"Perry the platypus what are you doing here!" Heinz exclaimed, looking over from his recliner as Perry walked in the door, closing it behind him. Heinz watched curiously as Perry pulled something out of his hat and reached into his mouth, before putting something in his ear.

"Doctor D" he said softly

Heinz's eyes flew open in shock

"Perry the Platypus! You- You talk!"

Perry shrugged

"translator" he informed the man, slowly approaching

Heinz moved away and raised an eyebrow

"what are you doing here?" he asked again, warily watching the monotreme

Perry sighed heavily, before taking off his hat and frowning

"Heinz.. I... I wont be your nemesis anymore"

Heinz' eyes flew open in shock

"what! why?" He demanded

"this relationship has gotten..." the platypus trailed off, placing his hat back on his head and climbing up into the doctors lap. "I cant do it..." he trailed off

"do what?"

"Heinz..." he trailed off again. Taking a deep breath he sighed "look... Doctor D, this relationship is... no.. I just..."

"Perry?" Heinz asked warily

"I can't fight you anymore" the platypus informed him "I just... can't do it"

Before Heinz had the chance to ask why Perry kissed his cheek softly and jumped off his lap, disappearing before Heinz could stop him.