Goddess of Water and Master of Wind


Naruto x Irma


Author's Note

I'm going to end this story with this last chapter. I want to do a different Naruto x Irma story, but I want to end this one first. So enjoy.

Story Start

Naruto and Irma were curled up on the couch, having finished watching a movie. Three years had passed since they started dating. And things had changed quite a bit. Both of them having decided on a career, Naruto a police officer which spoke of his noble nature and helping people and Irma a Meteorologist. For the latter it was quite surprising, but over the years Irma had slowly changed and became a more diligent person.

Even to this day the guardians were still needed, taking on new threats and such. After the threat of Lady Giga had been taken care of the two of them decided to take a day to relax and just be around each other.

As expected Irma like the other guardians had grown into shapes similar to their guardian forms. Not quite as full figured as their alter-ego, as in Irma's case being slightly shorter and narrower hips in comparison, but in Naruto's eyes she was beautiful nonetheless.

Naruto looked the same as he always did, his hair growing out slightly. He did have the making of a beard, but Irma made him shave it much to his protest. Currently the couples finger were
intertwined, with Irma's head leaning against his shoulder.

With the moving finish the two of them decide to head to the bedroom. Irma had started living with Naruto a few weeks ago after he proposed to her on her birthday. ''Thank god its the weekend. I plan on staying in bed for the next two days. I'm all poofed.''

''I know what you mean.'' he said as he leaned over and place a kiss on Irma's neck, causing her to giggle. They entered the room and came to a stop as Naruto brushed his hair out of her face and kissed her cheek. For whatever reason Irma's hair had become rather unruly throughout the years.

Irma felt his hand reach up and brush her hair out of her face. She reached up and gentle placed a hand over his gentle, turning her head to the side and kissing his palm gentle. His shifted his hand and cradled the side of her face, before leaning down and placing his warm soft lips over hers, kissing her deeply.

Naruto gently but relentlessly pushed his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. He loved the taste of her. He grabbed her shoulders softly and guided her to his bed and sat her down on the mattress.

Naruto captured his fiances lips and began exploring her form. Irma grabbed his shirt and pulled him down.

She reached out and brushed her hands across his chest, feeling the lean and toned muscles under his T-shirt. The result was a growl causing a giggle to occur from Irma's mouth. They continued making out, feeling rather playful and rolled over with Irma straddling his waist. She let out a yelp when Naruto rolled them over and began nuzzling against her breasts. His hands going to her jeans as he undid the zipper.

They didn't waist time, shedding off their clothing and slipping under the sheets. The first time they made love was a year ago. It wasn't planned, it was just spontaneous. There was nothing to say but hormones.

Naruto softly nibble her neck, holding her arms above her head by the wrists. Irma's moans only made his cock jump to attention.

He shifted his grip on her hands so that he now held both of her hands in one, allowing his free hand to travel across her body, down to her hip. He grasped the side of her hip, giving it a gentle squeeze, earning a moan from his loves throat. He felt her squirming around under him wanting to move. Her crotch rubbed against his cock causing him to moan.

Irma smirked when she heard him, she loved the effect she had on Naruto. This time, his hand that was resting on her hip, tightened slightly and held her hip down preventing her from moving her hips anymore, frustrating her. She wanted to move damn it! She wanted to touch him and run her fingers across his skin. She wanted to rub her body against his.

''Not yet my little water nymph,'' he stated as be began
trailing kisses and nips down her neck, to her collar bone, leaving her shivering in pleasure.

''Not fair!'' she whimpered. Her eyes suddenly widened,''N-Naruto.'' she whimpered as he playfully teased her right nipple.

He felt her body shiver as he flicked his tongue over her other nipple. She arched her head back from the pleasure and moaned loudly, squirming under Naruto's body, accidentally brushing her knee against his ball sack.

''Naruto...stop teasing me already you jerk.'' she growled as her breath hitched.

''Hhm, maybe a little more.'' he remarked as he switched hands once more so he could use his right hand to tease her folds while this time his left kept her hands pinned.

Irma moaned, bucking her hips against the digit that began exploring her folds. He gently brushed his finger tips back and forth against her damp heat, excited that he was making her mewl and cry, playing her like a finely tuned violin.

