~ The Diary of the Phoenix ~

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Harry yawned as he slowly woke up the next morning, he had stayed in the hospital wing for another night as Madam Pomfrey was not convinced that he had been completely 'restored' as she had put it. So after many arguments, mainly between Sirius and Madam Pomfrey, Harry had been told to stay for one more night. (which he had willingly agreed to as it was better than the four that she had first insisted upon.)

He knew there were missing pieces, things to the puzzle that he still didn't know and understand, but he knew today was going to solve all that. Yesterday had been a busy day. Harry had never respected how much could change in one week, but a lot had and as a result he had not had time to ask the questions he wished to know the answers too.

He had thought about them when he had first woken up yesterday, but he hadn't known half the people in the room, and some of the things he had to ask about he didn't even want Ron and Hermione to know let alone a whole bunch of strangers.

Although they weren't completely strangers anymore. Yesterday had introduced him to the Order of the Phoenix, the people who were working on their side, against Voldermort. Each was doing his or her part and they were doing it well. He had been surprised though when he'd learnt that the lady with fluro pink hair was Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius' second cousin.

Sirius was here now, Harry noticed as he put on his glasses and glanced around the hospital wing. The sun was just rising in the distance and the warm rays were flowing into the room through a gap in the curtains. Sirius shifted in his sleep and yawned sleepily his eyes opening slowly.

"Morning" Harry said with a smile

"Hey Kid" Sirius said smiling, "You completely restored yet?" He asked and Harry laughed.

"Oh I dunno Sirius, I think I need another week or so, what do you think?" He said sarcastically causing Sirius to roll his eyes and grin at his godson.

"But really, how are you Harry?" Sirius asked and Harry knew there was a lot more to the question than was implied.

Harry frowned, "I'm confused" He answered honestly, "There's a lot I don't understand, missing pieces you know" He said and Sirius nodded.

"I thought you were holding back a few questions yesterday morning" Sirius said honesty, "Anyway as long as I can, I'll give you the answers to anything you want to know" He said

Harry blinked, "Really?" He said, he wasn't used to this, usually he'd have to work everything out for himself.

Sirius smiled, "You deserve the answers Harry, whether Dumbledore agrees with me or not,"

Harry had never been more grateful to his godfather and Sirius had done so much for him. He knew that he had Sirius' complete trust and that his godfather saw him as Harry rather than a student or a child. Harry grinned, "Thanks Sirius" He said, "For everything"

Sirius smiled, "Thanks to you too, you saved my life, twice"

Harry smiled, "Alright, so I can ask anything right..."

Sirius nodded, "Anything, but Harry you have to understand that some things I am not entitled to tell"

Harry bit his lip but nodded none the less, "I understand" He said then paused, "Alright, this has really been bugging me, Dumbledore said that there were certain people that could open Merlin's book, I just wanted to know how, how could they see it. I mean Aliandra said it wasn't ancient magic..."

Sirius looked pensive, " There's a lot more to ancient magic than meets the eye. You can be well studied in ancient magic and still not understand that the bonds of love are what all ancient spells are based on. Voldemort is a prime example." He said, "You see Merlin's book has spells on it that run as deep as blood, Aliandra and one other are the only people who can open the complete book, but there are those who can open certain spells."

"What do you mean by one other" Harry said interrupting.

"The heir chooses one other person to share her burden with, it might be a friend, or a husband."

"So do you..." Harry started but Sirius cut him off

"No, I can open certain spells but I am not the other, the other, Harry, was your mother" He said gravely. "But because the magic on the book is based on love, the people that can open the book have to be linked to the heir or the other in some way. I can open the book because I love Aliandra, James could open the book because he loved Lily... Harry even you could open the book, if you knew how"

Harry blinked, "Me"

Sirius nodded, "But that's just it, not many people know how. Remus does, I do, James did.."

"Wormtail?" Harry asked

Sirius shook his head, "Wormtail wasn't their that summer in sixth year when we all found out about the book. Reluctantly we promised the girls that we wouldn't tell anyone about it, even Peter. He only found out about the book in seventh year, when Aliandra opened it to protect..."

"The school, that's why she has an award for services to the school" Harry said

Sirius smiled and nodded, "The wards were nearly all down, Voldermort was almost through when she put up the ward that she found in the book. It couldn't be broken and now that same ward protects Diagon Alley, Hogsmede and most other magical schools around the world."

"So how do you open the book"

"The book knows who it can trust and who it can't" Sirius said, "but it doesn't know the person's loyalty to it's owner, to its guardian." There was a pause and Sirius sighed I cannot tell you how to open the book Harry, that is not my right, only Aliandra can give you that piece of information, but it has a lot to do with friendship and love"

Harry nodded, "Well then, I guess that answers the question."

"Anything else?"

Harry bit his lip "The magic" He muttered quietly but he knew Sirius had caught the whisper.

"Your magic?" Sirius questioned and Harry nodded. Sirius smiled "It's incredible, isn't it"

Harry blinked, "Yes, but, that's not what I expected... you've been able to feel it, all this time you've known, Aliandra too..."

