As soon as I woke up from that nightmare, I could tell something was wrong. My eyes snapped open just as the loudest rumble of thunder sounded overhead. The wind was picking up as I looked out into the night. The woods kind of reminded me of the B movies the older Master and Mistress would watch together without my Master.


Blanky's shout brought me out of my musings. Rather than being over me and the others, he was right in front of me. Instinctively, I wrapped a handle around him. There was no way I was losing Blanky, the flower was enough.

As I held on, the wind dragged me across the grass. Blanky was utterly terrified, his eyes pleading "Don't let go Toaster." No, I would not lose him! I refuse to lose him! But the elements were against us as my handle strained to keep him grounded.

Lightning flashed around us, reminding me of that nightmare. The storm was just…water and electricity. Would I get shocked tonight while trying to save my friend?

Finally, the wind forced us to a cliff. I tried my best to hold on and gain my footing. Pain raced through my handle, but I pushed it away and focused on the yellow fabric before my eyes. Yellow, like the sunlight on the morning we left. Yellow, it's the Master's favorite color (I hope that didn't change). Yellow like Radio's dial. Yellow like the flower. Yellow that reminded me of lightning. My grip slipped and that was all the wind needed.

"TOASTER!" I could only watch as the yellow went up into the trees.

Yellow: the color of all the things I lost.

"Blanky!" I shouted after him. I needed to find him; I would not have a repeat of the flower.

I knew it was futile to look now, but I did. Waves of guilt ran through me as I shouted his name through the forest. I couldn't stop now, I wouldn't stop now. Blanky needed to be found and I would delay our journey until Blanky was found. It was my fault Blanky was lost, out in the storm all alone without comfort. It was my entire fault; I let go and couldn't hold on.

I failed.