Goddess of Water and Master of Wind
Naruto x Irma
Story Start

Irma stared outside the window as she waited for some sign or hint of her date. She had finished a tray of bread sticks and was on her fifth glass of lemon water. Once more she tried calling Andrew's cell phone only to be greeted once more by voice mail. After years or pining and crushing on him the boy finally noticed her and quite frankly, it was one the happiest days of Irma's life. But now it was the day after her birthday, and Andrew was nowhere in sight. Even when he didn't make it to her sixteenth birthday party she had forgiven him. Promises of the next day a romantic dinner between the two of them had pacified the angry water guardian.

''Aaw man...I'm going to give K a beating. I knew he gave me the wrong directions.'' the grumbling of a familiar voice reached Irma's ears. Looking up it was none other then Naruto who was placing his cell phone into his pants pocket. He looked around and then spotted her giving her a wave and a grin. ''Hey there Mizu-chan...what are you doing here?'' he said as he walked over to her table.

''Hey Naruto...'' she tried to cheerfully greet him, but was too sullen by tonight's events. The blond was the step-brother of the Guardian's leader, Will Vandom, who was the adopted son of her step-father, a very eccentric man by the name of K. Kuiinshi who had an obsession with baked goods...and weed. Mostly the baked goods.

''Hey what are you doing here alone?'' he asked as he looked around the restaurant which was filled with nothing but couples. ''Where is that guy of yours?'' something in his tone sounded rather...annoyed.

''Not here...'' the girl sullenly remarked as she ran her finger along the glass.

''Mind if I take a seat?''

''Be my guess.'' she said as the blond picked up on something.

''Hey now...you can't be glom you know. I thought I told you that.'' he said in his attempts to cheer her up. ''Punishment is decreed to be...tickling.'''

''I see...'' she whispered as she tried to suppress the urge to cry. It wasn't the fact that the blond's presence was depressing her, but the fact that she must have looked rather pitiful.

''Hey...that guy is an ass.'' Naruto told her as he shifted the chair so he was sitting right next to her. ''If you were my girlfriend I would have never left you hanging.'' he said as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. ''You need a guy like me...but then again I am one of a kind.'' the blond remarked as he looked up in the air and stroked his chin.

Irma sniffled and let out a chuckle at the blond's antics. His blond spiky hair seemed to shine slightly in the lightning of the restaurant. Despite how much of a goofball he could be, he was dependable. ''You know you look great in Lavender.'' Naruto complimented on Irma's strapless Lavender dress. While her father was less then thrilled to allow his little girl out on date dressed then anything less then a nun's dress her mother Anna was able to get her husband to relent with promises of cookies.

''T-Thanks.'' she said as she wiped a tear from her cheek. She was filling better now that she wasn't alone. ''You're not looking bad yourself. Plain black slacks, dress jacket and white shirt like usual huh?''

''You know how it is. I just like plain and simple clothes.'' he remarked as pulled something out of his jacket pocket. ''Anyway I think we both know the two-hundred bucks I gave you wasn't the real present. I'm not that boring so you I had to do some crazy so here you go.'' the blond said as he pulled out a case.

Irma took the object, curious on what the gift Naruto got her was and gasped when she saw it. It was a stylish Diana pendant with a deep royal blue created sapphire framed in icy diamonds. ''10 karat white gold necklace with Sapphire. It took me quite a bit of time to make it so I hope you like it.''

''Y-You made this?'' Irma asked, as she couldn't find herself saying anything else as she was left speechless.

''Yeah well...kagebunshin sort of help. That and being able to reincarnate each cycle allows me time to learn things.'' he whispered to her after looking around to making sure no one could hear. He was startled when the girl threw her arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug.

''You're the best whiskers...you know that?'' she said as she repressed the urge to squeal and make a fool out of himself.

Naruto was going to make his usual smart-ass remark, but he couldn't help it as his face began to heat up. ''T-Thanks.'' he remarked as he enjoyed the sensation or Irma hugging him. For the longest time the blond had a crush on the girl, but he couldn't find himself to tell her. Amazingly enough the others, with the exception of Will never picked up on it; then again she probably would have never figured it out if Naruto hadn't blurted it out when Will incorrectly guessed that Cornelia, Taranee, and even Hay Lin were whom he had feelings for. ''Irma...you deserve better...'' he said as his heart beat pick up. He was finally going to tell her, nervousness be damn.

