More tsunamis continued to plague the globe, destroying anything that stood in its path in a matter of seconds as well as sweeping away anything and anyone.

A handful of volcanoes around the world – particularly those around the Pacific Ring of Fire – had already erupted. Molten lava and ash rained upon the lands, causing more injuries and deaths. In addition, some inactive volcanoes began showing signs of activity even though a good amount of them have not erupted for centuries.

Other areas bore witness to insect swarms such as locusts, bees, and other similar creatures invading towns in hurricane-like proportions, feeding on crops and any vegetation that came their way, harming any unfortunate soul found in their angry and destructive path.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and super typhoons plagued heavily-populated cities around the world and poured upon more devastation and death.

Bodies of water, especially those heavily-depended on for food, had an unexplainable rise in temperature. Red tide became common phenomena throughout the world. Dead fish floated on the surface in multitudes, making the waters even more unfriendly in sustaining life. People, especially those in third-world countries, have to take more steps in making the water potable. Other water sources were rendered unusable until conditions improve.

The rise in global temperature also caused fires to ignite and burn vast areas of land, most especially in areas naturally deprived from water or had conditions conducive for spontaneous combustion to occur.

Other parts of the world suffered massive flash floods after suffering heavy downpour of rain, making families evacuate in troves from their homes and seek shelter in higher ground. Even though the impact was far less than that of a tsunami, the incidents brought forth dirty and contaminated water as well as deadly diseases to come into closer contact with humans.

Aside from natural calamities, political unrest and war also plagued Chijou. For those countries and states which were already deeply entrenched in war, tensions and death tolls rose even further.

And if these chain of calamities hitting hour after hour, day after day, was not enough to make the world fall upon its knees, Meifu was on red alert as it got bombarded with a continuous flood of reports which included but were not limited to sightings, possessions, haunting, and other escalated and severe cases of supernatural disturbances which resulted in unexplained injuries and deaths.

The cries of agony and grief reached up to Heaven and down to the Pits of Hell, each one having in his or her respective thought or emotion the question. Those who believed in God or Higher Being laid their sorrows and asked for mercy and salvation. Those who had doubts on the existence of God or a Higher Being shook their heads and questioned the fairness of such devastation pouring down upon mankind. Those who did not believe in the existence of a Higher Being harbored mixed emotions and lived in a state of even greater denial that man, nature, or anything tangible or tactile was solely responsible for calamity after calamity.

Panic spread across the globe, with troves flooding and filling emergency shelters, hospitals, and places of worship to make rhyme or reason with what seemed to be Acts of God raining down upon humanity. Many morgues ran out of capacity as the dead continue to flood their doors. There was no relief in sight as news reports all over the globe confirmed the masses' greatest fear that the worldwide suffering was merely a beginning for even greater calamities and casualties to come.

For some, faith and hope were the balms that eased some of their suffering as the faithful continued to implore for divine mercy. Others, however, have lost faith or had clung on even harder onto the wrong emotional and spiritual path.

Heaven's trapped residents, however, could not send emissaries to attend to anyone's side for guidance or consolation. The celestial grounds continued to suffer one earthquake after another. Angels watched as to what was happening in Chijou. Those angels who were more experienced with the plight of men carried on with heavily-burdened hearts since they were trapped and unable to help. Other angels – particularly the cherubs – who were far too young or unexposed to such life experiences saw the myriad of emotions coming from Chijou ranging from anger against God to cries of agony over losing everything and everyone.

Makai, on the other hand, was embroiled in a series of bloody civil wars between Ashtarote and Abigor as well as their respective supporters. Fallen angels who have longed for redemption since the Great Fall gnashed their teeth in lament and broken-hearted pleas, crying out to Heaven for mercy only to be left unheard as they always have been. The others who have also been banished from Heaven yet did not share sentiments with those who they call soft-hearted fools, clenched and rose their fists against Heaven as they cursed the Trinity, Ashtarote, and Abigor for their increased suffering.

Meifu was now flooded with souls waiting to be judged, although its lands were not plagued by any calamity.

Location: St. Michel's Senior High School, Nagasaki

Moonlight seeped inside the dorm rooms, the school's version of Big Ben heralding the first of its 12 intended chimes as the majority of the students and faculty slept.

In one particular room, faint light coming from four black candles mixed in with the moonlight which provided an eerie form of illumination for a tall and handsome male student. Armed with black chalk, he began his work by squatting on the floor and then drawing a huge circle which was arm's length in radius.

The student's heart began to pound even further as he faced north, the moonlight now directly behind him, and drew a substantially smaller circle than the one he first drew. After drawing that circle which was about three inches from the large circle's edge, he drew an even smaller circle inside it.

The student then drew two lines which did not run completely across, thus nearly splitting the circle into three equal parts. Still facing north, he drew three circled dots at the edge of the first line and a triangle at the other end.

After pausing for a minute to check his handiwork, he then continued by concentrating on the lower line, first drawing a small circled dot on each end and then drawing another circled dot in the middle of the line. The then drew three smaller hollow circles in between the circled dots. He stopped for a minute and counted, making sure that he had nine circles altogether – three circled dots, six hollowed ones.

