Chaos Bleeds


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris

Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Emma Caulfield as Anya Jenkins

James Martsers as Spike


Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles

Guest Stars

Clare Kramer as Glory

Robin Sachs as Ethan Rayne

Troy T. Blendell as Jinx

Jeremy Roberts as Kakistos

Amber Benson as Tara MaClay

Co Stars

Tom Wyner as Sid the Dummy

Todd Duffey as Murk


Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane

Willow is standing in the sunshine outside the entrance to UC Sunnydale. Buffy comes out, looking resigned. Willow hurried over to her.

WR: Hey. All set?

BS: Yep. I'm all dropped out.

WR: (sympathetically) Oh, Buffy. It'll be okay.

BS: I know. But until I take care of Glory, I need to drop all other distractions from my life.

WR: Exactly! That's exactly what you're doing!

They walked through the campus toward the street.

BS: Did you and Tara do that spell on the house yet?

WR: Yep. Dawn's as safe as houses . . . or in this case, your house.

BS: Good. I don't need any more surprises this year.

Cut to an alley later that evening. A bright sphere of light appeared and a body fell out of it and landed on the pavement. As the figure rises, the light from a street lamp reveals that it is Kakistos. He growled and looked around him.

ACT 1: Open on Glory lounging on her couch. Beside her, three of her demons (Jinx, Murk, and Dreg) are kneeling.
G: Okay. Now, I asked for the Key, and you brought me a vampire. A pulseless, impure, follicly-fried vampire. So, what I think we have here is a failure for you to do your frickin' jobs, pardon my French. So I think you better rack your little minion brains, and tell me everything that you saw when you were spying on Buffy and her wacky pals. Everything. Then I'll figure out who the key is.

J: We shall leave at once, scrumptious one.

In the basement of the Magic Box, Anya is organizing a pile of books inside the book cage when Xander comes in.

XH: Anya?

Anya shrieked and dropped some of the books.

AJ: Xander! Why did you startle me like that? (mutters) Now I have to do all this again.

XH: Sorry. Listen, I wanted to ask you something.

AJ: (sounding irritated) What?

XH: (edging forward, slightly anxious) I . . . I know things have been crazy lately, but I think this is the right time.

AJ: For what?

Xander kneeled down on one leg and took out a small box with a ring inside. Anya stared down at it in awe.

XH: Anya, you wanna marry me?

She slapped him.

XH: (rubbing his cheek) Can I take that as a 'maybe'?

AJ: (sounding angry) You're proposing to me!

XH: Yes . . . ?

AJ: You're proposing to me because you think we're gonna die!

XH: (standing up and taking her hand in both of his) No, Anya, I'm proposing to you because we're not. I think I'm gonna live a long and silly life, and I'm not interested in doing that without you.

Anya looked at him in admiration.

AJ: Oh. Yes!

They leaned in to kiss, then Anya held him back and leaned away.

AJ: No.

XH: No?

AJ: After. Give it to me when the world doesn't end.

XH: (grins) You got it.

At that moment, Tara descended down the stairs.

TM: Xander, B-Buffy and Willow are back.

XH: Thanks.

He passed Tara up the stairs. She approached Anya.

TM: What were you two doing?

AJ: (staring after Xander) Nothing. Couple stuff.

Xander reached the top of the stairs to find Buffy and Willow in the shop.

XH: Hey! How's everything . . . (he sees Spike is with them) What is he doing here?

S: I personally don't know why you're still here.

BS: I want him included in this.

XH: Why? So we can listen to him complaining?

S: The only person complaining here is you, mate.

Xander made a move toward Spike, but Buffy stood between them.

BS: Xander, I told you, I trust Spike now and he should be included. I need to talk to Giles. Where is he?

XH: (glaring at Spike over Buffy's shoulder) I think he's in the back room. Why?

BS: We saw some strange, flashing lights in the sky on the way here.

WR: They were kinda like fireworks, only . . . less fun, and more . . . scary.

XH: Huh. Well, I'll go ask . . . (A pack of vampires bust into the shop) What the-?

Two of them rammed Xander into the training room. Two more piled into Spike and they tumbled down the basement stairs.

WR: Buffy!

Buffy has already engaged a vampire near the entrance. Willow watched as Buffy stakes the vampire then engaged another one. The vamp got a lucky shot in, sending Buffy to the ground. Willow hurried over and attempted to summon fire, something she had been practicing for a while. Flames flew out of her hands and hit the vampire in the back. He yelled and turned to face Willow, but combusts before he could do anything else.

