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Airport… and family…?

I woke up, fully rested, but it was still dark. Alice was fast asleep, but shivering. She felt cold? I unclipped my cloak and draped it over her, not wanting her to be cold.

But… why did I care?

Well… she is gorgeous. And she is very sweet. She even smells good! Like… apple pie, maybe? Came a voice in my head. Wait… I'm not crazy!

Woo woo, wait a minute! Who are you!

Your inner animal. I've always been here, this is just the first time you've listened to me, is all.

Wow… that's… wow.

Alice stirred on my lap, and then mumbled something about someone named Emmett, frowned in her sleep, and turned over. It made me smile, before I thought of something. It was dark, yes, and we were in Spain, but Vampires were fast, and they could swim without stopping. We needed to keep going to find a way to the America's.

I gently picked up Alice's sleeping form bridal style (still with the cloak draped over her), stood up, and headed toward what smelled like civilization. I didn't run, for I didn't want to wake Alice, but I did jog.

It was still dark when I found a city, so Alice didn't sparkle. I walked up to a bystander and asked her, "¿perdóneme, dónde está el aeropuerto?" (excuse me, where is the airport?)

"Um ... tres bloques abajo esta calle, dé vuelta a la izquierda, y debería ser a su derecha," (um... three blocks down this street, turn left, and it should be on your right). She smiled sweetly at me before I thanked her and headed the way she had said to go.

As I neared the airport, Alice stirred in my arms. "Wha… where are we?" She asked, her voice thick with sleep.

"The airport," I smiled at her.

She smiled a little before closing her eyes again. "You look really pretty when you smile," She muttered, before snapping her eyes open to my shocked/happy/cocky grin. "I-I mean… uh… never mind," She closed her eyes again and snuggled into my shoulder.

So… after a long line, an argument with the ticket guy, and another forty five minute wait for the next flight, Alice and I were sitting in the airplane on our way to Seattle. She was looking at a strange device on the back of the seat in front of her, looking deeply troubled. "Are you alright?"

She blinked once, and then looked at me. "Y-yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"You seemed troubled. Like the… um… the device may have wronged you in a way?"

She furrowed her brow, giving me a look that told me she didn't know what I was saying. "You mean… the phone?"

"What is a… phone?" She looked utterly shock when I said this.

"It was invented in 1875… how do you not know what it is?" She leaned against the wall of the plane, crossing her legs, and looking at me curiously. I looked down at my feet, cleared my throat, and let her have one small piece of information about me. "I was born in 1096. I am… unsure about most of the modern world,"

Her eyes widened. "Wow. The things you must have seen…" A look of awe overcame her face.

"Well, I was in America briefly. I remember things from that time a lot,"

"May I ask what happened?"

"I fought with the colonist against the British, and also in the civil war. Both times I avoided being in history of any kind,"

"That's amazing," I looked up at the comment.

"R-really? I mean, living for that long… you have to do something," I looked back at my feet.

"Have you ever fought a vampire?" Her voice was soft, and as I looked at her, she seemed so fragile, so breakable. I wanted to hold her and beat back anything that tried to hurt her.

Whoa. Where did that come from?

"I… yes. I have fought… many vampires. I didn't enjoy it at first, but after a while my inner animal takes over and it becomes…" I bit back a growl, hating the next word. "Fun,"

"You, Emmett, and Jasper might get along well," I looked up again, capturing her eyes, and seeing a spark of joy, love, and… hope?

"Who?" I asked politely, recognizing the name from her sleep talking.

"My brothers," She grinned, then the grin fell and she sighed.

"You miss them," I stated.


I looked at the device… a phone, she had called it. What could it do? Could it help her be happy and joyous once more. "What does a… phone," the word tasted foreign and strange on my tongue. "Do?"

"You can contact people at long distances,"

"Well… you could call your… family," Another foreign word, "And inform them of you safety. I am sure they will be happy,"

She looked at me, wide eyed for a moment, before she flung her body at mine, hugging me tightly. I stiffened slightly, but relaxed and hugged her back. "Thank you," She whispered into my shirt's material.

"For what?" I asked as she pulled away. She just smiled and picked up the phone, beginning to press buttons. After pressing it to her ear for a moment she said, "Mom? It's me, Alice," Her voice was shaky from emotion and a single tear slid down her cheek.

Wow… she could… she was crying.

There was a shout on the other end, and frantic talking. "I'm fine… the Volturi had me… yes, I'm on a plane home… I was..." She looked at me. "Well, I was saved… I'll explain when I get home… a few hours… I love you, too, mom. Tell everyone I'm coming home… Okay… bye." She hung up the phone and smiled.

Before I could stop my hand, it reached out and whipped the tear off her face. She looked confused at my actions. "There is no need to cry. Everything is fine. I will be sure you return safely to your family,"

She smiled softly. "These tears mean that I am happy. Tears of Joy," Her smile grew. "By the way, I know you won't hurt me. You have proven that too many times to count now. That is why I was thanking you," She continued to smile for a moment before she yawned.

"You should… you should rest. You will not want to sleep through getting back to your family. I will wake you. I promise,"

She nodded, thanking me once more, and—after I offered— lay down on my lap again, having raised the arm rest in the middle up. I draped the cloak over her again and soon she was sleeping soundly.

What is this young woman doing to me?

We were finally off the plane and walking through the building. I got a whiff of vampires and growled, looking around and trying to find the source. Alice started to get excited.

"ALICE!" The shout caused both our heads, and some humans, to turn. Running just a little fast then human pace were eight vampires, four male and four female. A growl began to form in my chest, only to be cut short when there was another shout.

"MOM!" Alice met the oldest looking female of the group in a hug, soon followed by the oldest male joining the hug, followed by the others. Tears streamed down Alice's face.

Dear lord. This… that was a real family.

"Alice, how did you get away?" The girl with long, blonde hair asked. Alice looked at me.

"Bella saved my life,"

Eight pairs of eyes met mine. The woman Alice had called "Mother" let go of her daughter, only to come to me. "You saved my daughter?" She asked. I nodded and she embraced me. I hesitated a little before returning the hug. "Thank you," Her voice was soft and grateful. "We were so worried about her and you have returned her to us safely. For that I am in your debt,"

"No, miss, it is not necessary. I needed to get out as well,"

She pulled away, only to look up at me with dark honey eyes. "But you could have left her. You chose to take her with you,"

"I could not leave her behind. I swore long ago that I would protect the innocent. She has done nothing to disserve imprisonment," I stood straighter, momentarily reliving my days as a soldier.

"Well, were do you live? We could take you there?"

"I… I have no home. I am a wondering soul," This time I lived through my time in a Native American tribe.

Then the blonde's voice sounded again, too low for any humans. "What is she? She can't be a Werewolf. They stink and hate us and she doesn't. But… no human can escape the Volturi alive,"

"Werecat," I said, just as quietly. More eyes on me.

"Perhaps we should talk at the house. The humans are wondering what's going on," The male with auburn hair said. The others nodded. I looked around at them, and then bowed deeply to them.

"It has been an honor to serve you. I bid thee, farewell," I straightened up, turned, and took three steps toward the door, but was stopped by a small, cold hand enter mine. I looked down at Alice, curious as to her motives.

"Please stay. I mean, come with us. Esme would love to cook you something. You don't have stay too long, but it would be nice to get to know you," I opened my mouth to argue.

But she smiled.

And then pouted.

I nodded and walked out with them.

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