The student then drew two parallel lines which converted the two earlier drawn parallel lines into a square. Two larger circled dots were drawn in the middle of the two newly-drawn lines, and then four smaller circled dots were drawn in the inside of the square to join its nine predecessors to make them a total of 13.

"Almost done," the student thought as he now drew another circled dot followed a line which distinctly curved twice and its end touching the triangle. He then used the chalk to darken the curved line to make it the most prominent part of the work.

Closing his eyes for a minute and then opening them on the next, the student then stood up and looked at the entire handiwork, "This stupid sigil better work. If not, this is the most expensive piece of bullshit that I ever fell for…and no one has ever managed to fool me out of anything."

The student stood in the white space of his handiwork and then chanted in Latin, calling forth the demon whose sigil he had just drawn.

Just as the handsome student finished uttering the last syllable of the incantation, the cold wind outside blew stronger. His heart pounded even faster as the windows opened and all of the candles' flames were blown out. Dark clouds covered the moonlight, the room now in pitch darkness. The scentl of sulfur and burnt wood mingled with the smell of the ocean waters outside.

In the darkness, the nervous student did his best to quell down the rapid beating of his heart by dismissively murmuring, "Such bullshit…. I had to give up one month's allowance to get this."

"Who said that it was bullshit, Kiyoma Hiro?" asked someone who chuckled lightly, that new arrival just a mere couple of feet away from the student.

Hiro blinked, his heart racing even faster. His body shuddered and his hands clenched into fists. "Who's there?"

"The one who you asked for…."

Seconds after the mysterious new arrival asked the question, the black candles lit up.

Hiro was stupefied and speechless, staring at the demon that he supposed to have summoned. The candles provided an even more ethereal glow to the demon's features. "My God, he's…."

"Handsome…? Young…? Is this the true form…?" asked the demon with a disarming smirk escaping from his lips, echoing back the thoughts that ran in the student's head. "I'm the one you summoned. This is my true form. Why did you summon me?"

"I lost much, especially recently. I used to be the one who was most well-known in Saint Michel's. I want to be that person again. I have worked too hard and done far too much not to deserve it."

The handsome demon closed his eyes, listening to Hiro's wishes as well as reading the emotions laced in his words. He opened his eyes moments later, gazing at the handsome student and admiring the other as well. "Is that what's important to you – fame, notoriety? Not feeling this empty? Will you be willing to contract with me, even if the cost is your body and soul…?"

"I don't care. I want what I've asked for. I give you my body and soul. You give me what I want," said Hiro, his fists clenching as his mind replayed what he perceived was his humiliation and downfall from recently losing the student council leadership.

The demon's smile became warmer still, with Hiro looking at him in such a mesmerized fashion. "Very well, then. Let us start with what you're wanting right now. I can tell from the very moment that you laid eyes on me."

"What do you mean?" asked Hiro, doing his best not to make his voice shudder. His heart was still racing, but now more due to far different reasons now that he has seen the demon.

The handsome demon extended his hand, opening up his palm and inviting Hiro to take the offered hand. "The attraction is mutual. Why don't you and I make the most out of it, make this pact as pleasurable as possible? You wouldn't oppose such an illicit tryst or arrangement, would you?"

After taking a subtle yet nervous swallow, Hiro mustered up his courage. He gave the demon a pursed-lipped smile as he took the hand and was drawn closer to the other.

Seconds later, Hiro melted into the kiss that the demon had initiated most especially when the latter touched him in the right places. Soon, he lay half-naked on the hardwood floor as the demon's kisses worked downward. He bit his lower lip, not daring to have a moan escape from him especially when he felt that his boxers – the last item of clothing that he wore – was now relieved from him.

"Let them walk in on you," teased the demon, his hands caressing Hiro's hardness as he claimed the latter's lips with another searing kiss. "Isn't that one of your fantasies – to have someone walk in on you in such an uncompromising position?"

Soon, though, Hiro failed as he moaned from the pleasure of being passionately taken. His body burned from the desire and attraction, and he yearned for more. He was straddled on the demon's lap, riding the other with such wild abandon as the two of them hungrily kissed each other.

And once that both of them reached the culmination of their respective lust, Hiro's moans were cut. His chest constricted and he could not breathe. This, however, did not stop the demon from giving him a lingering and passionate kiss.

Once the kiss between Hiro and the demon ended, Hiro breathed his last.

After giving the now-departed Hiro one final kiss, the demon whispered in the dead student's ear in the most seductive manner, "Our contract with each other is now complete, dear Hiro. You and I have satisfied each other a great deal. Your body and soul in exchange for the pleasure and fame that I give you. Your name and this night will forever be etched in everyone's memory, especially here in these sacred grounds."

The demon laid the naked student's limp body in the middle of the sigil. He stared at the body for a couple of minutes, watching the blood drain from the student's body and into the sigil's outline. He smirked as a bright light illuminated the sigil and eventually flooded the room.

When the light finally died down, the demon was long gone and another series of earthquakes shook Nagasaki as well as other parts of the world.

End of Prologue

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