Sweet Dreams (part 2)

Kisame yawned and stretched, feeling the blanket covering him move down a bit as he moved. He turned over, standing up, letting the blanket fall to the floor, he opened his eyes and jumped, his hands automatically covered himself up, as red eyes bored into his own.

"Erm, hey Itachi" Kisame looked away and shuffled towards the bathroom door, only to find Itachi blocking the way. "Is something up?" Itachi rolled his eyes and pushed the blue man into the shower. Soon his own clothes were being discarded and he stalked over to the shocked man, turning the water on.

"We're going to have a little chat" Kisame blushed and grabbed the shampoo, ignoring the other man, as he massaged it into his hair. "You are going to tell me why I woke up last night to you fingering me, so stop being a sissy" Kisame shivered at how sexy and powerful the Uchiha's words were, as they were whispered into his ear.

"There's nothing to tell, you were drugged and Konan told me to respond to your dreams to keep you happy, and she said if I didn't you could hurt yourself. So I did" Itachi raised an eyebrow and made a mental note to speak to Konan later that day.

Pale hand wound around to the front of the other man, who had turned away to face the wall instead of his partner. Itachi smirked when he heard Kisame's breath catch in his throat, and lightly dragged his nails up the toned chest, playing softly with the perk nipples. "Kisameā€¦ play with me"

Kisame groaned and spun around, slamming the younger man into the tile wall, before pressing his lips to the other's willing ones. Hips were soon grinding harshly against eachother, the two males relishing in the friction they received.

Itachi wound his fingers into blue locks, washing away the soap suds, earning a soft groan from the taller man. Kisame sped up his grinding and was panting against Itachi's neck, nipping here and there. "Stop, just get on with it" Kisame growled but stilled anyway, feeling his need to release retreat slightly.

He reached up and grabbed the bottle of shampoo, coating 3 fingers with it. They quickly trailed their way down to the puckered entrance and all three easily slipped in, bribing a soft moan out of the Uchiha. Kisame smirked and curled the tips of his fingers, delving deeper.

Itachi bucked down and hissed loudly, when his prostate was struck. Kisame kissed the back of Itachi's neck and removed his fingers, reaching around to slowly pump the leaking shaft.

Kisame liberally applied some of the shampoo onto his own member, before roughly slamming in, pushing Itachi against the cold tiles. Itachi groaned and bucked back with as much force as he was given, eyes rolling back into his head.

Kisame's fingers dug into pale hips, while his other hand pumped and squeezed in time with his thrusts. Kisame groaned and nuzzled into Itachi's hair, his thrusts becoming slightly erratic.

Kisame cried out when Itachi came, his passage clamping him to ridiculous pleasure. Kisame followed shortly, slumping against Itachi. Itachi turned and cleaned himself, and as he went to leave he placed a soft kiss on plump lips, before disappearing out of the door.

A few seconds later, he heard their room door open and close. He sighed to himself, feeling better than he had before, now that all of his sexual tension had been relieved.