Tragedy Shattered

Act IV: The Kyropterin Queen, Mekkah

"I'm the hub of the wheel..."

- Some octopuss thingy

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Three time-spanned souls wandered finally reaching an old tomb that was hidden behind the vampire Sanctuary. Jak blew a couple of vampire heads off with his Gunstaff. Hwoarang and Jak looked around the old ruins of the tomb that remained. The corruption and decay was taking its toll on the once proud tomb of the Sarafan Priests of old. Daxter did his thing and found a wheel that was tied down by a rope to hold it down from it ever being opened. Daxter chewed through the ropes releasing the wheel, as he begun to turn it. The metal door slowly opened enough for person to squeeze through. Jak crawled under and then Hwoarang. Once both of them went through Daxter released the wheel seeing it shut behind them. Jak felt Daxter hop on his shoulder and off they went. Hwoarang saw a stone block on their way and Jak teamed up with Hwoarang to move it. Once the stone was out of the way into the tomb, they proceeded further. Hwoarang entered first seeing seven names upon the disturbed graves that once held six bodies.

"Umm, you guys are you sure that Mekkah chick lives here? I mean this place isn't very homey…she could be, as mean and ugly as that Kain guy!" Daxter anxiously said. Hwoarang stopped and looked at Daxter frowning, "Even if that's so Daxter we need to find her, Mekkah could be the only one to help us find a way out of Nosgoth. We came here in the first place because this land has never been charted, before and we needed directions."

"B-But!" Daxter stuttered with Jak cutting him off, "No buts, Dax! If you are scared you should have stayed at home with Arise!"

Daxter looked at Jak standing proudly pretending to be brave, "Me scared? If I recall if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have never saved our homeland from those metalheads! I think you needle more then I need you, buddy!" Hwoarang looked back at Daxter trying not to laugh at the small animal. Jak rubbed his temples trying not laugh either all the two men did was agree with Daxter and inspect the tomb.

"Raziel, Tural, Dumah, Rahab, Zephon, and Melchiah…these names…" Hwoarang was cut off by a female voice that held a soft yet dark childish British accent to it. A female came out from behind the shadows of the stone boulder, "Those were once powerful holy warriors. Their sworn dute was to rid Nosgoth of the parasitic blood suckers you all call vampiah…Now they too have become vampiahs themselves…each with their own claan, each with a ruling territory over Nosgoth…"

Jak and the others saw here emerge from the darkness. The girl the boys saw before their eyes was a pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl, with black hair in uneven twin tails; the right lock of her hair is shorter than her left. The pale girl was wear a black and magenta striped long sleeve underneath a long white shirt that had a cross stitch smiley face on it. A short dark navy blue micro skirt that had overall straps tied from the tip of the skirt to the back, and she fashioned on black ankle length cowgirl combat boots that buckles going across them. Hwoarang looked at the girl, as she held a human seeing her bite into the neck of the mercenary. Jak opened his mouth saying curses slowly, while Daxter fainted from the sight. The girl looked up at the staring delinquents giving them an irritated look.

"What are you fucks staring at? Have you not eva seen a vampiah? Stuped cattle…You are bloody serious aren't cha?" Jak and Hwoarang both nodded in panic in hopes that the young female vampire did not eat them. The pale cobalt eyed vampire smiled at the two frightened boys grinning, showing her teeth to them. The pale vampires slowly came closer to Hwoarang's neck then slowly saying a whisper into his ear, "…boo."

Hwoarang screamed fainting into Jak's arms like a frail woman. The pale vampire began to laugh uncontrollably at the sight of the Blood Talon fainting. Jak looked at the pale girl with utter disbelief. Jak gently put Hwoarang down next to and unconscious Daxter focusing his attention back to the girl.

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"What the hell did you do that for?" Jak yelled out to the vampire girl. The pale vampire smiled cheeky and laughed some more trying to talk, "I'm sorry…ha ha ha…is just that I haven't had any visitas to play wit in 200 years. Oh, excuse my mannahs my name is Mekkah. What bring you blokes all tha wey out here?"

