Broken Promises










Augh. Okay. I've never done fanfiction...but I figure the only way to get you people to read my original story, is to write about stuff you like. So lesse how this works. This fanfic is written more like Juline's personal diary than a narrative.

Boring disclaimer schtuff: Juline and all the other characters are copyright Kakinouchi Narumi.

[Broken Promises]

October 3rd
Ryoku promised to buy me an ice cream today. However...things got crazy, and Kio ended up getting me ice cream at his family's restaurant. That's alright though, I know Ryoku has a lot of responsibilities. Still, it would have been nice to share a shake with Ryoku. :3

December 24th
It's Christmas Eve. Mother let everyone open one present tonight. So I opened Ryoku's. He got me a bracelet! I absolutely love it! It's got small green glass beads on it. I wonder if that symbolizes something romantic...I bet it does. Oh, I hope Ryoku likes what I got him. He didn't open it tonight. He didn't open any of his presents tonight, but he promised that mine would be the first present that he opens tomorrow.
Kio opened his present from me tonight. I had gotten him a new practice sword. He seemed to like it, so I'm happy. I'll get to spar with him tomorrow.

December 25th
Ryoku wasn't around when everybody was opening presents. It snowed last night, so he had to clear the snow away from the dojo. He did open it later though, and told me he liked it very much. It was a little teddy bear. He gave me a hug. :3

January 17th
Kio invited me to try a special at his family's restaurant. He called in the Little Bird Special. teehee. It was very yummy. It's a shame Ryoku couldn't come along.

February 21st
Ryoku....died....last night. He promised me that he wouldn't leave me. He broke his promise. Why did he break his promise? Why did he always break his promises? I cried myself to sleep. And I'm going to cry myself to sleep again tonight.

March 1st
Kio told me...that he loved me today. I wasn't quite sure how to respond. But I think, that perhaps, I might love him too. I look back at everything, and even though Ryoku couldn't keep all his promises...Kio did.