~ The Diary of the Phoenix ~

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Harry and Ron sat in the common room quietly playing chess; as usual Harry was losing badly.

"Check" Ron said. Harry was about to say something when they heard a bang upstairs signalling that someone had left the dorms. Ron glanced at his watch. "Who could possibly be up at this time of night?"

"You mean besides us, right" Harry said raising an eyebrow at his friend. Ron rolled his eyes in response as he turned to watch the stairs. After a few minutes Hermione came bounding down them like a crazed lunatic.

"I told you, all that studying has driven her mad" Ron whispered to Harry who was starting to believe him. Hermione looked around the common room for a minute then started towards them.

"Hemione why are you up...." Ron started as Hermione doubled over puffing after the burst of energy she had used to get there. She suddenly stood up and dropped the book she had been carrying on the table, right on the game of chess.

"HEY" Ron cried as the chess pieces went flying off the table.

"Shhhh" Hermione and Harry said in unison

"I was just about to win" Ron muttered glaring at Hermione.

"Oh, sorry" She said rolling her eyes.

"It's okay I was just about to lose" Harry said picking up the book. It was a deep blue book with gold binding. Harry turned it over, and on the front was the outline of a phoenix in gold. "What is this exactly?" He asked curiously as he inspected the book carefully.

"Its a diary, I found it hidden in a secret compartment under my bed." Hermione explained

"And you were under your bed at this time of night because..." Ron asked,

"Why bring it to us?" Harry asked confused.

"Look at the inside cover" Hermione cried. Harry eyed Hermione carefully for a moment then slowly opened the old book causing dust to fly everywhere, it only took a few seconds for the dust to clear and Harry gasped as he stared at the writing on the first page.

"What??" Ron asked and leaned in to have a look.


This Diary Belongs to

Lily Evans & Aliandra Lights.


Harry and Ron stared at the first page as though they were dreaming. "That, I, Harry's, Ah, Oh" Ron stuttered shutting his eyes then looking at the names again wondering if it was real.

"Do you see why I brought it down?" Hermione asked in her usual manner but both the boys remained silent completely awed by the page in front of them.

"I can't believe this" Harry muttered quietly,

"Do you want to start reading?" Ron asked as he pulled himself together

"Your kidding right! I have so many assignments to do..." Hermione started.

"Tomorrow, we'll just skip the Hogsmede trip" Harry said interrupting before Hermione and Ron started another argument that could possibly wake up the entire school should it get out of hand. "I mean they'll probably be happier if I don't go anyway" He added thinking about the conversation he'd heard Snape and McGonagall having earlier about how he'd be safer if he stayed at Hogwarts.

Hermione and Ron looked at each other and nodded. "Well I'll see you in the morning then" Hermione said walking upstairs with the book under her arm. "Goodnight"

* * *

The nights always went slowly for Harry, something to do with the fact that if he closed his eyes he could see Voldermort, or Cederic, or something that he really didn't want to see when he was trying to get to sleep. Although for once it wasn't nightmares or memories that kept him awake, but instead it was the excitement of learning about his mother in the morning. Luckily for him the morning came quicker than usual and before he knew it he was meeting up with Ron and Hermione for breakfast in the great hall.

"We should find a room where we are not going to be interrupted." Hermione suggested as Colin took a picture of Harry eating his cereal.

"Hold on you better wait till I can see again" Harry muttered slightly annoyed as coloured dots blurred his vision.

Ron laughed. "You better go Colin, I don't think Harry's eyesight can take many more photos right now."

* * *

Finding an empty room hadn't been as easy as they thought. They'd managed to walk on Ginny and Draco sharing a romantic moment which caused complications as Ron didn't entirely agree with a relationship of any sort with Draco Malfoy, then there was the Order of the Phoenix Meeting that they'd walked in on, they hadn't escaped that room till about half an hour later as everyone in there wanted to hear all of Harry's dreams from him, rather than from Dumbledore, then there was the one with Peeves and the water balloons...