"You're Mekkah? The daughter of Kain, right?" Mekkah looked at Jak innocently then furrowed her brow. Mekkah walked slowly to the open window looking out sighing, as she began talking, " My…oh my…how long has it been since I heard fatha's name…I haven't see him seence he tried to give me away tah his right haand, Lieutenant Raziel…I rebelled causing quite a stauh back a home…As I remembah fatha wanted me tah birth the first High One. Raziel, he must of given up on tryin tah find meh. Last I heard I was presumed deed."

"You're dead to them then why not go and tell your father you're still alive?" Jak questioned. Mekkah looked back at Jak and smiled, "Because silly, if I go back fathah will surely punish meh and my Elda sistahs would surely see meh hung on tah gallows. Or worseh I would be forced in sex with Raziel to create tha next Twin Queen Kyropterins. Why do ya think I live here?"

Jak closed his eyed nodding in agreement with the young female, "Then we'll help you put your father back in his right mind, but only if you do one thing for us!" Mekkah looked back up at Jak and smiled, "What is dat warm blood?" Jak smiled and laughed, as he placed his hand on Mekkah's right shoulder, "Help me and my friends find a road that leads out of Nosgoth and…can you please try to speak more clearly your accent is so…well hard to understand…" Mekkah gave Jak a blank stare and nodded placing her hand on his forehead causing him to yelp at a sharp pain she caused him, "Hmmm…there I've read your mind and have taken your warm bloods accent. My father never really approved of this, but…to hell with him! Anyway, we should get moving and I wake up your friends human cattle."

Jak watched Mekkah pick up the huge stone boulder throwing it into the wall creating a new way to pass. Jak's eyes went wider when he saw Mekkah jump from where they were down to the ground below. The drop was at least a 30-foot drop to the bottom. Jak ran to the edge seeing Mekkah wave at him then yelling out to him, "Oh yeah it's nice to meet you Jak! Tell your friends Hwoarang and Daxter to meet me at the vampire Sanctuary! See ya there!"

Mekkah smiled shape shifting into a swarm of black bats flying away to the destination of the Sanctuary. Jak turned around waking Hwoarang and Daxter. Hwoarang looked around for Mekkah and Jak told him the entire story. Hwoarang and Daxter understood knowing that they would have to battle Kain again, but this time with some help. The boys agreed to return to the Sanctuary and confront the vampire council. This time with a vampire of their own at their steed. The boys left the Tomb of the Sarafan and to the Sanctuary. Jak and Hwoarang finally arrived at the citadel once again an hour later. Jak equipped his Gunstaff and Hwoarang readjusted his fighting gloves readying themselves for the long hall. The men nodded to each other giving a lite tab to each other with their fists and smiled entering the citadel once more.

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Both Hwoarang and Jak both reached the stone door that lead into the throne room. Mekkah leaned against the wall waiting for them to come. Mekkah was ready for battle, as she was armed with a special katana with an edge that she used to cut her finger or hand on, which has grooves running down its length designed especially to allow her blood, which is poisonous for Kyropterin vampires and normal vampires, to spread through the entire blade. Mekkah's father, Kain is immune to the poisonous contents that are in her blood only her Elder sisters and her elder twin sister Calla. Mekkah ad a stern face looking at the boys with remorse on what she was about to do. Jak knew what she was feeling, to go up against your own father and the one you loved was a heavy burden upon her heart. All four of them nodded silently, as Mekkah pushed open the stone doors with ease.

There in the middle sat Kain and in a circle stood his six lieutenants and their blood mates that were Mekkah's sisters, Raziel stood alone his golden orbs stared at the opening door. Kain leaned forward against his Reaver smiling at the return of Mekkah. Calla looked at her twin with her pale emerald eyes staring her sister down with such spite. Calla was twisted, and sadistic in her mind and she was mated to Zephon already pregnant with his brood. Pregnancies never showed on a Queen Kyropterin, so it enabled the mother to keep her from slowing down and her abilities until birth. Raziel drew his attention to Mekkah never showing any form of emotion at her return. Kain knew what his daughter came for. Kain was glad to accept Mekkah's offer and fight.

