Holy cow, I'm not even sure how I got this out so early. I usually update in more than few months time, but here I am releasing chapter 12 in almost a month's time from the last one. Time really does fly. Anyway, I thought I'd push the relationship a bit further in this chapter, a homage to the cosmic contents of chapter 6 which I really thought I should build on. Again, another clean chapter. I don't even know if I'll write another lemon scene again, to be brutally honest. I have wrote the previous two chapters out of completely mellow feelings, often listening to nice music to get the juices flowing. I have also been reading fiction lately, and I'm sure it has had a slight effect on the contents of the chapters. I feel that the more and more I get into this story I appreciate the crowd I have amassed and feel privileged to have a healthy audience to perform to. So for that, I thank you. I'll do this until I grow out of it, or people stop caring about my petty story about POKEMANZ. So with this, I'll see you in the next chapter. Rock on guys.

-Moarfanfic (Alex)

I find myself walking through the same old trodden path to my home. It's a lovely night in spring, the lights in the sky entice my eyes away from all else. I walk, head held up, and sigh deeply. I close my eyes as I inhale the fresh outdoor air into my lungs. It feels great. I notice my stride become less and less as my entire body seems to lose its weight. I feel myself rise off the ground and begin to float upwards. My head rocks back, I inhale deeply still through my nose, as if it was a state of equilibrium. Now the forest is beneath me, visually and spiritually, as it were. I look beyond the plains, rolling around in my own weightlessness instead of turning my head. This serene scenario was that of surreal bliss, like suddenly becoming aware of the universe countless times larger than yourself around you, and being completely okay with it. I feel suspended in the aura of the night sky, the stars casting spells of wonder and awe onto me. I have risen into a cloud. I'm half disappointed that it wasn't a mushy hunk of mass that I could lie on, but that's the kind of idiot I am. This moment of disappointment strikes with great potency to my consciousness. I feel my head sway. My expression changes from mellow to stern. I feel myself descend back through the cloud and under it at the same speed I floated at. I look down. The stark height of my position startles me and tightens my stomach violently. I descend with unrealistic speed, feeling the wind rush against my body. I scream. I screw my eyes shut and grimace.

