Vronsky could not get Anna out of his mind. She was like an angel. Beautiful, elegant, graceful. Enchanting. Perfect. Yes, he knew she was married, and even had a son, but that didn't matter a bit to him. He was infatuated with Anna. He could sit and listen for hours to her sweet voice. He would follow her to the ends of the world. That's why he was on his way to St. Petersburg. He could not bear to go even a day without seeing her lovely face. Every word he had told her at the station was true. He told her he would go where she was, and he meant it from the depths of his entire heart. She had been uncomfortable and begged him to stop, but he knew she had to have felt at least something in her heart. Vronsky put his head in his hands and slowly closed his eyes. All he wanted was a chance to hope. Who knew, maybe one day Anna would return his love.

Anna still could not believe what had happened just minutes ago. "You know I have come to be where you are," Vronsky had told her. When she started to protest, he put her into shock by saying "Not one word, not one gesture of yours, would I, could I, ever forget." She was stunned! No man had ever said such passionate words to her. She felt desire stir somewhere deep inside her, but then chased it away. She turned away and left him there, on the platform. She was a married woman! She had a son! Anna did not love Karenin, that was obvious, but she loved Serozha very much. Suddenly, she felt a wave of shame. But she did nothing wrong! No, it was better for her -for all of them- if she just ignored Vronsky and discouraged his feelings. Maybe then he would leave her alone! But she wasn't sure if she wanted him to leave her alone. No man had ever stirred such a feeling of desire within her. She tired but could not get Vronsky out of her mind. She kept seeing his clam, obedient eyes that held such love in them. Anna rested her head on the window and tried to go to sleep. She would be in Petersburg in the morning.