He wore an orange pull over with khaki jeans and brown shoes. His white hair was messy as always, his smile jagged with shark like teeth. Eight-year-old Soul Evans was looking cool; the only uncool feature was the object infront of his ruby red eyes. This year Soul was forced to wear glasses due to his low eyesight score he had received at last year's school health checkup. He sighed as he once again checked the school hallways for any stray students. Seeing that all was clear he placed his glasses safely in, the hoodie pocket and dashed to the classroom he had left twenty minutes ago. When he returned, he took his normal seat behind Maka Albarn.

"We're reading chapter four of our text books." She whispered as he sat down. Soul thanked her before turning to the chapter to pretend read. Maka knew what he was doing; she had been with him when he had gotten his glasses. She also knew why he refused to wear them. At gym, they were allowed free time outside, here Maka made her move. Soul, as usual, was by himself near the old oak tree giving her the advantage she needed.

"Where's your glasses?" she asked as she sat next to him. Soul sighed and handed her the bifocals. She smiled before placing them on her face. Soul watched as she waited patiently as students ran by. Even Blackstar passed without notice of his friends new look. Once she was certain Soul had seen her act she passed them back to him.

"No one care's Soul, they help you. If people make fun of you it's because their mean and would make fun of you anyway, they are not real friends." She explained placing the eyewear back on his face. Soul smiled as she kissed his cheek.

"Besides, I love a man in glasses." She whispered before running off to the swings. She knew Soul would come and push her.