AN: / This takes place during Jade Dumps Beck. It's basically what I think should've happened now that I've seen episodes like Beggin' on your knees where he gave her a time out and no one saw anything wrong with that. He's the only one who'll put up with her, but I'm pretty sure no one else would put up with him either./

You really aren't totally sure what this feeling is, but you're starting to understand why Jade's so mean all the time. You just want to hit somebody or throw something but that's what angry people do. Oh! You're angry. That makes sense.

You can feel it building up in your tummy every time Beck so much as looks in your direction. You don't really know what happened, but you know he hurt Jade and he was the one person she really trusted other than you. You never thought he was that great of a boyfriend anyway, because he gets super bossy sometimes and never takes her side and acts like he doesn't care about her at all and flirts with other girls just to upset her, which you think is really mean.

You like Beck, he's really nice most of the time, but he's nicer to you and Tori than he is to the girl he keeps saying he loves, and then he acts like she's crazy when she get's jealous. Maybe she wouldn't be so insecure if he would pay attention to her every once and a while instead of talking to Tori or Alyssa Vaughn or even you.

Beck is your friend, but Jade is your best friend, and she's protected you for years so maybe it's your turn. She wouldn't even come to school today no matter how much you begged her to and even though she slept over, she wouldn't talk about Beck or really anything important. She just mostly let you talk and nodded at the right times, but she didn't laugh or smile or look even a little bit happy the whole time. She didn't cry, but it might have been better if she did, then you would at least know she would be okay eventually.

But you don't know that. Jade's been hurt a lot by her parents and her popular friends and pretty much everyone else she's ever let in even a little and there's only so many times a heart can break before it can't be put back together anymore, like humpty dumpty or like how a cat only has nine lives and then it's really dead forever.

If Beck's the one that killed Jade-cat forever, you're gonna not be his friend anymore. And hit him, you're also gonna hit him. Because it needs to be done. Even if Jade is okay, you're still gonna hit him. In fact, you're gonna hit him right now.

Everyone looks surprised when you walk up to Beck and slap him really hard. Even Sikowitz stopped talking. Class wasn't as cool without Jade anyway, so whatever. You go and sit back down even though Beck's still looking at you like you've gone a little nuts. Sikowitz just starts teaching again.

You're the first one out of class but Beck still catches up to you.

"Why'd you hit me?"

He sounds bewildered and that makes you even more mad, or is it madder? No that sounds too much like matter, so it's definitely gotta be more mad. Oh, right. Angry. ROAR!

"Cause you deserved it"

"And why do you think I deserved it?"

He's talking to you like you're stupid or something. You're not the stupid one, he's the one who hurt Jade.

"You're a big meany and you made Jade sad."

He looks at you incredulously, yeah that's right, you know big words.

"Cat, Jade broke up with me."

"I don't care, you still made her sad. And she broke up with you because you're a meany. So it's your fault the cat might really be dead this time!"

Now he's all confuzzled. Because he's stupid.

"The cat – dead – what do cats have to do with anything?"

You roll your eyes, because really, how much clearer can you be?

"She broke up with you because you always flirt with other girls right in front of her and then act like she's crazy for thinking you like other girls. You never ever take her side and you boss her around and you make her say please before you say you love her and she shouldn't even have to ask! You should just say it because you feel it! You act like you're doing her a favor by being her boyfriend, and then you told Tori you were glad you guys broke up, knowing Tori would tell Jade and Jade would be hurt! She makes a lot of mistakes, but she would never just hurt you for fun! Jade's the one that's too good for you, not the other way around you big – you big jerk!"

You turn and walk away as fast as you can, but not before stomping on his foot as hard as you can. Because if Jade's hurting then he should be hurting too.

Beck's pov

Well OW! When did Cat get so violent?

And what did she mean it's your fault Jade broke up with you?

Sure, sometimes you make her jealous on purpose, but you wouldn't do that if she didn't have such an amusing reaction. You act like she's crazy because she is, she's a freaking lunatic. Okay, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to brush her off when you know full well that you are doing something, even if you'd never really cheat. But again that's her fault, if she wouldn't explode over every little thing; picking at her wouldn't be so entertaining and you wouldn't push her the way you do.

You don't usually take her side because she has a tendency to be in the wrong. If she wouldn't over react so much, you would take her side more.

You don't boss her around, she just goes over the line sometimes and someone has to point it out. Someone has to put her in her place. If she wouldn't be so bratty, then you wouldn't have to be so bossy. It's her fault.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't have purposely made her think you didn't miss her at all, knowing how insecure she is. But if she hadn't been a gank and broken up with you, you wouldn't have had to say that. It's her fault.

It has to be her fault. If it's not then you don't know what to do. If it's your fault then she might not come crawling back. If it's your fault it'll be your job to fix it, to confront the problem and apologize.

You're Beck Oliver, you go with the flow. You certainly don't fight for your relationship. That's not your job, it never has been. You're Beck Oliver, laid back, care free, relaxed. You've been that way so long that you don't know how to do anything else.

It has to be her fault, because if it isn't then you might have lost her for good, and that's not an option.

AN: /I wasn't trying to say that Jade wasn't also in the wrong, because she definitely was, I wanted everyone to see the contrast between Cat's loyalty and Beck's lack of it. Also, am the only one who thought him saying he was GLAD he and Jade broke up, when he clearly knew that Tori was there for Jade and it would get back to her, fairly cruel? Again, not saying he was completely in the wrong because she broke up with him, but it was obviously not true or there wouldn't have been that whole 'who said I stopped?' scene so the only other reason to say it would be to purposely hurt her. If my boyfriend did and said stuff like that, like he didn't particularly care one way or the other if he had me or not, I wouldn't exactly feel secure that he wouldn't cheat./