As promised I give you the prologue of my very first tactics fic…

Saving His Life


It happened so fast. Kantarou and Haruka were fighting a very evil demon. They had it pinned down. They were winning, that is until another demon came out from the wood works. The scar on Kantarou's chest throbbed, causing him to lose his concentration and drop to his, clutching his chest in agony. The first demon took advantage of the situation and tried to attack, but Haruka was quick to defend Kantarou. The second demon saw his friends struggle and decided it was best to attack the unsuspecting human while he was still clutching his chest and panting from the exertion. The second demon crept up on Kantarou. Haruka noticed but he couldn't break free from his battle with the first demon.

"Kantarou," Haruka shouted in warning.

Sensing the demon was closer than he preferred, Kantarou looked up, through eyes laced with pain, into greedy, beady, green eyes. The first demon gave a howl of pain when Haruka's lightening pierced it. It did not relent as Haruka had planned; however, instead it charged at Haruka, succeeding in pinning the demon-eater to the wall. In the process Haruka dropped his staff, which clattered to the floor. Kantarou was distracted, yet again, by the sound and looked to it, not only breaking the eye war he and the second demon had but also giving said demon the opening he had been waiting for. The second demon attacked, tearing Kantarou's gai and sinking its claws deep into Kantarou's stomach. Startled, Kantarou cried out and clutched the demon's arm. More pain emanated through his body. The demon, with a sick looking smile, ripped his claw from Kantarou's stomach. Blood sprayed out with his claws and dripped onto the marble floor.


Kantarou groaned in agony, falling to his knees. His vision blurred and he was holding consciousness by a thread. Haruka saw his master fall, almost un-life like, to the floor. Losing his senses Haruka snapped, his eyes becoming dark and cold. He got out of the demons hold in one quick motion and ripped the first demon in half, watching as its blood trailed thickly into a puddle on the ground. The second demon cowered in fear at the look of the demon-eater. Haruka flew to the second and gripped him up by his throat. Haruka shoved his hand through the second demon's chest and ripped out his heart. Haruka pulled out his beating heart and ate it. Throwing the remains of the second demon carelessly aside Haruka froze. He had caught a scent that was familiar to him. Upon realization, Haruka came back to his senses and his head whipped around to where Kantarou laid in a heap of blood. He landed next to him, dropping to his knees and turning him over. He saw the small gaping hole and the thick patch of blood that trailed down his master's chest and stomach, soaking his torn gai.

"Kantarou, can you hear me?"

Kantarou didn't answer. He laid there limp and unmoving.

"Hang on Kantarou! Don't die on me!"

Haruka picked Kantarou up carefully, though it still elicited a pain filled groan from Kantarou causing Haruka to wince. Haruka spread his wings and took flight, flying as fast as he could to the Ichinomiya household.

To be continued

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