Little things about Kaina:

She lives alone in a small crappy house that is very secured. Why you may ask well you find out a little later during the chapters. The only relative that she truly knows is her cousin Kagome and her family. Kaina slacks off during homework because she thinks its pointless to do something that is too easy for her to do. Most of Kagome group get on her for that, repeatedly saying each day that she needs to do better in school. But of course it only come out the other ear for Kaina.

Kaina is only true when it comes to Kagome or some else but I'm not going to tell Muahaha. Kaina cares for Kagome and usually helps her with homework when coming in and out of the sacred well. Kagome was utterly surprise of how Kaina is so smart and so were her friends but that takes awhile for them to realize that.

for description fo Kaina got to my profil K :3

Closes pics i can find to describe Kaina :3