Calla got up from her seat pulling out a large black scythe. Calla licked her clawed hands and she walked towards her sister her black pumps made tapping noises upon the cold marble floor. Calla's was a pale-skinned vampire with wavy dark green hair and straight bangs, and neon green eyes. The outfit she wears is similar to a simple Gothic Lolita costume. She wears a black dress and a black bolero; her dress extends down to her thighs and is accented with a white ribbon attached to her waist, also wearing a pair of leggings and a pair of black pumps. Calla had a pair of black gauntlets on each hand. On her head is a pair of long horns, which resemble a pair of vertebrae with each tip made out of three tips joined at the end. Calla also has a pair of wings, which sit low on her back, looking like a thick zigzag.

Mekkah placed her thumb on her blade releasing her blood into the crevices of the blade. Calla did the same taking off her right gauntlet and swiping her hand across the blade of her scythe spreading the crimson fluid all over it. Kain gave the signal for his sons to back down and to let his twin daughters have their way for now. Hwoarang looked around knowing that they might not have a chance of winning, but he knew they had to try. Jak pulled out the DMW throwing it in to the air everyone witnessed it activate and scan the area for battle. The DMW displayed Mekkah and Calla's stats and started the battle.

Song: Ladder to Heaven –Shadow Hearts Covenant Soundtrack

"Activating Combat Mode!" the DMW stated instantly starting the battle.

DMW-now synchronizing-Active Time Battle feature activated-Judgment Ring activated-

Calla Lv.20

HP: 15,000/15,000

MP: 400/400

DMW Limit Emotion Meter: Raging

ATB active no turn wait…

Mekkah Lv.15

HP: 10,000/10,000

MP: 500/500

DMW Limit Emotion Meter: Sky High

ATB active no turn wait…

The battle instant began with Calla and Mekkah dashing at each other. The Queens clash caused a surge of high energy to be released from them both. Kain sat back down on his throne to watch the event. The brethren yelled and screamed for bloodshed and Raziel stayed quiet examining the Queens battle it out. Mekkah felt her energy drained when Calla clashed with her. Calla sliced a bit of Mekkah's shirt and Mekkah cut a piece of Calla's black dress. Calla's eyes began to glow green and Mekkah's flamed blue. Mekkah sent chains straight at Mekkah binding her up and clawing at her face. Mekkah screamed and tried; as she must, she did not have any strength to escape from Calla's bindings. Mekkah's body felt as if it wanted to give in to Calla's demands. Suddenly Mekkah saw Raziel staring upon her. Mekkah quietly whispered his name, as he stood there watching. Mekkah knew Raziel was not on to show how he truly felt so easily. Mekkah felt an instant D-link connection to Raziel. The roulette stopped on Raziel's profile picture and on triple sevens giving Mekkah enough power to overcome her sister.

Song: BLACK ROCK SHOOTER English – Usachii

Mekkah pushed herself beyond her limits breaking from the bindings that held her. Calla gasped and screamed with fear. Mekkah used her telekinesis knocking her scythe out of her hands. Mekkah saw the fear in Calla's eyes and it instantly caused Zephon to go to his mate's call. Zephon was quickly held back by Raziel. Mekkah looked at Raziel nodding and returning to her main objective. Mekkah released her limit aura and began to dash towards Calla breaking time and space like glass. Mekkah felt time slow down, as lights flew by just like when Hwoarang did his limit break. Mekkah jumped and slashed her blade at Calla causing her body to crystallize. Mekkah slid and went once more releasing a blue wave of energy shattering the crystal statue of Calla.

Mekkah swiped her blade in front of causing time to flow once more, seeing a shattered Calla being sucked into time itself. The DMW analyzed the area and declared the battled over, before shutting down playing a different victory tune.