WR: Wow! I've never done that before!

BS: Neat trick Will.

More vamps burst in. Willow and Buffy turned to face them.

Meanwhile, Xander was struggling to hold off the two vampires in the training room with him. Luckily for him, one of them backed right into a wooden mace-like weapon hanging on the wall and combusted before knew what had happened. Xander grabbed an axe off the opposite wall and faced the remaining undead invader. He swung the axe wildly and misses. He swings again and somehow managed to slice the vampire's neck a little bit. The vamp staggered back, holding his throat and making gagging noises. Xander swung the axe once more and sliced off the vampire's hand along with the rest of his neck. This time, the head is severed from the body and it combusted. Xander dropped the axe and panted heavily.

In the basement, Spike had his hands full. He'd already killed three of the vampires and was following two more into the back. He heard yelling ahead of him and found the two vampires forcing Anya and Tara roughly into the book cage. Spike grabbed one of them and turned him around to face him. The vamp looked somewhat stoned.

V1: 'Sup bro?

In answer, Spike staked him. The other vampire turned around too.

V2: Hey! Aren't you supposed to be evil?

S: Hey, aren't you supposed to be dead? (He staked the vampire, who then combusts) Oh there you go, then.

He breaks open the book cage.

TM: W-what's going on?

S: Haven't got a bloody clue.

AJ: Where's Xander?

S: Upstairs, probably getting his as kicked. Come on, the Slayer needs our help.

Upstairs, Willow and Buffy have killed all but one vampire, who is currently pinned on the ground by Buffy, who is raising a stake over his heart.

V3: Kill me if you want, it will not matter! Kakistos will destroy you soon!

BS: Sorry, but he's dead, and . . . hey, so are you! (She stakes him) That was strange.

Xander stumbled out of the training room.

XH: You guys alright?

WR: Shaken, but not stirred. (Buffy and Xander look at her) What? Shaken . . . but not . . . stirred, ya know?

XH: Where's Spike? Did he run off?

BS: No, he's in the basement. A few vamps went down there.

WR: Oh no!

XH: Anya and Tara were down there!

Spike emerged at the top of the stairs with Anya and Tara.

S: Looking for these?

Willow and Xander rushed over and embraced their respective lovers. Spike looked expectantly at them.

S: So what? No 'thanks, Spike, for rescuing my girlfriend' from either of you? (To Buffy) What the bloody hell was all that?

BS: I don't know yet.

Giles emerged from the back room.

RG: Buffy! What happened in here? The shop's a terrible mess!

BS: Buncha vamps attacked us. You know, the usual.

S: How could you not have heard all that? It was bloody chaos in here, Rupert.

RG: I was preoccupied. I have some rather disturbing news. I was just on the phone with Wesley.

XH: That is disturbing news.

RG: (exasperated) No, it wasn't the fact that I talked to him! It was what he told me.

BS: What is it?

RG: Faith is gone. Apparently she's broken out of jail and Wesley believes she may be on her way here.

BS: Faith . . . Kakistos.

RG: What?

BS: Vamp I killed said that Kakistos had sent him.

WR: Are you sure he's really dead?

BS: Positive. I saw Faith kill him with my own eyes.

RG: (cleaning his glasses) Do you believe there is a connection between them?

BS: Kakistos was the only thing Faith ever feared. And besides, two things I don't believe in are . . .

RG: (rolling his eyes) Coincidences and leprechauns, yes, I remember.

WR: (To Buffy) You don't believe in leprechauns?

RG: Moving on, there is something else as well. Wesley said he's been noticing signs of dimensional portals opening all over Sunnydale and the Los Angeles area.

WR: Is that what those lights in the sky were?

RG: Yes, those are one of the signs.

BS: Could Glory be involved in this?

RG: I'm not sure. We don't even know what she wants yet.

TM: Is it p-possible we c-could be dealing with an alternate version of Kakistos? Or even the real thing?

RG: I can't say. Is there a spell that either of you know of that can confirm someone's death?

TM: Yes. But it m-must be performed at the location that person supposedly died at.

BS: It's an abandoned factory, remember Will?

WR: Yeah, I know the place.

RG: Very well then. Willow, you and Tara go to the factory and perform the spell. Anya and I will stay here and clean up the shop while researching dimensional portals.

AJ: But isn't my shift over? (Giles glares at her) Fine.