"I'm going to kill Peeves" Hermione growled. Harry, Ron and her were all soaked to the skin with water after Peeves decided he needed some target practice.

"I think someone had that same thought a couple of thousand years ago." Ron said laughing at Harry who was trying to fix up his untamable hair that was currently dripping wet,

"Yeah, and you know how back then they all went through with it." Harry laughed.

"You guys could at least pretend to be angry" Hermione muttered looking at the two boys as though they were insane. "It wasn't really that funny." She said.

Harry shook his head spraying the others with water from his hair. Sighing he pulled out his wand and after muttering a few words all three of them were dry. "I can't believe it" Hermione said gaping at Harry

"What?" Ron and Harry said in unison,

"Harry knows a spell that I don't" She said awed. "Harry I'm so proud of you!"

Harry blinked at shared a look with Ron who seemed to be thinking the same thing. "Your a worry Hermione" Ron said voicing both of their opinions. After finally finding a room they all sat around a desk and Harry opened to the first entry in the book.


Time will tell

From future to past

Friendship and Love

Should Always Last



Hey, I'm Aliandra, Ali for short and,

I'm Lily, Lil if you have to shorten it

And well we decided, as best friends to record our lives together. Outside our world is a war of light and dark. A memory of this time should be kept even if it's only ours.

To go further than introducing ourselves I'm, as you know, Lily Evans, I'm fifteen years old and I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I love it here, I'm muggle born and I had no idea of the wizarding world till I turned eleven.

She is also known as what is called, a teachers pet. That's right Miss Perfect here is one of the top scorers in the school, but her outstanding marks do not compare to the way she charms her teachers into loving her unlike I. I am Aliandra Lights, but call me Ali, it's easier, its shorter, and most people do so I'm used to it. I, like Lily, am fifteen years old and I also attend good old Hogwarts. Although unlike Lily, I was born into a wizarding family, but their all dead now, murdered by Voldermort, I got away though and after being carted around foster homes I ended up with the Potters which ain't so bad.

She is also known as a rebel, but unlike most rebels she is incredibly smart. She aces he exams as easily as I do. Her worst enemy is Sirius Black and she is a chaser on the Gryffindor team. Her best subject is Caring For Magical Creatures, mainly because she has a gift; she has the ability to talk to any living creature, magical or 'normal'.

We, Miss Perfect and I are best friends at Hogwarts and our friendship, along with our very different daily lives will be recorded here.

Well we are here to write about our time at Hogwarts so I do believe we should start, how about it Miss Lights?

Right there with you Miss Evans.


First day of school, nothing really interesting happened to me.

Aren't you lucky, as soon as I, Ali, the sweet beautiful, smiling Ali,

You forgot modest...

got off the train, I along with Sirius were dragged off by McGonagall and given detention. The worst part of it is I'm not sure why, she did tell me but by the time that she was telling me I'd tuned out of her ranting and ravings.

Well, its just a guess, but it may have something to do with the fact that you chased Sirius from the very back of the train all the way to the driver at the front of the train knocking over every person along the way

I disagree, I did not knock over anyone, Sirius did all the knocking over.

Another reason may be because that she thought that you used magic to make yourselves go as fast as you were, because you and Sirius are both extremely fast,

Then I'm going to file my complaint, I did not use any magic to make me fast, I just ended up that way.

Another reason may be because..

Okay, okay I get the idea Lil, anyway that was yesterday, we wanna talk about today. Not that it was much better. It doesn't matter how superhumanly fast I am, I was still late for potions receiving another detention. It didn't take me long to realise that this detention was set at the same time as the other one so I tried to tell Dreadre, the dreaded potions teacher that, but he just took ten points away from Gryffindor because I was making up excuses. He really has something against me; I think its something to do with the 'correction' in first year.

