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No! This can't be happening! He can't be dead. He just can't! We have gone through too much for all of this to end. I hate the people that did this to Sam, me, our child. Our child…how am I going to raise a baby! I need Sam to help me. To be there when we have an ultrasound, when he touches my belly to feel his baby kick, this just can't be happening! Were supposed to live happily ever after, like in those movies right? Sam… I miss you so much. How will I move on without you? It was love at first sight. It's been a month since you died; I haven't even planned your funeral yet because I can't seem to let you go. Not yet. How am I going to do this? How will I ever move on?

No ones P.O.V

Quinn's laying on her bed with tissues all over the place. Watching over and over again her and Sam's wedding video. She hasn't gotten out of the bed in hours. She only gets up when she needs to use the bathroom or is hungry. She can't seem to get over it. They were so happy. And that night ruined everything. She holds her belly and thinks, how am I going to raise a baby on my own? She cries thinking about it she still remembers that fateful night. It's repeating over and over again…

"Sam?" "Yeah?" I have some news you may want to know…" "Go on..." "I'm-"I was stopped when a gang of robbers came up to us. "Give me all your money!" One of them said. "We don't have anything." Sam said scared. So one of the men grabbed me and put a knife on my neck. "Let her go!" "Give me the money your hiding!" And so Sam started to fight with them and they pushed me away. And they stabbed him multiple times and ran away. "Sam!" I kneeled beside him, and saw blood everywhere. I couldn't stand to see him that way. "I love you Quinn…. And I always will." I held him tight." I will always, always love you Sam, and nothings going to change that." Tears slid down my face. He dried away my tears and kissed one more time. "What…is it ….you wanted to say to me..?" He asked. I hesitated in telling him, but in the end I told him." Sam…I'm pregnant." I cried. He smiled. "That's great Quinn…Promise me you'll take care of our angel you got there." He touched my belly. "Sam, I can't do this without you…" "Yes you can. Your Quinn Fabray, you can do anything. Promise me you'll take care of our baby and promise me you'll move on, you'll find someone that loves you just as much as I do... Promise?" "I promise Sam. Then, he died in my arms. A few minutes later I'm still holding him. My dress is filled with blood. The police come up to me. "Miss? Are you okay? Were you hurt? Is this your husband?" I stay silent. Tears freely flowing. "Miss we need you to answer some questions about the incident. Witnesses said that some men came up to you and attempted to rob you, is that true? And your husband was stabbed multiple times?" Again I stay silent. "Miss? I know it hurts that he's dead, but we need to solve this case to get those people that did this to your husband in jail. So can you please answer some questions?" I whisper softly," What is it that you need to know?" The police man sighs. "Can you tell me what happened?" I bite my lip."W-we were walking back from the park…and I was going to tell Sam that I-I'm pregnant. A-and these men in masks come up to us and tell us to give them money. But we didn't have anything. T-then t-hey put a knife to my neck and threatened to kill me. Then Sam attacked them and they pushed me back, and they were beating him…and stabbing him." I started to sob. "They ran away, and I ran towards him he told me that he loved me and he always will. And told him that I was pregnant. He smiled at me. He told me to take care of our baby and to promise him that I will move on. I did. Then he died. Are you happy? Is that what you wanted to know?" The man was on the verge of tears but said," Yeah. Thank you. Are there any weapons that they left maybe that you saw?" "They left a knife over there." I pointed to the direction of the knife." Thank you. Umm Miss? Were going to need to take your husbands body." I held Sam tightly and shook my head." Please don't take him!" I sobbed harder." Miss, we need to take his body for an autopsy. Please Miss?" I shook my head once again. He called some men over to take Sam's body. I held him tight. And shook my head." NO! DON'T TAKE HIM! PLEASE!" The police grabbed me." Calm down miss it's just an autopsy." I started screaming as they took Sam's body away." SAM! DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE!" I fell to my knees and sobbed. "Miss calm down it's ok. Want me to take you back to your home?" I nodded. I got in the police car and he drove away. AS he parked in front of my house I looked up. And thought," It will never be the same." He escorted me into my home." Miss? Some policemen will be guarding the house temporarily in case those men that killed your husband might want to come after you." I nodded. "Thank you sir." He smiled and left. I went upstairs and showered and changed into a night gown. I layed on the bed and cried. "This is the first night Sam isn't in our bed." I cried until I fell into a deep sleep.

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