I Love You, Too

I woke up, feeling the now familiar cold metal on my wrists, holding my hands high above my head. An equally cold, steel fitted bar held my feet in place. It had been two weeks since I had given myself up. I thought Aro wanted something big and important. Like, fighting skills, or information on my father's fortune, or even information on my new family, the Cullen's. But no, you wouldn't believe it.

Jane walked in, taking in my tattered clothing and slightly paler face. She ushered in a large man, though not larger than Emmett. In fact… they looked really similar. Same facial structures… same build… huh. They could be brothers.

"Now, Bella… let's try this again."

"Bite me," I sighed, bored with her tactics. I got a solid punch to the face from the Emmett look-alike. I spat the blood out and felt my cheek healing fast.

"You know what we want." Her growl was a high pitched one, not at all threatening to me.

"Why don't you remind me… I think I've had one too many hits with the Vampire…"

Another punch. I used my shoulder to pop my jaw back into place.

"Secrets on how you lived so long. Now."

I scoffed. "Oh, I don't know… not building a giant castle in the middle of a large city… maybe not making hundreds of minions… that's a start." I shrugged. Emmett's potential twin punched me hard in the gut, knocking the wind out of me.

"Lies!" Jane shrieked.

"Think about it, Janny. How long did it take you to find out about me? And why? Because I purchased a new set of clothes. My only slip up."

I got punched hard in the nose, blood dripping down. "Oh, my! That cleared my sinuses. Thanks."

I saw Jane start getting frusterated. "Listen here, Mutt!"

"I'm not a mutt, thank you. You see, when I shift I have green eyes, rounded, perky ears, a long tail and claws. I'm a Wild Cat, I'm a Werecat, but I am NOT a mutt. And a woman of your age should know the goddamn difference."

Jane huffed. "I'm done here. Ryan, you're her guard. If she does anything out of line, snap her neck. Let's see if that kills her." With that, she left.

Ryan relaxed his shoulders, turning to me with regret in his dark eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I really didn't want to do that."

I relaxed, letting myself slump in my chains. I would never show it around Jane, but I was weakening. "It's cool. Just… help me reset my nose. I think you broke it."

He nodded and snapped it into place.

"Thanks. Now… let me guess. She killed your family and accidentally turned you. You went with her because she was the only one you thought knew what was happening."

He bowed his head. "You nearly got it right. My brother was already dead. He had been mulled by a bear long before. I was a young boy."

I froze. "Your brother… did he look a lot like you?"

"Yeah. People would tell me I was nearly a spitting image."

"What was his name?"

"Emmett. Why the questions? He is long dead…"

I laughed a little. Oh my… Great Spirits, I found Emmett's brother. "No, he's not! He's a Cullen!"

"He's... alive?" hope shined in his eyes.

"Yes. He's got a mate, he plays video games, he calls me Bellsie! You're brother is alive and kicking!"

Ryan ran a hand through his hair and smiled. "My brother is alive..."

I smiled at him, but the smile faded as I thought of my own family. Alice... god I hope she understood my hint.


I had never seen this house so... quiet... moody. Everyone was feeling down. All Alice did was sleep and search. She prayed for a vision. Edward was more silent than before, grunting at most in reply. Emmett only spoke to me, and never cracked a joke. Jasper was feeling our depression and giving it off, too. The girls paced around. None of us have fed. Mom and Dad were panicking. I wouldn't admit it at first, but even I felt empty. I loved my sister. She left and took a piece of everyone's heart with her. It was empty.

Suddenly Alice came down in a clean outfit, looking pissed and ready for a fight. "I found her. Who's ready to crash a party?" she growled, fangs bared.


Ryan and I were relaxed, or I was as relaxed as much as possible in my current position, when a explosion-like sound resounded through the castle.



"ASS KICKING TIME!" Emmett yelled. They got to the end of the hall before the unthinkable happened. I heard them slam my Alice into a wall, causing her to yell in pain. The animal within me roared in protest and I felt my anger build, my body changing.

"Let her go!" Emmett yelled. Ryan left the room to try to help. Alice yelled again and my growth broke the bonds holding me. My clothes ripped and my thoughts turned in no way understandable.

Mine. Alice. Danger. Mine. Hurt. Alice. Pain. Anger. Mine. Alice. Mine. MINE. MINE!

I don't know what happened after that, but I knew that when I came to Ryan and Emmett were hugging and I was standing in front of Alice.

"Alice... I missed you."

A million different emotions crossed her eyes. Happiness, anger, hurt, pain, anger, hurt, and finally settled on anger as she brought her hand back and slapped me right across the face. Normally, that wouldn't hurt. After all... she's tiny and a Vampire, I'm a big old Werecat. But after all the shit I've been through and contact with all the bad metals and such, that hurt like a mo fo.

"Ah! Okay... I deserved that. I'm sorry, baby. I didn't want them to hurt you."

She hugged me hard. "I forgive you. Thank your for being alive."

"Don't you worry, I'm tough as nails."

Alice shook her head and kissed me hard, aggressively. I kissed her back, hugging her waist to pull her closer. Her lips felt like water for a dehydrated man, food for a starving woman. She was there, with me, in my arms. Weeks apart had felt like years.

A scream broke us apart.

"Where are the others?"

"The courtroom."

We bolted, busting through the doors and into a terrifying scene moments later. We jumped into the massive battle, kicking some ass as Emmett had wanted. As I fought I kept an eye on Alice and looked for that rat bastard Aro. I spotted him and jumped, finding some reserve strength, and grabbed him by the collar. I growled in his terrified face.

"You truly thought you could get away with this?" I growled, letting some of the shirt in my fist catch fire, but making it impossible to spread with my power.

"Hurting me?" the fire spread a little, and he looked ready to pee himself.

"Hurting my family?" it spread more, not hitting his skin yet.

"Hurting my Mate?" I growled fiercely. The fire engulfed him and I let him go.

"Go to hell," I spat.

I realized that the fighting had stopped. I turned to see the newborns had dropped to one knee, bowing to me. I gulped. My family joined me, Alice hugging me hard. I was surprised when Rosalie joined the hug first, sobbing. The whole family was in it soon and I melted into the embrace. I felt safe.


Later, after naming Ryan the king and getting me some clothes. I had eaten briefly and now had Alice soundly asleep on my lap. Jess and Kate were sitting close by, Rose and Emmett in the seats next to mine and Alice's. She looked over to us and smiled.

"That's the first peaceful sleep she's had in weeks."

"I'm sorry."

"I know. I heard you tell her."

"I'm saying sorry to you."


I sighed, pain binding my chest. "I hurt you guys. I hurt your family."

"You are my family. We all love you. I love you, Bella. You're a great sister. You protect those you love with all you have. It's a respectful quality."

"I love you, too, Rose."

Alice snuggled against me a little more, a smile gracing her sleeping face. I knew it would all be okay.


Fin! XD thoughts? Feelings? Good or bad ending?