Dreams in Stone Sleep

What do the Gargoyles dream of?

Since his reawakening, Goliath has dreamed of many things. Of the fantastic wonders he has seen around the world when on missions given to him by Avalon. Frequently he has dreamed of a better world for Gargoyles to live in, and sometimes, just him and Elisa together on the Clock Tower. More often then not, he dreams of the future.

Hudson's dreams are often confusing, with him seeing the two times he's lived in collide and become one, with the old times of Vikings attacking the castle on one side, to bright lights and tall skyscrapers just a footstep away. His only calm and peaceful dream is of his mate Hippolyta, but he scarcely dreams of her anymore, and other dreams are more intense then the life he lives in the clock tower. Such is the nature of the sub-conscious.

Lexington has been known to dream of machinery, of himself exploring and observing all things mechanical, the various technological wonders of the world all presented before him in a montage of flickering screens, moving vehicles and more. He imagines building the biggest and best computer in the world, and maybe a robot version of himself…

Brooklyn dreams of the Phoenix Gate, calling to him, beckoning to him, whisking him away across the time stream in a cyclone of flame. Sometimes his dreams are exciting, with him battling evil across all eras, both the distant past and the far reaches of space against the evil Space Swarm. But other times his dreams turn into nightmares, with him trying to use time travel to stop the Wyvern Massacre, but then failing every time. History is, after all, immutable.

Broadway dreams of Angela, his kind, beautiful mate, and soaring through the skies of Manhattan together. For Broadway is a simpler sort, who does not need to dream of great and fantastical things, just the one he loves the most. As for Angela, having spent most of her life on a magical island, her dreams are often surprisingly mundane, but sometimes she dreams of her parents, desperately wishing that they could be together again, but then reminding herself that it is a false hope. A false dream…

Back on Avalon, Gabriel dreams of rolling green hills that go on forever, and he is always so eager to explore and see it all. His mate Ophelia dreams of the outside world, trying to visualize it as best she can in her dreams, and wondering whether her rookery sister has thrived or suffered there.

The clone Thailog dreams of things that all three of his "fathers" yearn for in their lives, which leads to paradox upon paradox, with one goal contradicting the other. Protect the world and destroy it. Hoard the wealth yet be selfless. This creates a conflict of sorts, but whenever that happens, Thailog always embraces the one father whose views he shares: Xanatos.

Demona does not have dreams, for she very rarely sleeps anymore. After all, she is a human during the day, and a gargoyle at night. More often then not she uses magic to keep her going in place of rest. But before Puck's gift she would have dreams. First of her love in more innocent times, but later of broken human bodies, smashed fences, and smiling wickedly as her fury taints all the world…