Life was stressful, his job was terrible, he was out of luck when it came to love. All in all, Stan Marsh was just a very tired boy. However, as his eyes dully flitted across his computer screen, none of those things seemed to matter. For just then, it was only him and his internet; his one true love.

His hand reached for his soda can without a single thought, perhaps it was just out of routine as he mindlessly clicked to type in a new site on his browser. He took a long gulp, sighing and typing in a single letter, a part of him ashamed when his internet history picked up where he was going for right off the bat. The other part of him didn't give a damn. He was a hormonal twenty year old with nothing to satisfy himself but his right hand. It was understandable how he found solace the only way that he could.

As he clicked on the site, setting his can down and letting out a long sigh, his mind fleeted to Wendy of course. Anything sex-related made him think of her. How much he hated their first time. And the second, the third, the fourth...When he realized that she just wasn't his cup of tea, he tried with other girls, finding, much to his distaste, that the feeling was the same. No sparks, no deep meaningful love-making. Just sex. Nothing more, nothing less.

However after a drunken encounter with Craig one night celebrating graduation, everything changed. Fireworks, pooling sweat, harsh, reddened marks all over himself; the whole nine yards. So through drunken escapades heard of through so many teenagers and adults alike across the world, Stanley Marsh found that he was perhaps maybe just a tad bit gay.

Either that or he just had a thing for sticking his dick up someone's ass. He couldn't exactly tell at the time.

However, after that little adventure, he found himself blatently staring at boys all over the place. In school he couldn't stay focused, too busy scrutinizing every guy he came across, looking for maybe what he liked, what he couldn't find attractive. Perhaps looking for a way to brush this all off as just sexual confusion.

He watched as his page loaded, the banner reading 'twinkletwinks. com'. He shook his head lightly at himself. He was far past the point of hoping he was just a confused, lonely boy. A few more romps in the sack with Craig proved that well enough. Not to mention the way that he now looked at every male he came across, scanning them up and down for points of interest. Few caught his eye in the long run. Craig, not so much. He was just a good lay. He had a fleeting interest in Kenny but it died off pretty easily, especially after he and Kyle got together. Kyle, however? The interest was not so fleeting. He knew well-enough that Kyle was Kenny's, and he had little to no intention of stealing the redhead from him. Though if they just "happened" to break up, well, he wouldn't be so against the idea of a Super Best Friend with benefits. Though he didn't see that happening anytime soon. The two of them were already living together so he stood little chance of such an encounter.

He chuckled quietly to himself. For being criticized as cynical for so long, he still had a few hopes here and there.

He scrolled through the new videos lining the page, screencaps of boys screaming for more or dicks shoved up asses that made his stomach curl a bit in excitement. None seemed to pique his interest right off, so he went for his default, clicking on the drop down category box at the top of the screen and selecting 'gangbang'. He had a little more than just a fetish for watching some small whore getting fucked ruthlessly by a group of guys. He wasn't ashamed of this fact but he would never say it aloud.

He sifted through the newer videos, pausing as a screencap caught his eye. He blinked. And again. That redhead looked awfully familiar...He looked at the date it was added. Four days ago. He quickly scanned his brain for any recollection of said day. That was a Tuesday. He and Kyle went to play basketball that day, right? He stared at the screencap a bit longer, biting his lip slightly as he clicked on it.

He leaned back in his chair, watching as the screen faded into what looked like some kind of garage or warehouse. Cement floor, a bunch of random boxes just strewn all over the place.

"So," a voice started from behind the camera as it panned around slightly, starting to move forward with the cameraman's walking. "We're in for a treat today." Stan's heart sped up slightly. That was Kenny's voice. The camera moved to the right, landing on a couch with a small redhead sitting upon it, looking a bit tensed. Stan's stomach did flips as the camera walked towards him.

Plain as day, there was his best friend, sitting there on the side of his legs, looking at Kenny past the camera. "You ready, Babe?" Kenny asked. Kyle smiled a bit, though Stan could tell it took a lot of him to do so. Kenny's hand appeared from behind the camera, lightly cupping his chin and running his thumb along his cheek. Stan narrowed his eyes as Kyle mouthed something to him, his green eyes shining a bit in the bright lighting. Stan bit his lip, knowing from that look that Kyle was almost on the brink of tears through that fake smile.

