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My feet were dragging across the concrete as I headed to hanger 14b. There awaited Ironhide, my training started today. My eyes drooped at the lack of sleep I had gotten the previous night. I groaned slightly as I made my way through the gaping door of the warehouse and saw Ironhide's bipedal form standing near the back, his holoform in the middle. He was tanned and had a bald head. Muscles were everywhere on him. He looked like a giant rock in a black tee shirt. I snickered slightly as I made my way toward him.

Looking around I noticed that there wasn't any type of training equipment anywhere to be seen. It was just empty. "Morning Ironhide," I yawned. Once I made my way up to him I could see the smirk on his face. "What's so funny?"

"You really are going to do this arnt you?"

"Yea. I'm slightly concerned now though because I heard some things from Ratchet and Sam about how hard your training was."

He chuckled slightly as if they were just messing with me. "Oh of course not. My training is a piece of cake." He said as he put his arm around my shoulder. "Now drop and give me 50."

After 50 push ups, 70 sit ups and crunches, and running 7 miles I felt like death warmed over, ate, then vomited up. I have never, in my life, done anything as vigorous as that before. I didn't take a break for a good 2 hours, and even then it was very limited. Ironhide was very relentless and didn't mind yelling at me to get me motivated. I didn't mind to much, but my body felt like it was falling apart.

I all but crawled into the main hanger and I could tell everyone was watching me, and everyone knew. I heard snickering from some soldiers and even Ratchet let out a chortle to my physical impairment. I climbed on the platform and just lied there.

I groaned as I closed my eyes. Nobody should have to do this, ever, and I wasn't even done. This was just the first day. I'm thankful that Ironhide gave me tomorrow off though, cause I have a feeling that I won't be able to move at all tomorrow.

I heard the shifting of metal as Mirage made his way toward me. His eyes held amusment.

"Oh what are you looking at?"

"Nothing, just a little human who shouldn't have gone into training with a robot. His training techniques are very close to those we used to do on Cybertron."

"Yea, you're not kidding."

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