(A/N: This is the first chapter of my mini-fic series. Each chapter is going to be a different, unrelated one-shot, depicting one of the classes as a father with a daughter. Why? Because I think it's cute and father-daughter interactions are fun to write. If you don't like violent mercenaries being portrayed as such, then you should go read something else.

Like Father Like Daughter
By Space Toaster

Chapter One – Lee

Scout frowned as he strapped the car seat into the backseat. Usually on weekends, (and at least every other day of the week that he was home) he left her in the care of her grandmother. Today Ma insisted on having the day off to go have fun with her own friends, and that he could handle his daughter for one day. Mothers…

"All right, let's go have fun with Daddy at the beach!" His mother cooed as she carried Lee outside on her hip, the baby dressed in a swimsuit patterned with ducks. She was a year old, with light curls that Ma said all of her sons had at one point in their childhoods. She almost always had a pacifier in her mouth and would cry if anyone dared to take it away from her.

Scout took her from her grandmother and strapped her into the car seat.

"I already put sunscreen on her so you don't need to put anymore on her for a little while. And don't you forget to put some on yourself, I know you burn like a cake otherwise-"

"Ma, Ma, I know." Scout waved her off, opening the door on the driver's seat. "Go play cards with your friends or whatever old ladies do."

"Richie, don't be fresh." Ma tutted and lightly swatted him on the arm. "Now give me a kiss."

Scout leaned in and kissed his mother on the cheek before getting into the car. He waved halfheartedly as he pulled out of the driveway and drove away. One of the things Scout would admit he liked about Lee was that she was quiet. He glanced at her in the rear view mirror, she just stared at the window the whole time, wiggling around the way babies do.

They arrived at the beach, which thankfully wasn't too crowded. He went onto the beach and set up the blanket and umbrella before he got Lee out of the car, carrying her in one arm. She wrapped her chubby little arms around his neck and held on. He heard a few 'awwws' from a group of teenage girls he passed by, no doubt looking at the baby and not his gorgeous physique.

He set her down on the blanket and sat down himself, Indian-style. Lee kind of wiggled around a bit, intrigued by the sand moving underneath her beneath the blanket. She looked at Scout and smiled around her pacifier, Scout half-smiled back. She looked at the water and pointed at it, looking at him.

"All right, come on." He scooped her up and stood before he put her down again. She wobbled all over walking on the sand, so he just carried her. If she got hurt he would never hear the end of it from Ma.

When they got to the water's edge he put her down, holding her hand. She marveled at how her feet sunk into the wet sand, bending down to touch it. At least with the pacifier he didn't have to worry about her trying to eat the sand. When the water washed up and splashed her feet she jumped. Scout braced himself, waiting for her to cry or freak out or something.

Instead she clapped her hands with delight, and tugged on his swim trunks, pointing excitedly.

"I know, I saw it." Scout snickered. He hated to admit it was kind of cute how fascinated she was by everything.

Lee plopped down on her rear and when the next wave came in she splashed around happily and giggled. Scout watched her, not realizing for some time that he was smiling. After a while she tugged on his shorts again and pointed back towards the beach. Scout nodded and scooped her up again.

Back on the blanket, he dug around and pulled out a baggie of Cheerios Ma packed for her. He held them out to Lee, whose eyes lit up. She took out her pacifier and handed it to him before taking the bag from him. He sat back and watched the girls walk by while she ate.

Ma always chided him for not spending enough time with Lee. Well, what could he do? His job took him away from home and she needed a mother. Caroline had gone off on her own, saying she intended to find her own job so she could find a place for her and Lee. Scout didn't know if those plans included him but part of him hoped they would. He knew Ma's heart would break if she couldn't see one of her grandchildren anymore.

He was jogged from his thoughts by a chubby hand holding a Cheerio coming into his line of vision. He blinked and turned his head, Lee was looking at him expectantly.

"Oh, uh, thanks." He leaned in and let her feed him the piece of cereal. After a couple more hours of going in and out of the water and sitting in the shade, they packed up and headed home. Lee fell asleep on the way. Ma still wasn't home when they got back, but that was fine, Lee would probably be asleep the whole time anyway. He carefully got Lee out of her car seat and brought her inside. When he closed the door she stirred but Scout didn't pay any attention.


He froze, and looked down at her. "…What did you say?"

Lee nuzzled her cheek against his chest. "Dad-dy."

He was her first word. Scout bit his lip, and hugged her close. "Yeah, that's right baby girl…"

He knew the next chance he got he was coming back to see her, and he was going to hold her as much as he could.