My eyes open. I breathe in through my nose. Strangely, I stay put. I'm in bed. I raise myself a bit, patting the surface of the bed to check I was not being fooled. I laugh, cursing the cloud as a bad omen. Currently in a sleepyhead state, I drop back into bed and nestle myself into the warmth of the covers. Another one of those dreams, huh? You know, the ones that feel predetermined. Like, when you question or do something that isn't flowing with it, it all collapses. I keep getting those weird dreams. I rolled over fully expecting Gardevoir to have been watching me the entire time, but she wasn't. Rather, she wasn't even there. The covers were left, neatly made in contrast to the other half of the covers which were sprawled around me. I let out a yawn so powerful I felt the vibrations in my eardrums like an echo. Part of me wanted to just lie there and snooze, but a nagging part of my brain was focused on the fact that Gardy was simply not here. When I accepted this fact, small panic ensued. Hurrying myself out of bed, I gave the main room and bath area a quick overview. Nothing, not even a trace of her being here. My stomach tightened once again and I clutched it reflexively. I was staring down at the floor, blank. No time for dressing, I decided. I barged out of the front door, and out into the cool spring air. My breathing was irrational, out of place, like I had far more important things to focus on at the current moment. I took on a brisk jog down the path to the town, frequently checking my flank for any signs of her. The moist dew of the grass below me squelched and cushioned my feet nicely, and calmed my nerves. There was nothing but birdsong and occasional rustles in the vegetation to be heard, but the grass wasn't tall enough to cover Gardevoir. I ran, and ran. This time, instead of being chased by a wild Mightyena, I was being chased by the fact that I may never see Gardevoir again. I felt like crying. I felt choked up. I stopped to catch my breath, but instead began gasping for air, lungs heaving. I had run a lot further and a lot faster than I had thought. I took in my surroundings. Of course. Our first meeting point. There was a clear opening on the right side of the path, as if somebody had tried to make it obvious that they were there. Like a moth to a flame, I picked myself up and trudged through the makeshift passageway, brushing against a variety of unknown plantlife. I was fairly sure I was poisoned by something or other, feeling stings and icky leaves touch my legs. The cut into the vegetation weaved around a bit, until there was another opening. I peered through, reasonably wet from all of the moisture on the plants. It was a pond. A large one at that. It was completely surrounded by fauna like the fauna I just made my way through. I looked up the span of it, noticing a distinct figure at the far end. It was her. She was knelt on the grass, admiring young blooming flowers, a clear smile on her face. She took her hand and brought a flower up to her face, presumably inhaling the scent. Her eyes closed and the smile widened. I felt fixated. What was she doing? Getting hippy with it? Is this what she did before she met me? Her eyes moved to the pond, and so did mine. Multiple large coloured fish swam lazily in the waters. They took on colours of gold, black and white in a multitude of styles. There was something relaxing about watching all these dumb fish weave around reeds and whatnot. That, or the poison was really kicking in. I decided to make myself clear on the other side of the pond by walking out of the clearing. My legs were pretty weak, and I could only really manage a clumsy stumble. She noticed me pretty quick, tilting her head up from the flowers. She raised her arm and waved. I let out a huge sigh of relief. Like, HUGE, man. I then proceeded to wave back, weakly. I wasn't feeling too good, to tell the truth. Still waving, I felt my mind go blank, along with my sense of balance. I toppled over onto my front, on the bank of the pond. My body beckoned me to rest. Déjà vu rushed through me like an unsuspected guest. I knew I had been friggin' poisoned. As my vision progressively got blurrier, the figure came closer and closer, white gown mixed into the green to form a blurry swathe of colour in my vision. That was enough, enough to know I had a chance of survival. My eyes slowly shut, twitching slightly as they went, as an act of struggle against the poison's sweet caress on my body. The last thing I saw was what was presumably Gardevoir, holding up my arms, probably inspecting them for tell-tale signs of poison. I was at least half thankful that it hadn't caused me any kind of pain whatsoever. I decided to let my body take it from here, snapping out of the struggle, feeling myself go limp.

I half expected to drift into a hallucinogenic world, semi-conscious. I thought back to my dream, and how it had been so nice until I started doubting my actions. I actually decided that I would enter a mirror world and do as I pleased while I took Gardevoir's help for granted. Fly around some buildings, breathe underwater, perhaps chill on the moon. I really was a giant idiot. Instead there was nothing, except for the throb of my brain, as if I had been reduced to a simple kernel of existence. More disappointment. As if I had responded to myself, I felt light through my eyes. But simply as a sense, a mere transmission of chemicals creating my perception. There was nothing to do but think. Think. So I did. I came around to the conclusion that I was thinking. If there was a time to mentally slap my forehead, now was the time to do it. I thought if the poison had intended me to go mad in this darkness, and feed off my negative energy. What if I was doomed to stay like this? Constantly aware, but constantly unaware of my surroundings? Strangely the panic never came. The light affecting my eyes changed slightly, enough for me to notice. Here I was, blissfully in comatose while my pokémon spouse was apparently tending my condition. The ludicrousness of that statement took a blow on my consciousness; almost knocking me off my own pedestal of ignorance that I had been relying on to stay calm. After a while of letting my thoughts go quiet, I felt myself drift away, similar to falling asleep, but in an infinitely more bizarre way. I let it happen, ignoring any kind of consequence or regard for my own health.

After all, ignorance is bliss.


Sure it is.