The screen faded, reopening the scene to Kyle perched up on his knees on the cushions, five men surrounding him on all sides, leaving just enough of a gap for the camera to zoom in on the redhead. Stan shuddered a bit, watching the naked men surrounding the boy, all of them staring at him intensively as they stroked themselves. Stan heard one of them murmur for him to get naked and couldn't help but cringe. Usually this kind of thing would be nothing more than a glorious fantasy before him. But watching Kyle in the middle of all this was a little too far from comfort for Stan to accept and jerk as he usually did. He felt the need to throw his laptop out the window, but couldn't help watching as Kyle stripped off his old green hat, throwing it aside and shaking his red bangs from his eyes.

Stan watched as his eyes stayed towards the ground, avoiding any kind of eye contact with his viewers as he slowly zipped down his thin orange coat, smoothly sliding it off of his shoulders. One of the men stepped up, grabbing it and ripping it off his arms with impatience. Kyle took a deep breath, lathargically gripping the hem of his t-shirt and working it up his torso. Stan couldn't help but flinch as his cock twitched at the sight of Kyle's milky, toned skin. He tore the fabric up off of his arms, tossing it on the couch next to him, casually running his fingers up through his hair.

Anyone else would have just figured it was to look sexier for the camera. Stan knew better. Nervous habit of Kyle's. It had been since they were thirteen.

"Mm, look at you," one of the men leaned down, sliding his hand over Kyle's chest. Kyle took a shaky breath, letting two of the others' hands roam his chest, neck, and hair. One of them grabbed the back of his neck tightly as he leaned down, pulling Kyle up against him into his lips. Kyle's nose scrunched lightly as he instinctively recoiled away. Stan watched carefully as their parted lips showed Kyle's tongue very reluctantly going back up against the man's. Stan could see the camera tremor slightly.

This had to be killing Kenny. No one else was allowed to touch Kyle's hair, let alone kiss him so long as Ken was around. But then why the hell was he letting this happen?

"Come on, Baby, keep goin'," another man demanded. Kyle breathed as evenly as he could around the man's invading tongue, his hands working down towards his jeans. He fumbled with his button, quickly tearing them apart and starting to shimmy them down his thighs.

"Slower, slower," one of them instructed. "Let us enjoy the view, hm?" Kyle's shoulders could be see heaving in a sigh before he slowed down, inching the jeans down his slender thighs. "Now you can do better than that," he teased, his hand reaching over and stroking up his cheek with his fingers. Kyle pulled away from the other's hungry mouth, kissing his chin for show. He grasped his waistband, slowly moving his hips a bit to work the pants down to his knees. He slowly lifted up his right knee, placing a hand over one of the men's arms currently running over his chest for support as he managed to work it off and around his bare foot. He ran his hand up through his hair again and Stan let out a shaky breath. Getting into porn was one thing but he couldn't tear his eyes away for as much as a blink as he watched Kyle's slim body roamed over with eager hands.

One of those hands grew a little too eager, roughly pushing on his chest and sending him on his back onto the couch. They grabbed his disregarded pant leg, roughly tearing at it and ripping the denim off of his remaining leg. He laid back, staring up around at the men surrounding him. His eyes briefly flickered towards Kenny before a deep blush overtook his face and he looked back up at one of the men as they kneeled down above his head.

"Come on," he urged, grabbing Kyle's hair and tugging on it a bit until Kyle propped himself up on his arms slightly. Stan could see him gulp before his hand wrapped around the man's throbbing cock, slowly pumping his skin as his small tongue darted out and licked over the skin. He moaned as one of the men grabbed him through his boxers, roughly palming over him.

"Baby, you don't seem that into this," one of them cooed, leaning over and pinching Kyle's nipple roughly. He hissed before the man stood up, his cock standing by the boy's face. He grasped around the flesh a bit tentatively before his hips began rocking up against the other's stroking hand. He moved forward, taking the man on his side's cock between his lips. The man moaned, pushing lightly into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider a bit, allowing the man to plunge down towards his throat to his will, only the occasional gagging noise leaving his slender neck.

Stan couldn't help but be impressed. He never took Kyle for much of a deep-throater.

The man stroking over him grasped around his boxers and Kyle lifted his hips up off the couch, letting him pull the fabric down over his thighs and knees, the camera briefly panning around at the reactions of the men. Stan winced. They looked hungry. Way too hungry.

"Well lookie at you, Pretty boy," one of them breathed out, running his finger down Kyle's chest, stomach, and finally over his semi-erect cock. Kyle let out a soft sound, looking back towards the man as he pulled his lips off of the other's dick, running his hand over the slickened flesh.

