Chapter 1 The Texting Begins

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I thought this up after thinking about an experience similar that I had….it was fun and I hope you'll enjoy this cute little drabble…'ll probably be around 10 chapters…..not to long.


Unknown: Hi beautiful, hope your day is going good.

Bella: um, who is this?

Unknown: An admirer of yours

Bella: so um you know me?

Unknown: You are the breath of fresh air that I've been searching for in a sea of smog.

Bella: LOL, ok that was kind of cheesy.

Unknown: *gasps* really? I thought it was pretty good.

Bella: why won't you just tell me who you are?

Unknown: IDK if you'd still talk to me if you knew who I was.

Bella: so what do you want?

Unknown: to get to know you better...

Bella: well, tell me about you, first

Unknown: what do you want to know? I'm pretty boring.

Bella: why text me? Why not FB me or call me?

Unknown: um, I'm kinda shy and it's easy to talk to someone this way.

Bella: ok. What do you want to know?

Unknown: Everything. LOL

Bella: ummm, be a little more specific.

Unknown: do you have a boyfriend?

Bella: that would be a no.

Unknown: do you want a boyfriend?

Bella: idk, who are you again? LOL

Unknown: I see you everyday and wish that I were able to talk to you, hold your hand or kiss you.

Bella: you do?

Unknown: I love that blue hoodie you have with the cookie monsters eyes on top of it. You look adorable in it. It makes me smile.

Bella: *blushes* really? *whispers* it's my favorite hoodie.

Unknown: I can tell and yes, really. You had the hood up one day when it was sprinkling and I just wanted to pull the ties so that your lips were touching mine.

Bella: you wear a hoodie?.

Unknown: Doesn't half of Seattle? LOL

Bella: true. What's your favorite color?

Unknown: Brown for your eyes but ON you, the color blue.

Bella: *blushes* ok, I have to get to class maybe we can "chat" more later.

Unknown: Have a good class. I'll hit ya up later. Bye Beautiful Bella.

Bella: Bye unknown dude. LOL

Bella walked into class and took her seat at the table next to the handsome and quiet Edward. They both put their phones away and pulled out their chemistry books and notebooks. Little glances passed between them both.

Bella thinks to herself, 'why can't he be my anonymous texter?' She sighs and starts taking notes.

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