McGee was sitting at his desk, typing up a report, when his computer beeped indicating an IM. Eyebrows furrowed he clicked on the message, rolling his eyes when he read:

VerySpecialAgentTDiNozzo: I need to ask you a question.

"What Tony," McGee said turning his head to look at the older man. Tony pushed himself to his feet, Gibbs and Ziva briefly watching his movements before returning to their computers, and walked toward McGee. He stopped next to Tim's desk and said, "I have decided I want to be a writer like you, McAuthor."

"What?" McGee asked completely taken aback. This had to be a joke, it was Tony for Godsakes.

"Yes, I even wrote something," Tony continued taking a piece of crumpled notebook paper from his pocket. "And I would like you to read it and tell me what you think." He held the paper out to McGee.

"Tony, I really don't…"

"Please, McGee. It'll only take six seconds." Tim rolled his eyes, but took the page from Tony. He unfolded it, sighing heavily, and looked down at Tony's block handwriting. There were six or seven sentences on the page, and against his better judgment McGee began to read:

There once was a Probie who worked at a building in a naval yard…

"Really, Tony," McGee said looking up at the older man.

"Read on," DiNozzo responded gesturing Tim to continue. Rolling his eyes again, McGee continued:

He was into computers, online gaming, and the occasional…


"Keep going."

episode of Star Trek. Although he says he's not fluent in Klingon, I believe he is a liar. He used to date a happy Goth, but now they are just friends. He wrote a book about the lives of people who he works with and for but said it was purely fiction. Again he is a liar. And he is nothing without his partner, the suave and dashing Senior Field agent, who attracts members of the opposite sex like moths to a flame (including the sultry Ex-Mossad Officer, turned NCIS agent)…

"This is ridiculous," McGee said looking up from the page.

"It's not done, I still have more. I was going to put 'Probie has been saved countless times by the Senior Field Agent. And has gone as far as to tell the Senior Field Agent how much he hero-worships him.' But I haven't gotten around to it…"

McGee made to crumple the page up and throw it away, but Tony hurriedly said, "No wait, there's more on the back."

Again, against his better judgment, McGee flipped the page over and read:

The characters in this story are a work of fiction. Anything remotely close to the characterizations of a certain McAuthor and his team are purely coincidental. Because according to this certain McAuthor that's what makes someone's life fiction…

McGee crumpled the page into a ball and threw it in the trash. Tony stooped down, took it out, and playfully snapped, "That took me five minutes to write. How dare you throw away my hard work." And he stomped back to his desk, sitting heavily in his chair. As he made to smooth the page out, Gibbs said, "DiNozzo, your paperwork down?"

"I-I…" Gibbs glared cutting Tony's half-assed excuse off. He took a breath, deposited the wrinkled page into his desk, and said, "On it, Boss." Gibbs just shook his head and returned to his paperwork.

McGee was nearly done with his report when something struck him in the side of the head. He picked it up, almost threw it away, but curiosity got the better of him and he smoothed out the ball of paper. Tony's block handwriting said:

You think mine we'll be a best-seller, too…

Tim rolled his eyes again, crumpled the ball up, threw it away, and got back to work…


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