The last time James stayed up all night, it wasn't because he was nervous or because he was planning. It was because he was anxious and excited and anticipatory and so much more.


James paced the length of the St. Mungo's waiting room at least one hundred times, back and forth, back and forth.

Remus sat calmly on a couch, reading a book. Sirius was snoring in his lap (Sirius had never understood the concept of "personal space", and Remus had given up trying to teach him years ago).

"What if something's wrong? What if that's why it's taking so long? I've got to go find her!" James was panicking just a bit.

"James," Remus said without even glancing up from his book. "Relax. She's fine. They're fine. It takes a while."

"This long? This long, Remus?"

"James, you seriously need to calm down. I'm sure everything's all right."

"We've been here fourteen hours! They kicked us out an hour ago!"

Remus finally looked up. "Yes, Prongs, I'm aware, given that you flooed us rather hysterically the minute you brought Lils here, and we've been here since," he drawled.

"Well, excuse me if I thought my best mates ought to know that my wife is having a baby!"

"That's not what I meant," Remus stated, rolling his eyes. "Two in the morning is just an interesting time to get a Floo call."

"It's not my fault the kid's got a weird internal clock," James muttered sullenly, pouting a little.

Remus smirked. "Actually, I'm pretty sure he gets that from you."

James considered this and was forced to concede.

Glancing around, Remus realized something. "Where's Pete?"

James frowned. "I don't know, actually. He wasn't home when I flooed."

"Hmm. You don't suppose his mum's sick again, do you?"

Shaking his head, James replied, "I just don't know, Rem. He's with her all the time, but she doesn't seem to be getting any better."

Remus sighed. "I know. And he's so anxious all the time, when he's around – not that that's often."

"I'm worried about him," James murmured.

Remus hmmed in agreement as James returned to pacing.

"Mr. Potter?"

James whirled around so fast, he tripped over his own feet and sprawled face-first across the waiting room floor. Flushing, he propped himself up on his elbows and asked the Healer, "Yes?"

Healer Fields barely kept a smirk off his face. "You have a very healthy little boy. Would you like to see him?"

The broad grin that spread across his face was answer enough. Remus shook Sirius awake.

As the three of them stood up, the Healer attempted to stop them. "Family only, for now."

James shook his head. "They are family."

The Healer looked at him doubtfully, but let them through anyway.

"Lily!" James bounded over to the bed, tenderly brushing the sweaty bangs out of her face. He looked down at the bundle in her arms, beaming. At that point, it didn't matter that he hadn't slept in far too long, or that he'd been worried out of his mind just minutes ago. All that mattered was this beautiful baby boy and his wonderful wife.

Sirius and Remus hesitated in the doorway until James glanced back at them. Happiness radiated from him, so much so that it was almost overbearing.

"Come on, guys. Meet your godson."

They all knew that Remus couldn't officially be the child's godfather because of Ministry regulations, but in that moment, that didn't matter. Harry was a mini-Marauder, and they were all family, no matter what the Ministry said.


The first time James stayed up all night, he drank too much coffee and almost messed up his only chance with the girl he'd always known was his forever.

The second time, he fell asleep during one of the most important nights of his life, and almost drove off the woman he hoped would become his fiance.

The third time, it didn't matter, because Harry and his family were worth it, and his night was so much easier than his wife's.