BS: Good. Spike, you're coming with me. We're going to patrol for any sign of Kakistos.

S: I got your back, Slayer.

XH: What about me?

BS: Go with Willow and Tara. They could use a lookout while they're doing the spell.

XH: I'm your man.

S: Half a man, maybe.

XH: Hey, I happen to be-

S: A glorified bricklayer?

XH: I'm also a swell bowler.

AJ: He's got his own shoes.

S: The gods themselves do tremble.

BS: Spike, shut your mouth. Let's go.

She, Spike, Xander, Willow, and Tara leave the shop.

ACT 2: Buffy and Spike entered one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries.

S: Reckon we should split up?

BS: Yeah. We can cover more ground that way.

S: Right. (Pause) Listen, Buffy. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I'll always be there to protect her. For you.

BS: I know you will. That's why I wanted you here.

Buffy started to walk away.

S: I know you'll never love me. (She stops and turns to him) I know that I'm a monster. But you treat me like a man, and that's . . . (Pause) We'd better get on with the search.

Spike headed off. Buffy watched him for a few seconds, then went in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes, she heard a familiar voice.

Sid: 'whistles'. Wow! The years have been good to you, honey.

BS: Sid?

Sid: In the flesh. Well . . . wood, actually.

BS: But, aren't you dead?

Sid: Nah. Not in the dimension that I'm from.

BS: Oh, so you are alternate then. How do you remember me?

Sid: We met. I just didn't die.

BS: Oh. Listen, do you know anything about Kakistos being here?

Sid: (pointing) Yeah. Big Ugly is back there somewhere.

BS: Great, thanks, and also-

Sid: Sorry kid. I've got other things to do now.

BS: Wait!

Sid ran off into the darkness.

BS: (defiantly, to herself) I'm not a kid anymore.

In Glory's mansion, Glory is still on her couch, with her three minions beside her.

G: So, we know it isn't the vampire, or the Slayer herself. Someone she deeply cares for . . . Aha!

She jumped up suddenly, looking insanely delighted.

G: The sister! That has to be it! The Key is the Slayer's sister, under our noses all this time! I like the detail work those monks did. Quirks, foibles, passions . . . it's all so cute, so . . . human. You know? Pretty convincing really. (ponders) But not convincing enough. (Looks around at Jinx, Murk, and Dreg) You all know your assignments. I think it's time to collect the key.

At that moment, her door burst open and a group of hooded figures swarmed in.

G: Uh, did somebody order an apocalypse?

J: We're under attack!

G: Brilliant observation, dummy. (To the figures) Back for more, you pathetic monks?

D: Uh, pardon my unworthy thoughts, but these monks don't seem to have eyes.

Then suddenly, the power went out.

G (V.O.): Uh, we don't have power bills, do we?

M (V.O.): No, loveliness. You killed our electrician.

G (V.O.): Well then, don't just stand there! Kill them before- no,no,no! Not now, Ben! Don't-!

Sound of someone being stabbed, then screaming from the minions.

Back in the cemetery, Buffy wandered around, staking the occasional vampire, until reaching the end of the cemetery, near the spot where her mother, Joyce Summers, had been buried less than a month ago, and found Kakistos with his back to her.

BS: Hey!

Kakistos whipped around.

K: Ah, the Slayer. We meet at last.

BS: We've met, you dimwit.

K: I don't recall.

BS: Whatever, you'll be dead soon, so don't bother figuring it out.

K: Very well. Prepare to face the wrath of-

Spike suddenly leapt out of nowhere and grabbed Kakistos around the neck from behind.

BS: Spike!

Kakistos throws Spike off him and backed up.

K: Well, I'd love to stay and kill you both, but I have other things to do. I'll leave you some friends to keep you company.

He waved his hand and a ball of light appears. Then he hopped a wall and disappeared.

S: (Getting back to his feet and seeing the magic sphere) Oh bollocks.

BS: What is that?

S: Reanimation spell.

BS: What?

S: You know, resurrection spell. It'll rise all the dead in the cemetery to hold us off 'til Mr. Cowardly-Vampire escapes.

BS: (looking horrified) Oh no . . .

S: Don't worry, pet. Zombies are slow and dumb. They'll be easy to-

BS: (intensely) No, Spike! My mom is buried here.

S: (getting it) Right.

Zombies started to force their way out of the ground all around them. Buffy and Spike effortlessly knocked them down.

BS: How do I destroy the spell?

S: (Punching through a zombie's head) Just punch and kick it 'til it disappears!