After what seemed like a spiritual boat ride through a sea made up of space, my senses gradually came back to life, it started with just a tingle in my fingertips, and then it spread through each individual finger until I felt the synapses link to conjoin my hand back together. Although I couldn't yet make out anything with my eyes, I groped with my hands, opening them and closing them. Another hand slid into mine, a gentle touch. The rate at which I was recovering seemed to increase tenfold when I had a thing to focus on. I traced my thumb up and down the top of the sleek hand, taking note of the long fingers and smooth texture. It had to be her. I made an effort to look out in front of me, and the green and white answered my call, I managed something like a smile, still weak from the poison. Slowly but surely, I came to. I laid on the bed, silent for a few moments.

"How long was I out?"

"A few days. I've been here the whole time." Her voice chimed through my head with therapeutic effect. She squeezed my hand. "You're strong, Alex. That poison was some nasty stuff, from a Vileplume, no less. But you pulled through." She gave a happy smile. I returned it. I tried to get up, but my arms gave way halfway through pulling myself up. Gardevoir took her arms and propped me up against the head of the bed. Her touch was satisfying, something real and simple, compared to the crap I had to deal with before I blacked out. I tried to sigh, but instead coughed violently, spraying some kind of coloured liquid onto the bedsheets. Apparently three days out cold will do that to you. Gardevoir quickly ran into the kitchen, fetching a cup of liquid. She held it up to my mouth. Without thinking, I let the liquid dribble into my mouth. The bitterness of it made me lurch, but I held my mouth open and kept it running down my throat. She placed the cup on the bedside table. I shuddered as I tried to wash the taste down with saliva.

"..Water…" I croaked, reaching out to the sink, viewable from where I was sitting. Gardevoir came back with a fresh mug of water. I gulped it down, and let out a clean sigh of relief. I redirected my attention to Gardevoir, who simply looked on intently at me, as if she was ready to do whatever I asked. Instead it wasn't what she had to do, but what she had to answer. I had gotten pretty curious as to what happened back there by now.

"So, what was going on back there?" I asked, giving the best quizzical look I could. Gardevoir just looked at me, blank. Then she realised what I was talking about. She looked embarrassed for whatever reason.

"Well, It's just, I really like the wild. I grew up in it, and experienced all of my life in it until I met you. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for me, I enjoy the new life that comes with it. I would visit that spot every year, simply relaxing and appreciating the life around me. It's silly, I know." Her cheeks were red from explaining it. I didn't understand her embarrassment at all.

"Isn't that natural? I guess it's my fault for not taking you anywhere often. I'll fix that. You know, I've been saving for some time, for nothing in particular, just stockpiling surplus cash that I don't immediately need. I've been thinking, we should take a proper vacation. How about somewhere nice in the mountains? I hear they have great onsen there. We could take a train to a central town and find a nice cosy hotel to sleep in. What do you say?" I finished my speech with both hands out to her. She looked like she was going to cry. Resisting the urge, she took her arms in mine, pushing her head down onto my neck.

"That sounds great, Alex. It really does." I could hear her on the verge of tears. I rubbed her back with my free hand.

"We'll get going when I'm feeling ship shape, and when you turn off those waterworks." I joked, squeezing her gently. She pulled away from me, face stuffy. I took the opportunity to consolidate her feelings, moving closer and pressing my lips onto hers. Her expression was jerked, unable to contain her emotions. We parted lips, and Gardevoir's eyes were flooded with tears. She pounced onto me in a fit of defiance, head buried into the pillow beside me. "You idiot, don't ever make me feel as worried as you did back then. Or I'll really explode." As she talked, her blubbing mixed into the speech making her sound pitiful and equally adorable.

"But hey, you saved me, right?" I looked up at the ceiling, pining for agreement.

"I guess."

I laced my arms around her, simply lying there. There was no need to move. The position we were in was completely comfortable. I noticed Gardevoir rub her face against the pillow to dry her tears. I decided that now was a better time than any to get some well needed rest. After all, I had to recover before we set off on our first vacation.

Love's a complicated thing, I'm not even sure how I made it this far. But I'll make it work.

Whatever it takes.