Title: Prisoners on the Slave Ship of Love

Summary: Lovino Vargas, young ruler of Southern Italy, is captured and taken hostage in a pirate raid led by Captain Antonio Fernandez Carriedo and his band of Spanish buccaneers. Tensions grow high and hearts are tested when Lovino becomes Captain Carriedo's personal prisoner. What madness will result when Lovino starts to feel for his captor?

Pairing: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo/Lovino Vargas (Spamano~)

Note: There is no historical content telling of a pirate raid in Southern Italy and a lord of said country being taken hostage, meaning the content of this story is completely 100% fictional! No historical references made (except for pirate facts and stuff), because I'm too lazy to open my awesome history books and look up stuff at the moment. Maybe later, but not right now.



26 de junio 1677

It took plenty of thought, but I have decided that it was time to take my beloved son with me on a voyage to Nápoles. Antonio has been more than ecstatic during the entire trip—I know that he has always desired to come with me whenever I left, so I resolved to bring him along to celebrate his ninth birthday. I can only imagine how lonely it has been for him when I am away. After the death of my beloved María, I had to leave Antonio in the capable hands of the servants whenever I had to depart, but now the time has come to show him the wonders of Italia.

Since our arrival, the boy has been running around and acting as his usual cheery, youthful self. The people of Nápoles accept him with open arms, as he does with them. He tells me that he loves Italia and that he wishes to return more often. This news fills my heart with joy; I wonder if he will follow in my footsteps and become a merchant to Nápoles such as myself? Only God knows the answer, and the only thing I can do is pray.

~Hernando Montez Carriedo

Enthralling emerald eyes scanned the page hastily. A small smile of amusement played across the lips of the eyes' owner, and a soft chuckle escaped his throat. How many years has it been since his father had scrawled those words onto that now-dingy piece of paper? Sixteen or so?

"Perdón, papá, but I'm afraid I will not be returning to Nápoles as a merchant, as you once dreamt. I'm fixing to set sail, but not in a manner of which would please you if you were still here, God rest your soul."

A sudden knock on his door snapped the young man out of his nostalgic moment.

"Capitán! The men are ready to set sail! We await your orders, sir!"

"Tell them to prepare the ship!" the green-eyed man barked. "We sail en diez minutos!"

"¡Sí, Capitán!"

The young captain quickly tied his messy brown locks into a ponytail with a red ribbon and adorned his head with his elaborate tri-cornered hat. Dusting off his scarlet waistcoat, he slipped it over his shoulders and grinned at his reflection in the mirror.

"Onward, to Nápoles!"