She so badly wanted to move her hip against the hand to try and get more friction, but his other hand was still pinning her waist to the mattress, keeping her immobile.

When the finger was pushed as far as he could get it, he slowly started to drag the finger in and out of her entrance, ripping gasp and cried from Irma's throat.

He leaned over and caught her lips once more as he continued brushing the digits against her walls. Irma into Naruto's mouth as she could feel something building up deep inside of her with every stroke of his fingers. Finally, after several more thrust of his finger, she felt like her pleasure explode like firework deep inside her, causing her to arch her back and throw he head back to cry out in ecstasy as the white hot fire roared through her veins.

Naruto watched her slowly come back down to earth as he pulled his fingers free and shifted his body. He reached over to the desk and opened one of the drawers. He took out a condom and tore the package with his teeth before rolling it on his aching cock.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and held her hips down to the mattress with one hand as he kissed her deeply. With his other hand, he grabbed his cock and positioned it at her folds. While she was still dazed and relaxed from her pleasure high, he slipped the head into her soaked entrance and stopped there.

Irma gave a whimper and closed her eyes tightly when she felt Naruto slip inside her. She let out a guttural groan as her lover filled her.

Naruto nuzzled his nose against her left tit. He loved at how tight, warm, wet, and perfect she was. They both shuddered and moan at the sensation. Naruto moved his arms under her, cradling her as he captured her bottom lips between his and slowly began to move.

With each thrust Irma let out a moan of pleasure, feeling every inch of him that was snugged up inside her. She would moan his name and beg him to move faster and harder, needing him to do so.

The thrusts were full of energy and passion. Naruto adjusted slightly, causing her legs to shift back, pulling her closer so they could intensify the kiss. ''Naruto...oh god...harder.'' She panted softly in between thrust.

Naruto growled softly and picked up the pace, slamming into her hard enough to comply to her need, but not hard enough to hurt her. He watched her moan louder and withers beneath him as he moved against her harder and faster. In one particular thrust, she had thrown her head back and let out a swear. Proud of the effect he had in his lover he continued his pace so she would continue to cry out in ecstasy.

Irma wrapped her arms around his torso, her nails digging into his back as they once more kissed, their tongues swirling around each other wildly as pleasurable bliss coursed through them.

Irma gave out a sudden sharp cry, having climaxed, her inner walls working around Naruto's cock. She nearly blacked out from the tense pressure of the orgasm.

Naruto groaned and tried to hold out as long as her could, feeling her swallowing is cock deeper into her. After a few more thrust, he finished with a loud gasping groan as he filled her with his seed, still trusting deeply into her to ride out the climax.

With a groan Naruto rolled over as his still spurting cock filled the condom. He then rolled the piece of latex off his cock and dropped it into the trash can.

''If that's what I have to look forward to all weekend I'm not against it.'' Irma muttered, almost breathlessly.

''I know what you mean,'' he responded with a grin. ''Hopefully you didn't disturb the neighbors this time.

Irma playfully swatted his shoulder. ''You're never going to let me live that down are you?'' she joked.

Naruto chuckled and rolled over so he could pull her into a comforting hug. ''But I just love teasing my little water nymph.''

''You ass,'' Irma chuckled and leaned up to nip the skin under his chin.

"Alright. Let's get some sleep."

Irma grinned and nodded. "Yeah, you wore me out." She said placing her head on his warm and strong chest, curling up to his body. She felt him giving her a gentle, loving squeeze before kissing her forehead.

"I love you, Irma." He whispered into her ear.

Irma smiled blissfully and closed her eyes. "I love you too, Naruto. Good night."

Naruto smiled down at his fiancé's face. "Good night, Irma." He said softly. A few minutes later, her felt her breathing even out that told him she was asleep. He then closed his eyes, relishing in the warm of his loves body and comfort, before slowly following her into a fitful dreamless sleep.

Chapter End

I hope this was a fitting end. I realized I wanted to do another Naruto x Irma plot line, but not with this backstory so I decided to end this story. I hope you guys enjoyed it.