Song: Mission Complete -Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack

Song: Demise –Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack

Mekkah looked back at her father and at Raziel seeing the anger in the other vampire's faces. Mekkah instantly told everyone to run. The group ran from the Sanctuary finally reaching their vehicles. Jak hopped into his buggy with Daxter on the main rail gun. Hwoarang started up his motor quickly and both sped off with Mekkah in the back seat of Jak's buggy. Daxter turned the rail gun around aiming at the vampires. Mekkah screamed at him not to fire to let them go. Daxter did, as she instructed and went down with Jak. The boys sped off out of Nosgoth and into another unknown area; Mekkah instructed them to go by the map she stole from Raziel, before they all met at the Sanctuary. Daxter looked behind and saw no trace of the following vampires. Mekkah saw the sun and smiled. Jak looked at her wondering if she would burn. Mekkah reassured the boys that she was immune to the sun's harmful rays.

Song: Blue Fields –Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack

The gang stopped the motors and looked around at the countryside. Mekkah happily embraced the sun and blue skies. It sure beat the decaying corruption of her homeland of Nosgoth. Jak finally sat down on the hood of his buggy putting his hands behind his head closing his eyes to nap. Hwoarang walked behind the vehicle to relive himself of his liquid burden he carried. Daxter followed Mekkah noticing how the sun made her very pale. Mekkah ran into a field of flowers blooming and fell into the grass. Mekkah screamed out in excitement catching the boys' attention. Both Hwoarang and Jak laughed at Mekkah's newfound pleasure in her newfound love for the sun. Daxter laughed, as she pulled him up and held him close laughing.

"She sure is happy…" Hwoarang said zipping up his pants. Jak got up and nodded in reply, "Yeah…I would be to if I was cooped up in that depressing land. I mean look at her she is just brimming with excitement…It makes me wonder if there are others out there who are in need of our help like she did…" Hwoarang smacked Jak on the back of the head and smiled, "Stop worrying about that we have own goals to achieve and when the time comes to help another then well help them." Jak pouted while rubbing his pounding head. Mekkah raced back to the boys and smiled warmly at them.

"So…where are we off to?" Mekkah chirped. Hwoarang pulled out Raziel's map and examined the uncharted area they were now in, "Fuck…the map only covers the Nosgoth area and nothing else." Mekkah looked around, as the boys inspected the map while bickering amongst each other. Mekkah saw a sign written in a language she couldn't understand. Mekkah waved to the boys showing them the sign. The guys ran to the sign seeing that none understood it except Daxter.

"You can read this gibberish, Dax?" Jak pointed questioning his friend. Daxter stood proudly and grinned, "Yup! Stand back ladies and gents let a real adventurer show your how it's done…Hmmm it seems to be written in Italian…let me translate it. It says…To Avalar 300 miles east to the Roma 400 miles east too. I guess Avalar is first then the Roma. So oh fearless leader, what do you want to do?" Daxter said to Hwoarang.

Hwoarang turned his back towards the group looking up, as he lit his smoke. Mekkah looked at Hwoarang in concern of what was going through the Blood Talon's mind. Hwoarang released poof of smoke and dropped the cigarette smashing it with his foot. Hwoarang turned to the group with his decision.

Song: Dart's theme –The Legend of Dragoon Soundtrack

"We keep on moving forward and find the blue rose! We help those people who are in need of help and take down the Mishima Zaibatsu!" Mekkah spoke up and asked Hwoarang what the rose was, "Umm so you boys are hunting for a flower?" Mekkah questioned. Jak answered Mekkah's question with a smile, "Not just any rose this one is said to cure any ailment and disabilities." Mekkah pondered on the thought of it and grinned, "So if I was to find this blue rose then father…Raziel everyone can come out into the sun! They wouldn't have to hide in the shadows anymore!"

"Now you're talking!" Daxter shouted out. Hwoarang nodded and smiled, "Okay then were set! For our Planet…" Hwoarang held out his hand, as every joined theirs in all shouting out, "Yeah!"

Song: Moonlight Wandering –FF VII Crisis Core Soundtrack

Everyone got in the vehicles and started the motors. Hwoarang looked at Jak and Mekkah then to Daxter who was on the rail gun seeing them all smiled at him. Hwoarang put his goggles over his eyes, as well as Daxter and Jak, "Let's go…everyone." The rest of the group nodded and raced off in to the path of the legendary land of the purple dragon…

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