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There was fire, screams, and a deep growl.

"Go! Swim!" The owner of the growl yelled.

"Not without you! Come on!"

"No! Go, and I'll hold them off. I'll catch up later! Just," She grunted as a hit landed. "Go!" She finished.

I hugged her waist, then nodded and jumped into the sea, swimming like my life depended on it.

And it did…

A warm hand was on my arm, shaking it. "Leech, we gotta go. They're coming," Bella's voice managed to get to my ears and I opened my eyes.

"Wha-" I sat up and saw that the sky was dark. Bella stood, picked me up, and began to run. I heard the vampires coming up behind us and the trees around us began to blur as Bella's speed increased dramatically. I gasped and held onto her shoulders. She chuckled (whoa, I didn't know she had the ability. Haha…) and looked back.

"Shooters," She jumped up and onto a tree branch, then started propelling herself forward, traveling in a zigzag like pattern. I smelt salt and felt a slight breeze. The sea!

The next jump Bella made cleared the trees and we landed by a deserted sea shore. She set me down and turned, blocking my body with her own. A growl rumbled from her throat. "Can you swim?" She asked.

"Yeah," I replied before all hell broke loose. The Vampires that had been on our tails jumped out of the forest, growling, and ran at us. Bella snapped and fire started erupting under some of the Vampires. She threw some fire, all the time growling furiously.

I didn't breathe.

I couldn't breathe.

I was… scared.

A couple of Vampire had gotten to her and she was using remarkable speed to fend off their attacks. It looked like my dream. There were fires, screams, and a deep growl erupted from Bella.

"Go! Swim!" She yelled.

"No! Not without you! Come on!" My eyes followed her movements and she turned slightly to glare at me.

"No! Go, and I'll hold them off. I'll catch up later! Just," She grunted as a hit landed. "Go!" She finished, turning back around to fight. I nodded, backing away, then jumped into the sea, hopping she would be okay.

She's tough. It'll be fine. She fought off all the other Vampires. So… she'll find me.

While I thought this, however, part of me was scared. What if she didn't make it?

Why do I care, anyway? Were- creatures are our enemies.

I didn't know the answer.

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