Out From the Ruble

AN: This is a pilot chapter. I got the idea one day while sitting at my dad's drinking pink lemonade. So I say this is a pilot chapter because I want to know if you guys want me to continue. I open to suggestions to. I love the heck out of them especially when writers block comes for a visit. Alright R/R please

The devastation was beyond anything they could've dreamed of. Buildings only existed as piles of rubble. Bodies were strewn about. Smoke rose from the ashes of what used to be cars, buildings, and people. The remaining survivors were scurrying about, helping find other. The remaining mechanical beasts, similar to the ones that destroyed everything, were helping to clean the rubble, or being repaired.

Samuel Witwicky was walking around the debris with his girlfriend Carly in tow. They walked hand in hand searching for the living among the dead. Ratchet was assisting Optimus with his now missing servo. EMT's and others were huddled in a makeshift hospital fashioned from tarps and poles. There were many cases inside such as broken bones, torched bodies, missing children, the dead. William Lennox was conversing with Robert Epps, mostly concerning the question on everyone's mind. What next?

Everyone was incredibly down. It was about dark, and the sky was lit in brilliant reds and oranges, but no one cared to look. It was just the sky to them at the moment. The same sky the feared only hours ago. Optimus didn't give a second glance. His optics just glared at the ground. The cracked, charred ground. So many lives lost. Betrayal hit him hard as he pondered that this was all his fault. If he hadn't revived Sentinel then none of this would have ever happened. His once boiling rage had now simmered down to a depressed state. He vented some air and flinched when Ratchet touched a rather sensitive spot. While Ratchet was working on Optimus, some humans were making a med bay nearby. Unfortunately there weren't many survivors. Just many bodies that needed a place to stay for the moment. With night quickly falling over them, they thought they would not find another survivor. That is, until a faint purple light emitted itself from beneath some concrete.

Carolyn Fletcher POV

I'm dead. No I'm alive. If I was dead I wouldn't be able to think right? I flexed my fingers. Yep I can move them. So I'm alive. Now where am I? I looked around. Concrete was sort of tented around my head so I was able to move it. I tried to move my right arm. Pain shot through me and I screamed. I panted, trying to control my breathing. "Yup, broken." I looked up, or is it down? How did I get here? I remember walking home from work when I heard a crash from above me. A giant metal robot. Space ships. People being shot at. I remember running into an abandoned building. The ground shook and the ceiling crumbled.


I cowered in a corner trying to shield myself from the falling debris. There was screaming outside. Blood curdling screams of pure terror. Is it possible that terrorists have built robots to bomb the cities instead of their own men? Were they even that technologically advanced? I crawled toward an opening in the wall to look outside. These robots were obliterating people on the spot. All that was left of them were bones and clothing. This couldn't be happening. Things like this only happen in War of the Worlds right? As I stared at these giant robots and the space craft's hovering above, I realized that these weren't man made.

There was a crash to my left and I pressed myself against the wall, hoping to disappear from site. It would be so much easier if I was a ninja! A flash of red caught my attention, and I saw a pair of red orbs looking at me. Shit shit shit! These are one of the many times I wish I was a magician. Disappearing act! I noticed though that the orbs were eyes to one of the robots. It saw me. As if its brain was processing what I was and how to dispose of me. Much to my amazement and disappointment, its arm turned into a cannon and it aimed for me, but a distraction was served as another one came walking toward it with two in its grasp. A bright yellow and black one and another that resembled Einstein. They set them on their knees and that's when I realized the difference between them. The eye color was different. Red and blue.

I noticed my chance and shrunk behind a wall of concrete and watched. I don't know what compelled me to sit and stare as opposed to running as far away as I could. Curiosity killed the cat, and I had enough curiosity to spare.

Much to my horror, I saw a human approach them. Not just any human, my boss, Dylan Gould. He was talking to the robots. I thought they would kill him, but one simply nodded his head and grabbed up the Einstein looking one. That's when I realized something as my intuition kicked in. the red eyed ones were bad, plain and simple. My boss had a part in it. He couldn't be their leader, because why would a behemoth sized aliens listen to a human? No, Dylan was a messenger.

One of the red eyed ones took aim at Einstein and fired. Blue liquid shot everywhere. Blood? Einstein was still alive though and it looked like he was trying to talk himself out of it, but red eye wasn't having any of it and shot him in the head. I looked at the yellow bot and saw a pained expression came across his metal features. They feel emotion. Well at least the blue eyed ones did, I haven't seen on expression came across any of the red eyes. Evil perhaps? I slowly pieced this together, surprised at how calm I was being. Shouldn't I be scared out of my mind right now?

They snatched up the yellow one and brought him to his knees. The yellow one looked down, his face grew sadder, and then his eyes caught mine. They pleaded me to run, but I was stuck in place. I heard the sound of metal creaking and my head shot up. One of the space ships was quickly descending. The yellow bot saw this as a distraction and began attacking the red eyes.

Little did I know that alien ship was falling right where I was hiding. In an instant, something hit my head and the darkness took over.

"I'm surprised the femme wasn't crushed."

"She has great intuition and is incredibly smart and logical for an organism of her race."

"I can hear you too." I said to the voices. I opened my eyes to find a harsh sun, and six of the metal robots that I saw earlier. These ones were different though, they seemed ancient in appearance, tall, and lean.

"She has an attitude also. Perfect." One said sarcastically.

"Where am I?"

"Someplace you might call the in-between."

"So I'm dead?"

"No! Not yet you fragging human." One spat. He looked toward the one who had spoken to me before. "I thought you said she was smart."

"She is, but also a very curious human."

"Again I can hear you. Why do you talk about me like I'm not here?"

"You want to know why you are here don't you."

I nodded my head.

"You have shown great potential to us. Your ability to piece things together is quite remarkable. Your intuition isn't what you think it is though. You have a power even we are not sure of. The ability to see the truth."

"You will return to Earth, you will be saved. You have a destiny to fulfill." A flash of light blinded me and I felt like my body drop.

End of Flashback

So here I was, stuck under some rocks. When I tried to yell for help, my voice was hoarse and cracked. It was dark, and when I thought I was stuck here, a purple light emitted from nowhere. I heard shouting from above. I heard rubble being moved and a bright light flashed in my eyes. I have been saved.

Now I know this is short, but I don't want to get to much into it if no one is going to read it you know? XD so let me know what you think. Like I said before suggestions are welcome. And I want Carolyn to have powers, but Im not sure what kind yet. Help?