It was the normal walk home through the tall grass.

My name is Alex, I work at a pokemart in my local town. Pay isn't great, but it's enough to support me and my pokemon. I was on my way back home from a weekly shop for groceries. My back ached from the weight of my shoulder bag. Moo moo milk sloshed around in the bottles in my bag as I strided down the moonlit path. The moon was at its fullest this week, beatiful, I thought. I suddenly heard a rustle of grass in the distance. Instinctively, my hand tightened its grip on my lone pokeball. I was never a great battler, but I loved my pokemon to the fullest. The rustling grew louder and closer and I broke into a sprint, groceries falling out my bag. A wild mightyena leapt out of the bushes and tackled me to the ground. I fought off the wild dog with my fists but the beast sunk its teeth into my right arm, causing blood to to seep out of the open wound, staining my yellow shirt. The newly found pain in my arm caused me to lose conciousness, rapidly my body began to lock up. The milk in the second bottle leaked a pool of delicious moo moo milk. The mightyena greedily lapped it up and howled, fleeing for the haven of tall grass.

-hours later-

My vision blurred, and I coughed spraying some blood onto my chest. How long did I pass out? It seemed to be daytime. I tried to pick my self up but the pain in my arm refused. There was a figure standing over me, a tall green figure with a large white dress. Hot tears dropped onto my cheeks and I realised they were coming from the figure. My vision began to fully focus. The figure kneeling over me looked too abnormal to be a human, but too woman like to be a pokemon. The green mistress lay her hands over my arm and closed her scarlet eyes. A look of concentration sparked on her face, and a bead of sweat formed as the skin on my arm began to close up. I winced slightly as the wound closed up, to my disbelief.

The focused look was gone on her face and a more worried, concerned look replaced it. I was in the same place where I had blacked out. Groceries were strewn out all around me. I began to hoard my food and supplies. As I got up, I got a good look at the green "girl" She had a rather nice, curvy body, complete with a pair of astonishingly large breasts. A blunt red spike portruded between them. I fought back a nosebleed as she bent over to see if I was ok.

"I'm fine, thanks for healing my arm" I blurted, breaking the ice.

Her cheeks turned crimson red and she smiled a beatiful, vibrant smile. This alone was enough to make a grown man swoon. My heart leapt, and I felt a little woozy.

"are you sure you're ok?" a calm voice sounded in my head.

"what the fuck?" I shouted, (you would be surprised too) reeling backwards a little, The girl looked at me funny.

"I'm talking to you telepathically" she chimed, her voice was the most soothing I've ever heard.

I realised this was definetely not a girl, as the telepathy and the bodily "features"proved too pokemon-like.

"why did you heal me?"

"I watch you walk to and from work everyday, I couldn't bear to see you in pain."

I didn't know whether to be scared or flattered by this.

"th..thanks..your name?"

"I've never had a real master" she said woefully, her face showed dismay.

"I'm sorry..." the thought of letting a wild, sexy pokemon live in my house sounded out of the question,

yet so tempting. I dispelled those thoughts and rummaged in my bag for some sort of present.

I offered her a paper bag of strawberries, originally for me, but she clearly deserved them.

She refused, shaking her head. How modest...

"please, is there anything I can do to repay you?" I said desperately.

"well.." she started nervously "I have always dreamed of having a master..I've been a wild gardevoir

for as long as I can remember."

I weighed up the good and bad consequences of adopting her, I certainly could do with some company around here, and she talks! its almost too good to be true. I made up my mind.

"Gardevoir, I will adopt you as long as you treat me as a friend, not as a master." I never believed in a master-pokemon relationship, it gave me the shivers thinking about being called master by a gardevoir.

Gardevoir acknowledged what I meant and hugged me tightly, taking me off guard.

"h-hey! don't surprise me like that" she laughed lightly.

And so begins our relationship. Heaven knows what will happen next.

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