Ahh, Ali sorry to interrupt but I think I'll just explain that. In our first year we were learning about vanishing potions and Dreadre told us to put in dragons blood before lily root. But Ali spoke up and said if they did that they'd blow up half the classroom. Dreadre didn't take this too well and he tried to prove that she was wrong and as soon as he added the lily root after the dragons blood the potion blew up, covering him and half the class, it changed the colour of their hair and skin.

I probably shouldn't of said, "Told you so" he really didn't like that, that's when I first met his piercing glance/glare thing, I swear Lily, he can see right through you.

Anyway, he hasn't seemed to forgotten that Ali did this, now he asks her every question and she has to do so much extra work just so that she can answer all his questions correctly. And he hasn't caught her out yet

He's getting better though, that one he said today, I had to take my chances and guess, he's been reading over the holidays, I've slacked off.

Well put it this way, one teacher thinks about you during the holidays... *smirks*

Funny Lil, real funny. Anyway back to the story. SO the two detentions were at the same time with different teachers, so after class I had to go and see McGonagall, who might I add was extremely pissed, you could tell that she had just had a class full of first year Slytherins which I admit would piss anyone off. So as soon as I explained my problem she had a good go at me for ages something about if I didn't get so many detentions I wouldn't have this problem blah blah blah and then she called Dreadre there and man did she go ape at him, they were screaming at each other. Lovers Quarrel if you ask me, you missed out Lil but eventually I got my ten points back, for not lying and then he changed my detention date and time. Now while all this was happening, you and the rest of the school were enjoying lunch, which by the way I didn't end up having. I mean what sorts of teachers deprive students of food, I should complain!

Well it sounds like you had a great day, anything interesting happen in Divinition?

The usual, mad old Trelawny was predicting James death again, its tomorrow by the way so if you want to stop hating him passionately you have all of tonight to fix things up.

Ha ha, real funny Ali, your "brother" has got on my nerves too many times. I mean it was just yesterday that he blew up our train compartment, no the only way I will ever attempt to be friends with James Potter is if you marry Sirius.

*Starts choking in disgust*. I will not marry Sirius Black, not ever. I do agree with you that my "brother" should not have blown up our compartment, but please do not forget that he had partners in crime, thus why I chased Sirius all the way through the train, and that's also the reason that I was stuck with the four marauders cleaning trophies.

Ali and Sirius sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Lily I'd advise you not to insult me on such low levels I do have a lot of practice in charms that can embarrass you to death.

Ahh yes, the prank war. The one and only civil war in Gryffindor going on between Aliandra Lights and Sirius Black. It is extremely funny; one week you'll see Sirius dancing and singing along the Gryffindor Table at breakfast then next week Aliandra will be walking around the school with invisible limbs. You two would go down well in muggle Hollywood! Anyway, I do suppose that we should explain the meaning of "brother"

Oh, well James Potter is my "brother" and you can't leave out the inverted comma's because he's not my real brother, the only reason that we are related was because I was adopted into his family.

So getting back to today's Divinition experience. James is going to die tomorrow, when are you going to die?

I dunno, she looked into my crystal ball, gasped and her eyes went wide and filled with tears so I'd say, right now *starts choking to death*

*Laughs hysterically and falls off the bed*. Did you see anything in your crystal?

Um, well a lot of white swirling mist, and I saw the eyes again, you know the green ones that are exactly like yours, but not yours. I don't think Trelawny sees them though, all she sees is me choking to death on her incense, I reckon she must get a nasty shock when she sees us all alive and well the next day. I pity the future generations that have to have her predict their deaths, it's always so painful.

Well that's all I have to say... how about you?

Nup I'm all out... I suppose we better go

Well bye for now, Lily & Aliandra


"That was a lot to learn." Ron said breaking the silence

"Your telling me, I just found out that my Mother didn't always get on with my Father and that my Father had a girl that lived with him that could still be alive!" Harry exclaimed

"I don't know about you, but I want to know more about Aliandra, so I propose a letter to Snuffles." Hermione suggested

The two boys looked at each other. "Agreed" they said in unison