Sirius shook his head, "Your power has increased with time and no one can see the full extent of your power, until you use it. The shield you created gave Aliandra and I a bit of a nasty shock, not even I was powerful enough to do that when I realised my own potential. I would have fainted on the spot"

"Your magic, hold on, but you weren't using the full extent of your power when I looked at you, does that mean your more powerful than..."

"Voldermort? No" Sirius said, "Close enough to hurt him, but not enough to beat him... but then never put your trust in that feeling.."

"What?" Harry asked

"It doesn't matter how powerful you are in the end. You are a powerful wizard, and with time you will learn to use those powers but... Harry you have to understand that if you rely on that power that's hidden inside you, you will be corrupted by dark magic so much easier. Fight to keep yourself alive, even if that means you have to kill Voldermort, but don't use the unforgivables if you can help it"

Harry nodded, he could understand that perfectly, he was already surprised and angry at himself for using an unforgivable on Voldermort...

"He did deserve it Harry, and he did provoke it, but next time try to be more inventive, rather than rush to the easy way out." Sirius said. Harry nodded silently glad that his godfather understood. "So is their anything else you need to know"

"What happened to the Medi-witch that worked with my mum?" Harry asked

Sirius frowned, "We were too late to save her, Remus was just lucky that he was who he is, otherwise I don't doubt that he would be gone too"

"Remus said that there was a trap for Aliandra" Harry said and Sirius nodded,

"I still haven't heard the entire story about that because Ali's been busy, but pretty much the entire order had gone with her and put it this way... the Death Eaters hadn't really expected that." Sirius said

"Why did you go after Remus alone?"

Sirius smiled weakly, "Wouldn't you do the same for Ron?" Harry smiled and nodded, causing Sirius to grin, "And he'd do the same for you, just like Remus would for me, because your true friends, will always be there."

"Alright, now this one has been driving me mad" Harry said, "Why did you apologise for Aliandra's nightmares"

Sirius sighed, "Aliandra and I have a certain bond called a loyalty weave" He said, "You see years ago back when I was an shadow I was in a situation when I needed to use one of the spells in Merlin's book. I knew how to open it and I did, but as soon as I did I became linked with Aliandra."

"But that still doesn't explain why you should apologise for her nightmares"

Sirius smiled, "You see part of the bond is that Aliandra can see my thoughts should she choose to because I trust her not to repeat anything, and while Aliandra has never used this power, when we're asleep the magic becomes harder to control. As a result Aliandra often suffers from my nightmares of my past" Sirius explained

"Oh" Harry said, "Well, that is understandable enough"

"So, it's nearly breakfast time, have you got anything else you want to ask?" Sirius asked

"Two more, are we ever going to get the diary back?" Harry asked

"I believe that it will be returned to you for keeps by the end of today" Sirius said with a small smile,

"And, how is Merlin's book going to be hidden now that it cannot stay in the form of the diary?" Harry asked and Sirius frowned,

"Harry, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that" Sirius said warily "For one thing it's not my business to tell, and well its a very dangerous piece of information. There will only be three people who will ever know where the book is hidden, just to protect the secret"

Harry nodded, "I understand" He said and Sirius smiled, "Well I'm all out of questions" He said

"Right, well my turn then" Sirius said with a grin and there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"What?" Harry said slowly,

"I have a question" Sirius said carelessly still grinning.

"All right then..." Harry said cautiously

"Right well as you know I've been cleared, but what you might not know is that I have been declared your legal guardian" Sirius said grinning, "So, if you would like, you can come and live with Aliandra and I over the holidays..."

Harry blinked, "You, live, Dursleys, you..." He stuttered then did the only think of, he threw his arms around his godfather, "Yes!" He exclaimed, "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to take me away from the Dursleys!"

Sirius was laughing and he hugged his godson back, "I'm glad" Sirius said with a grin and he pulled out of the hug "Well then, I don't know about you but I'm famished,"

Harry grinned, "Breakfast then"

* * *

"Hey Harry" Ron said as Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table, "How has your morning been?"

"Great" Harry said, "I don't have to go back to the Dursleys,"

"What?" Hermione asked,

"I'm going to go and live with Sirius and Aliandra... I don't think I've ever been happier" Harry said as he poured himself a bowl cereal.

Ron grinned, "That's awesome!! Imagine what we can get up to in Sirius' house, I mean that will be the coolest..."

"It's Aliandra's house too" Hermione said rolling her eyes at the two boys,

"Yeah, but you saw her as a teenager" Ron said happily, "And anyway she has to be used to it after living with James and marrying Sirius" He said and Harry burst into laughter at Hermione's expression which said bluntly 'I can not believe you' "Well it's true" Ron said rolling his eyes.

Hermione and Harry could not help but grin at the comment and all three friends burst into hysterics and Aliandra walked past them. The woman turned and rose an eyebrow at them then shook her head as she turned and walked to the staff table to sit next to Sirius, which just made the three students laugh harder.

Harry grinned at Sirius who was looking at him puzzled, it was then that Harry decided that as long as there was friendship, love and laughter, this world would never be completely dark.

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