Buffy ran over to the ball and began to attack it. After a while, the ball evaporated and the zombies Spike had not taken down collapse.

S: Well, that was fun. You figure out who's doing this yet?

BS: No. But I'm gonna give them a serious ass-beating once I find out.

S: So what now?

BS: Stay here and keep an eye out for more previously dead people. I'm going to tell Giles what happened here.

ACT 3: In the abandoned factory, Willow and Tara sat in a circle chanting while Xander stood in the background with his arms folded, trying to look intimidating to anyone who might interrupt. Willow and Tara stopped chanting.

TM: Huh?

XH: What?

WR: According to the spell, he is dead. So I guess that means it must be an alternate version of Kakistos after all.

Then someone shoved past Xander and grabbed Tara in a vice grip around the neck.

ER: Very good, witch. I must say, I truly believe I've outdone myself this time.

WR: (Jumping to her feet) You!

XH: Hey, isn't that that guy Giles was friends with who sent that demon after us that time?

WR: (nodding) Ethan Rayne. You're opening all the portals.

ER: Jumping to conclusions, I see. I thought you had more insight than that.

TM: Willow, help!

Then the room around them shifted and reformed into another factory.

WR: Hey! What are you doing? Stop it!

ER: (sounding only slightly confused) That isn't me. I just want what I came here for.

WR: Which was what?

ER: Well, for now, your friend.

TM: Willow!

Ethan dragged Tara out of the room. Xander moved to follow, then heard someone else screaming.

XH: What was . . . ?

WR: Xander! There are people being held captive in here!

XH: What do we-?

WR: Go help them. I'll rescue Tara.

Willow ran out after Ethan. Xander sighed, then ran in the direction of the screaming.

He found several people trapped in rooms with boards blocking the way out. He used a metal pipe to free them.

XH: (Watching the last of the people run out) Well, that's my good deed for the day. Hope Will's doing as well.

Meanwhile, Willow had battled past multiple vampires guarding the factory until she reached the parking lot. Tara was standing in the middle of the lot, encircled by the wall of the building behind her, and parked tractor trailer trucks on her left, right, and front, cornering her from all sides. Standing on the trailer in front of her was Ethan.

ER: So, you made it.

WR: Damn straight!

TM: Willow! He's t-t-too strong for me to fight alone!

WR: Don't worry, sweetie. (To Ethan) Let her go!

ER: If you want her, witch, come and take her.

WR: (To Tara) Let's kick his ass.

As Willow levitated down beside Tara, Ethan started throwing balls of magickal power down at them. Willow dodged and threw flames at him in retaliation.

ER: You're quite something. It's almost going to be a pity to kill you.

Tara threw a spell of her own at Ethan, knocking him down.

TM: Wish we c-could say the same about you.

Ethan gestured and vampires descended down upon them. But the two witches simply aimed their spells at them and they combust almost as soon as they had landed. Ethan is finally overpowered and collapses. Willow and Tara approach him and magickally restrain him.

ER: Where are you taking me?

WR: (In a deep voice) To your doom! (Ethan and Tara stare at her) Sorry. I've always wanted to do that to someone.

ACT 4: In the Magic Box, Anya is sitting at the table engrossed in a book while Buffy finished telling Giles about what had happened in the cemetery.

RG: So, you encountered Sid the ventriloquist dummy as well as Kakistos?

BS: Yep. I think Sid might actually know something about what's happening.

RG: Well, I'll have to think this over. Anya, you've done enough research. You can go home.

AJ: (slamming down the book) Finally! Am I getting overtime pay for this, Giles?

RG: No.

AJ: But I've stayed at my post past my scheduled time frame! (Giles glares) Fine.

Anya sulks out.

RG: You'd better go home and rest too, Buffy. Dawn will be happy to see you. I'll inform the others when they return.

BS: Thanks. Goodnight, Giles.

Giles goes down into the basement. As Buffy headed toward the door, she heard a thump from downstairs.

BS: Giles?

Buffy rushed downstairs and found Giles on the ground with two vampires attacking him. She quickly dispensed with the vamps and goes to Giles' side.

BS: Are you alright?

RG: No, I believe my leg is broken.

BS: Come on. (She grabs Giles under the arm and supports him to the stairway) We've got to get you to a hospital before anything else turns up.

Just as they reach the door at the top of the stairs, it swings open and they see, grinning down at them, Faith.

FL: Hey, B. What's up?