I am sitting on my bed doing homework when I get a text from my girlfriend Katara,

Hey, I found the perfect song for us, you better listen to it hot stuff.

~you're the one that I want~

I am slightly worried as I put it in google to search. Katara is at suki's house for a sleep over and the title didn't sound like the type of song Katara would like. I clicked play and listen to the song. I smiled and I relize how right Katara is, this is made for us. How is it? I will tell you,

I got chills they're multiplyin', : she's a waterbender

and I'm losin' control :blood bending

Cause the power you're supplyin',: she is powerful, something I really respect. This helped me fall in love with her.

it's electrifyin': so I took the lightning and endangered my life for her.

You better shape up: I did have to, I needed to be a better man and prove it to her.

cause I need a man: well let's just say aang is aaa, anyway

and my heart is set on you : she so wouldn't take no as a answer, I was trying to protect aang.

You better shape up, you better understand,: she needs you to try to understand her, relate.

to my heart I must be true: she must be her kind, loving, compassionate self.

Nothing left, nothing left for me to do : we both had fallen long before we got together, it was to late.

Chorus: already explained.

You're the one that I want

(you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey

The one that I want (you are the one I want),

ooh ooh ooh, honey

The one that I want (you are the one I want),

ooh ooh ooh, honey

The one I need (the one I need),

oh yes indeed (yes indeed) : I want you, I need you, we can't stop our love.

If you're filled with affection, us hiding it from ourselves and each other

You're too shy to convey : when we finally admitted it to ourselves we were too shy to ask each other.

Meditate my direction, feel your way: that's for you to guess ;)

I better shape up, bin there done that

cause you need a man ^

I need a man, ^^

Who can keep me satisfied again guess ;)

I better shape up, if I'm gonna prove

You better prove, that my fate is justified : me proving that I did shape up that I am a good guy.

Are you sure?: we were so worried

Yes I'm sure down deep inside: ^

Katara is right this is our song it is all us.