An Answer and A Quest

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Piper POV:

"Guys I think I know where Annabeth is!" I yell, running up to Percy, Mr. D, and Chiron. Percy literally jumped out of his chair, "Where is she?" I caught my breath, "Perce, chill I think she's okay." He nodded, mumbling, "Chill, yeah, chill." I continued, "So, I think my mom sent me this dream, since she loves the two of you. I was walking on an island, and in the distance I saw a castle. I ran up to it, and once I got there I walked in. I remember looking in a room, and seeing curly blond hair. Then I woke up." Percy nodded. We all knew demi-god dreams were almost always really happening.

Chiron spoke up, "Do you know where this castle is, Piper?" I bit my lip, "Kind of, it looks like this old castle in Scotland I remember reading about in school." Chiron nodded, "The Eilean Donan Castle?" "Yes." Mr. D cleared his throat, "Well then, I guess you brats want a quest?" "Well, duh!" Percy yelled. "Watch it Peter Johnson, as you remember I can very well turn you into a dolphin." Percy gulped, "Yes, sir." "Good, now Percy, would you like to lead this quest?" Percy nodded vigorously, "Of course." "Who would you like to accompany you?" Percy thought for a second, "Grover, Tyson and Nico."

Percy POV:

Of course I wanted a quest! Annabeth is freakin missing! What else are we going to do, just sit here and do nothing? I'm glad I chose Tyson, Grover and Nico, they're all at camp, so we can leave as soon as we get a prophecy. At least Rachel's the oracle, and we don't have to go to the attic. Gods I miss Annabeth… I hope she's okay.

Tyson POV:

Oh no! Anna is gone! But Goat Boy, Percy , Scary Death Boy, and me are going to save her! And then we can ride Rainbow and his fish-pony friends back to camp!

Nico POV:

Yesss! Let's go kick some monster butt!

Grover POV:

Oh gods… I hope Annabeth's okay. At least Percy chose me to go on his quest. I just hope Juniper will be okay with me leaving.

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