''W-What?'' she stammered as they broke apart when Irma realized she had been holding onto Naruto for a long time.

''I've meant everything I said tonight. You really deserve a guy who would treat you right. '' he said as he cupped her cheek.

''N-Naruto...'' she stammered as she began to blush even harder.

''Can I...put this on?'' Naruto asked as he picked up the necklace.

''O-Okay...'' she said as she moved her hand under her hair, which she had grown out for Andrew because of a rumor that he liked girls with long hair. Once the necklace was on Irma turned around and asked him how did it look.

''Its really you...'' he complimented with a kind smile.

''Naruto...is something wrong with me?'' she asked as the blond who looked at her with a startled look.

''No...there's nothing wrong with you? Why would you say that?'' he asked her as Irma's expression changed.

''Will and Matt, Taranee and Nigel,Cornelia and Peter, and finally Hay Lin and Eric. All the others have found someone, but I always been the unlucky one with a disastrous love life. Every guy I ever had feelings never noticed me and when Andrew finally did...I thought...I thought I was going to have my significant other you know.'' she answered him as her voice wavered slightly. ''But I guess guys don't find me...'' she was cut off when Naruto suddenly pressed his lips against hers. Irma's eyes widened in surprise as Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist as he deepened the kiss. When it was over Irma was left breathless.

'' I...like you.'' he simply stated as Irma just sat there, blinking and trying to process the information.

''What?'' was all she could say as Naruto chuckled.

''I...like...you.'' he repeated again, slowly, hoping she heard him this time.


''Aaw crap...I didn't break you did I?'' he mumbled as he looked up and realized people were staring. ''Ooh...and the awkwardness begins.''

After some time the duo had left the restaurant, Naruto paying for the bread-sticks and water as the two of them decided to go out for something that suited their personalities more, Pizza. After finishing off an extra-large Pizza the two of them were walking through the park with Irma wearing the blond's jacket.

''I feel kind of dumb now that I didn't realize it.'' Irma stated as she continued walking through the park as the street lights and the light of the moon lit their path.

''Don't be...Will thought I liked the others before I had to tell her I liked you. But hey...I'm not complaining.'' he said as he placed his arm around Irma's curvy waist line. As expected her figure was starting to resemble her Guardian form. ''I got the best looking girl in Heatherfield by my side.''

''You're just saying that.'' Irma playfully as she rested her head on his shoulder.

''Nah...I knew I had something to look forward to when I saw your Guardian form for the first time.'' he teased as Irma pouted and put on her best annoyed expression.

''Is that the reason why you like me? '' she asked with a growl.

''Of course not...'' he remarked as he pat his stomach with his other hand. ''I'm not a bad catch myself.'' he said as they continued enjoying each other's company.

''You know...I did try to use my Guardian form to get Andrew to notice me more then once. Those were the only times he did pay attention to me...what if...what if these are the only reason he notice me in the first time?'' she asked as she gestured to her growing bosom. Even when she was younger Irma was the chestiest of the girls, even when she was a bit on the pudgy side. Such was the gift and the curse of an early bloomer.

''Then he is a dick-head.'' he remarked as Irma's cellphone went off causing them to stop. She took her cellphone out of her purse and checked the caller ID.

''It's Andrew...'' she whispered as she looked up at Naruto. She was conflicted and she didn't know what to do. She wanted to answer and hoped that Andrew had a good excuse for why he didn't come and if he did...what did that mean for her and Naruto? He had always been a dear friend, but did she care for him? Sure she nursed a crush on him like she did many boys, but between the fact he didn't show that much interest in her like other guys and the fact that Andrew started paying attention to her she didn't put too much thought into it.

''Whatever you decide Irma...'' he told her as Irma closed her eyes to think about it. To his surprise Irma had closed the phone and with that the ringing had stopped.

''He can wait until tomorrow.''

''Are you sure? You've been after this boy for quite awhile.'' he said as Irma reached out and grabbed his hand.

''If I have to choose between a crush who I have to lie to and the guy who knows me, cares about me, and is dependable. Well I would have to pick the latter every time.'' she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

''You are wise beyond your years Ms. Lair.'' he said as their lips pressed together for another sweet kiss. All they knew was that they were just going to enjoy tonight and worry about how things would play out from then tomorrow.