins in the newly renamed Spring Country, formerly known as Snow Country. Those fools could see fantasies and nonsense about the temple, but she didn't. It was anything but fantasies, it was real.

To make everything even more perfect, the Queen was going to invite Uzumaki Naruto himself to attend the celebrations of the new country since he had been one responsible for killing her usurper uncle and made her accept her duty as a princess. A fucking hero to the core, even as pre-teen.

No one even remembered what a pathetic loser Naruto had been. That fucking blond had the perfect future: he was strong, young and renowned all over the world.

"But not for long, boy" she said to freezing wind. "Not for long…"

Covering her bald head, Fuka went to the Spring Country.

That's the first chapter. To those who didn't watch the filler, Fuka was one of the villains who tried to take over Naruto's body because he was a Wind user. The way she steals someone else's body is through a kiss in the mouth. At first, Naruto was freaking out because he thought she wanted to make out with him and he didn't like "easy" women.

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