Hey I'm trying something I haven't seen on the Scrubs site before so I thought I'd give it a try. This is set twelve years after the series officially ended. It revolves around Jack's experience's in the hospital when he meets someone who is studying at the hospital. I imagine he's around 16-17.

Disclaimer: I do not own Scrubs or any of the original characters but I do own Julie Roca and any other characters I create.

I felt a little nervous as I walked down the clean, white hallways of Sacred Heart hospital. It was the first day of the 'Future Doctor' program they were doing at my high school and I was the one picked to go. I would get to spend the whole of this semester up until summer vacation working in the hospital. They would give me small jobs, my main priority being to take notes and learn. I was basically like a pre, pre-med student. I was so excited to start learning about being a doctor. It's what I've wanted to do since I helped fix my little brothers hurt arm when we were six. I'm sixteen now.

I passed many faces as I walked, patient and doctor, looking for someone named Doctor Cox. As I walked I spotted a familiar looking boy my age. He had short croppy blonde hair that was spiked upwards at the fringe. He was tall, taller then me anyway and I could see that he worked out from the tight light shirt blue he was wearing under a dark blue flannel shirt. Basically he looked like every teenage girls dream. I think he went to my school.

I approached him, hoping he could help me, clutching the piece of paper firmly in my hands. I heard him talking to two others, a shortish guy with short brown hair and tanned skin and a blonde girl with blue eyes and pale skin. She seemed a little hyper and in her early thirties, wearing blue scrubs, opposed to the guy who looked a little too relaxed, also in his early thirties and wearing green scrubs.

As I got closer I heard the boy talking. "…Now, thanks to my dad, I have to wait around here all day for some stupid chick from my school to show up, then I have to lead her around the hospital and give her a tour. Stupid Future Doctors program." he grumbled the last part.

I raised my eyebrows. 'Some Chick?' the brown haired man shrugged.

"You don't know man, she might be hot." he offered. I thought about my appearance. I had long dark brown hair and brown eyes. My skin tone was a little darker then most white girls. Then again I am half Latina but I liked that. I turned my attention back on the boy.

"Whatever man. All I know is that she's goanna be some doctor wishing wannabe who won't know the first thing about medicine." that tore it. I had worked really hard to get this place. I was sixteen and I could already name every bone in the human body. Squaring my shoulders, I put on my most determined face and marched over to them. I reached up and tapped the boy on the shoulder. He turned around and I saw that he had blue eyes and a really nice smile.

I gulped. Suddenly this seemed a lot harder. "Excuse me, I'm wondering if you could tell me where I could find someone named doctor Cox?" I said in the sweetest voice I could muster. He grinned.

"Why yes I can. My name's Jack." he flashed another grin. "And who might you be?" he asked.

"Well my name is Julie Roca but you can call me doctor wannabe." I said, the last part coming out through gritted teeth. Jack's grin dropped and a confused expression replaced it.

"What do you…?" he started before the brown haired man interrupted him.

"Dude, she was standing behind you when you dissed on the Future Doctor program." he then smiled at me. "My name's Cole Aaronson. And this is my shorty, Lucy Benet." he said with a different smile as he laced an arm around her waist. I smiled back at him. Lucy blushed as she buried her face in Cole's shoulder. I looked over to see Jack still looking confused. I decided to finish him off before going to look for Dr Cox.

"Yeah. So now that you know that I'm goanna be around here until the end of the semester, I expect you to put that oversized boy ego of yours on hold and stay out of my way. I'm here to learn, not shoot down pathetic attempts at guys trying to pick me up." I snapped. Jack looked shocked but I just smiled sweetly at him before turning back to Cole and Lucy, who were trying vainly to suppress their laughter.

"Could you please direct me to Dr Cox?" I asked them. Cole nodded, pulling away from Lucy.

"Yeah sure let's g-" he stopped mid sentence and stiffened. I noticed that Lucy and Jack were also staring straight behind me. Slowly I turned around to see a large, scary looking man with reddish brown curls and a vein sticking up on his forehead as he stomped towards us.

"JACK! I told you to bring me the Future Doctor Trainee half an hour ago! What have you been doing? Playing paddy cake with the giant blonde Blow up doll? From what I've heard about how much those two go at it I'm surprised her mouth doesn't permanently form an O." he snapped loudly.

I flinched. Why was he yelling at a kid in a hospital? More alarming, why was no one stopping him? Jack was standing strong, staring back at the man with slight fear in his eyes.

"Sorry sir. She only just arrived." he said like a private talking to his commanding officer. The man seemed to calm down a lot, his face relaxing and loosing some of its red tint.

"Come on Jack you know you can call me dad." he said in a really patronising voice.

WAIT WHAT? "DAD?" I exclaimed. Jack turned and smirked at me. The older man turned to me and his glare instantly returned.

"Yes. I am the chief of medicine Dr. Cox and this is my son, Jack Cox."

This semester just got a whole lot more interesting.

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