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Disasters in Being a Grandmother

Lady Chiyo remembered a time when life had been simple and meticulous. Missions consisted of escorting nobles to other pleasant, friendly countries, and chasing after runaway cats. Sometimes, cleaning a flea-ridden dog broke the almost boring pattern. Days were, more or less, the same, and everything was usually ninety-nine percent predictable. And Chiyo preferred life like that. A very predictable pattern.

Of course, her life was a predictable pattern as well. She grew up in Suna, became a ninja, learned the art of puppetry (which was somewhat common in their village), completed missions, gained fame, married a nice man, bossed people around, completed more missions, became a mother, watched as her little boy grew up, watched him get married to a nice girl, and smiled (as expected) when they introduced her to her grandson. A very traditional and expected life.

Of course, the last thing threw her through a loop, because her grandson's habits were honestly, nothing like her gentle and calm son's. He, apparently, seemed to take after his mother's more bubbly personality instead. But that was fine; she could understand how life could be.

After a few very stressful days to hard labour and pushing due to the fact that her little grandson had decided to pop into the world early (his parents had been on a mission when her son's wife's water broke; needless to say, there had been a lot of flustering and panicking, mostly on her son's part). But her grandson had popped into the world, healthy, bloody, and with an extremely strong pair of lungs. Lungs that he decided to show off to their full capacity. It was also those lungs that caused even more stress with their incessant screaming and wailing.

Fortunately, as the next few months passed the screaming lessened tremendously and the baby they decided to call Sasori began to show a happier personality, complete with wide, toothless smiles. And to Chiyo, it seemed that having a baby around again could actually be fun.

The eventual expected mobility was much more interesting. Creeping and crawling and waddling were rather exciting and tiring stages, as his parents and Chiyo discovered that Sasori couldn't be accounted to stay in one place for longer than a brief moment. No matter how many small toys Chiyo carved up for Sasori, he would just chew on them briefly, before tossing them away to some corner, and creeping to another corner.

It only took a turn for the worse when Sasori learned how to walk. He (being the extremely smart little baby boy he was) learned how to open doors, and unlock hatches, and soon, the village was always on the lookout for a runaway toddler (everyone told Chiyo that her grandson would make a heck of a good ninja one day, Chiyo could only heave a sigh).

It helped when Chiyo heard stories from other grandparents. She learned that apparently, the grandparents don't have to do any dirty work, leave it to the parents! Grandparents should only sit there and laugh at their son and daughter-in-law's misfortune while spoiling the kid rotten. Chiyo had nodded, but she could tell that she couldn't just sit back and laugh, if she did that, Sasori would probably wander off all the way to Amegakure, and that just wouldn't do.

So, she sighed and resigned herself to her fate. No more early retirement for her. Yet, Sasori was just so bubbly and cute and adorable, and she couldn't help but be completely infatuated with the little redheaded toddler, so she decided that it would be fine. No matter how many times Sasori would stumble out of their humble abode, and no matter how many times Sasori would give the three of them heart-attacks and stroke by somehow getting his chubby little hands on the saw, it would be fine.

So yes, Chiyo understood how life could be.

Until the year Sasori turned five. Spring came, and along with it, a huge war had erupted, and things were already plenty hard. Trying to shield Sasori from the horrors of the real world, doing her best to support her village, and then learning that her son and daughter-in-law had died by the hands of Konoha's White Fang. It was a horrible time, with so many deaths, and the deaths of two people she loved dearly, it had been very hard to lie to Sasori about his parents' deaths, but she did so to protect him, because she loved him.

The usual predictability of life had been completely overturned, because her son and his wife should have been able to live until they were nothing more than wrinkled bags and the war could have been avoided and Sasori was supposed to continue being that happy, little boy he was. And Chiyo wasn't an emotional person by nature, but she locked herself in her room for a few days after that, only coming out to make meals for Sasori and to make sure that he was alright. It seemed, no matter how powerful Chiyo was on the battlefield, or at chasing cats, she just wasn't good at dealing with heartbreak.

Or knowing what to do with saddened five-year olds who missed his parents deeply.

Or knowing that to do with the kid at all.

To Be Continued…