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Good morning, Draco, you are important.
Do you believe it today? Say it out loud, okay? Just humour me, I know it's silly. You are important to me, and I love you. I do.

Lunch and the afternoon with you on Thursday sounds absolutely amazing, actually. I wouldn't mind if your mind was a bit in the gutter, either. And I'm not working myself too hard, really. There's just so much to do.

I think Hermione's actually considering taking a few history courses at the Wizarding College in London while she's taking political science courses. Of course, to Hermione, a few courses probably means she'll have a degree in history in no time.
I spoke a bit more to Ron last night, too. Apparently he's mostly sorted now. And I want to forgive him. I do forgive him. But I also don't really want to see him right now, either. Is that contradictory?
I'm...disappointed you won't be back at Hogwarts. I am going back. I want to get my N.E.W.T.s. It's been implied that I don't need them, and that I could get jobs without them, but that's not what I want.
It would have been lovely to spend classes with you where we aren't subtly (or not so) wishing harm on each other, or to be able to spend weekends at Hogsmeade together, though. I'm actually not sure what to expect from this year. It'll be the first year that Voldemort isn't after me. I've never had a normal school year. Not that I expect this year to be normal.
But I do understand what you mean. You're not the same person any more. It would be like regressing to go back.

I didn't even think about the first year Muggle-borns not knowing about the war. It's bizarre to think that anyone, regardless of who they are, wouldn't know. It was just such a big part of our lives.

I won't push you to talk about this, Draco, as much as I want to know - not something this big, this important. Especially not through a letter. This is something intensely personal, and I can't even imagine trying to live through that, let alone try to relive it by telling someone about what you went through. All the same, Draco, I'm so incredibly glad that you did live through it, and that you're here now. With me.

I think Snape'd be proud of you, Draco. I know that's really not my place, and I don't have any real right to tell you that, but it's true. I think he would be.

It's not Hero-stuff. I'm not a fucking hero. I'm not. Well, maybe it is 'hero-stuff' to the rest of the world, but Draco it's not like I chose this. But I can't let people down, either. It's because of me they died. How can I not go to the funerals or memorial services or ceremonies or whatever else? I have to show my respect for them. I can't let them think I'm not appreciative. And Hogwarts is a mess, and McGonagall needs all the help she can get, and I have breaks, I do, I relax. I go to Luna's and spend time with her, and hang out with Hermione, but I can't just stop, I'll go crazy. I need to be doing something helpful and productive and constructive.

I need to see you. Please, Thursday at the latest.

Much love,

Always and forever,

your Harry

Hello Draco,

You'll never guess what I just discovered! I found a colony of moon frogs out in Wales! I'm taking the day off of the Quibbler, to go take a look. Isn't that exciting? I know we always do lunch on Tuesdays, but perhaps we could reschedule for dinner on Wednesday, instead? Come by my place, I'll even cook for you!

Hoping you'll have midwidgets fly through your home today,


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