"Remember Sasori; keep close to me, because if you run off again like last time…well, I won't be very happy." Chiyo said sternly, holding onto the five-year old Sasori's hand tightly in her grasp, shivering slightly as she recalled the time her grandson thought it'd be a jolly good idea to pick the lock in the house, leave the village, and go halfway to Konohagakure before sitting down on a random rock in the middle of nowhere to wait for someone to find him.

His only reply when Chiyo and a few other Sand-nins found him was: "I got lost on the way to the bathroom, granny."

What a smart-ass kid.

"Yes, granny," the five-year old was saying now, once again rolling his eyes in the most mature fashion possible.

"Don't you dare roll your eyes at me, Sasori!"

"Yes, granny." He rolled his eyes again, and Chiyo resisted the need to facepalm herself into oblivion.

The rest of the journey to the grocery store was relatively silent, save for the impatient huffs escaping Sasori every now and then. Once they arrived, Chiyo let go of Sasori's hand to go push a cart, and the old woman shot her adorable little grandson a look.

"Yes, granny," Sasori said again, his eyes rolling once again out of pure reflex.

"You keep doing that, and your eyes will get stuck at the top of your head," Chiyo chimed lightly, pushing the rickety cart through the store. Sasori followed obediently.

"Granny, I'm not a little kid anymore," Sasori replied, and Chiyo shot him an amused look. "I know that's not true."

"Just don't roll your eyes Sasori; I didn't start until I was thirteen."

Sasori hummed and watched as Chiyo contemplated between wheat bread and white bread. "What's the difference between wheat bread and white bread…? They're both bread, aren't they Sasori?" Chiyo asked.

Sasori, yet again, rolled his eyes.

"You're silly, granny. Obviously white bread is healthier than wheat bread. Because white bread is white, and anything that's white is pure, and anything that's pure means it's healthy." Sasori stated.

Chiyo blinked. "But wheat bread is wheat, and wheat is healthy…isn't it?" She just wasn't good at this kind of thing! She wasn't meant to be a housewife; she was a ninja for crying out loud. Bread wasn't exactly her expertise.

"White bread is healthier." Sasori's eyebrows furrowed, and he continued, "I want white bread."

Chiyo, once again, could not deny Sasori anything, and quickly nodded before chucking the loaf of bread into their shopping cart. "Come along, Sasori."

Sasori trailed after his grandmother, half-smiling-half-smirking in triumph.

They continued shopping, Chiyo stopping everytime to hear Sasori's opinion and then doing what he said. What can she say? Sasori was just too cute to deny anything!

Finally, as they were passing the sweets section, Sasori's big-lidded eyes caught sight of a package of cookies, and he abruptly stopped before grabbing onto his grandmother's sleeve before giving a persistent tug. Chiyo stopped and turned around.

"What is it, Sasori?"

"Granny, I want some cookies."

Chiyo frowned. Cookies were fattening and weren't exactly healthy, and she wanted Sasori to grow up to be big and strong, not lazy, fat and obese. While she wouldn't deny him anything else, this was probably the only place she'd say 'no' to.

"No Sasori, we're not going to get cookies."

Sasori froze for a nanosecond before his small, chubby face morphed into a sad, puppy-dog face. "Please, Granny?"

Chiyo almost keeled over (again) but she looked over Sasori's head to avoid the absolutely adorable face. She will resist!

"No, Sasori. Now come along."

She turned around and began pushing the cart towards the cash registers. Sasori frowned and gave the packet of cookies a sad look before his face hardened slightly, and with newfound resolve, he walked away from Chiyo and out the store without the old woman noticing.

It wasn't until the pretty girl behind the cash register asked that Chiyo even noticed anything was amiss.

"Chiyo-sama? Where's little Sasori?"

Chiyo gave a start and looked around frantically before her heart stopped when she failed to see a little redheaded figure. She began cursing under her breath, and leaving the cashier, she ran around the store, calling Sasori's name.

After her third run around the store, the store manager popped her head out of the store and shot the frantic woman a concerned look. "Chiyo-sama? What's wrong?"

"Ahh! Mikuro-san!" Chiyo cried in relief at the other woman's countenance. "I…I can't find Sasori anywhere! Have…have you seen him?"

"Sasori?" Mikuro blinked before shaking her head. "I haven't, but I can go check the security cameras for you if you want."

"Oh, thank you, thank you…" Chiyo muttered before following the manager through a door labelled 'Employees Only'. While Mikuro typed slowly on the computers to get to the security tape files, Chiyo continues ranting and raving.

"—this always happens! He always runs off even when I specifically tell him not to, it's like he wants to give me a heart attack or something! I swear, when he comes back, I'm going to strangle him! Just because I won't buy a packet of fuckin—"

"Here it is, Chiyo-sama!" Mikuro interrupted the older woman hastily, moving aside so that she could see the screen. The two watched blankly as the tape showed Sasori leaving the store in an indignant fit of rage.

"Um…we found him…?" Mikuro offered sheepishly, and watched in slight fear as Chiyo jumped out of the room, swearing to the high heavens.

"—stupid boy! He's trying to fucking kill me, that—"

Mikuro abruptly shut the door, muffling the sounds of the cursing.


Chiyo had begun running north, headed to Konoha before making a U-turn and running south instead. Sasori had gone to Konoha last time, meaning that this time; he'd probably be going to Amegakure instead.

And she was right. The old puppet-master considered herself somewhat lucky to have noticed Sasori's absence so soon in the game, meaning that he couldn't have gone that far. The only reason Sasori made it halfway to Konoha the last time was because Chiyo didn't notice that her grandson was missing until six hours later.

She caught up to the redhead about thirty minutes later, one-eighth of the way to Ame and she abruptly began breathing fire.

"Sasori! What the h—I mean, what were you thinking?" She was roaring and Sasori blinked innocently up at her. "Are you trying to give me stroke? Honestly! I specifically told you to stay by my side, and what do you do? You go out…just to spite me!" She paused for breath before leaning down and scooping her grandson in a bear-hug. She had always been slightly bi-polar.

"Thank god you're okay! Don't ever do this ever again! What if bandits had got you? Or other evil people with other…evil intentions? Do you know how upset I'd be if anything ever happened to you? Don't ever do it again!"

Sasori blinked once more before offering his grandmother a smile.

"Granny, I want cookies."

Chiyo looked at Sasori vapidly, before giving an exasperated sigh and putting him down.

"Fine…but I'm only going to buy oatmeal cookies."

Sasori began to continue down the dirt road in the direction of Amegakure.

"Argh! Fine! I'll buy some chocolate chip cookies! Are you happy now?"

Sasori turned around once more and began walking to Suna, a smile on his face.

"Yes, Granny."

Chiyo sighed and took Sasori's hand, pulling him along as they continued walking down the dirt path, the bright sunlight flitting through the canopy of trees to grave the top of their heads.

"Little conniving son of a—"

Sasori plucked his ears and began humming loudly.

To Be Continued

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