"Come on, you," the one hovering over him stated. He reached under Kyle, roughly pulling him up. "Knees," he nodded down towards the floor. Kyle visibly tensed and Stan couldn't help his smirk. No one had the right to tell Kyle what to do without serious consequenses. He watched with a level of shock as Kyle did as instructed, moving off of the couch down onto his knees on a rug strewn sloppily across the cement floor. He bit his lip a bit as the five of them surrounded him before taking a deep breath and raising himself up slightly, grasping two of them in his hand and pulling on their skin nervously. The man directly in front of him smeared his cock over his lips as the camera moved to zoom in on his face.

Stan watched as Kyle's eyes flickered up at the man, his jaw trembling slightly. He licked his pre-cum stained lips before taking the cock down into his mouth. He closed his eyes, starting to move his head back and forth along him. Hands came down, tangling in his hair. "Look at me," he instructed.

Kyle did so, his vivid eyes quickly shooting back up towards his face. The man gripped his hair tightly, holding his head still and starting to thrust wildly into his throat. Kyle's eyes watered, staring up at the man still with a look of anguish over his face.

"Look at you," he breathed, his hips jerking against the boy viciously. "You like the way that tastes?" Kyle merely moaned in response. Stan shook his head. What the hell was going on... "Yeah? You like that?" he kept on going. He released his hair and Kyle flew back with a loud gasp before quickly shifting over, tonguing over the slit of the man next in line's cock.

He suckled lightly on the head before plunging down, his hands easily and (a bit worrying for Stan) skillfully moving from dick to dick, pumping and twisting with loud, gutteral moans errupting from the men's throats. The man whose cock was currently being licked and suckled by the boy grabbed his hair. "Open," he directed. Kyle did so, his mouth dropping open automatically for him. The man plunged down into his throat, his hips gyrating against the boy with vigor.

"Take all of him in," one of the others said. Kyle wasn't so quick to respond and they smacked his cheek. "All of him. Come on, take him into the back," he ordered. The man pulled Kyle's hair forward, his nose crashing against his stubbed pubes, mouth agape and a trivial amount of saliva worming its way out his mouth and down his chin. Kyle looked up worriedly, his hands still working on the others but his mind obviously anywhere but on the other four.

"You like that?" the man asked, pulling back and allowing him a mercy breath before slamming right back into place. "You like all of that? Think your throat can handle all of me much longer?"

Kyle started choking, right on cue, his eyes watering anxiously. The man pulled out of his mouth completely and he fell back with ragged breaths. He coughed, gathering up enough to spit on the cock of the man next to him, wrapping his slim hand around and spreading it over the blazing skin.

"Kyle, what the hell are you doing?" Stan whispered, trying very desperately to ignore his cock throbbing away in his jeans. Kyle was a bright young kid with a college career ahead of him as soon as he got the money he needed for his loans. He shouldn't be doing this. He was too smart, too young, too...too...innocent for this kind of thing. No doubt dating McCormick had taken a few tolls on his once-clean-as-a-whistle mind but there was just no way that Kyle would degrade himself to this. Especially not publicly. Hell, Kyle rarely watched porn, let alone acted in it. Stan rubbed the side of his head as the camera zoomed in on Kyle's eyes flickering around his five -ahem- suitors.

The camera faded out before entering back to a close-up view of Kyle's ass, something that did not help Stan's boner in the slightest. One of the men kneeled down beside of him, rubbing his skin and chuckling. "Look at that," he smirked, slapping his ass sharply. Kyle jerked slightly, not uttering a sound. Stan managed to look up past Kyle's fine ass up over his head, noticing that the reason he was so quiet was because he was busy with another guy's cock down his throat. Stan groaned, shifting uncomfortably as the man playing with his ass spit on his fingers, trailing his index along him, teasing his hole slightly.

"You want this?" he asked huskily, slapping Kyle's ass again. "You want to feel something inside you? Beg for it, now." Kyle whimpered, his hips thrusting back towards him slightly as he leaned up, taking yet another man's cock into his mouth. "You eager little whore," he chuckled, slipping his finger down into him. "Oh man, you're gonna be tight," he moaned, sliding in another finger right away. Kyle moaned, moving his hips around, urging the man to prod him deeper. "Oh you want more?" he asked. He slid in yet another finger and Kyle shot off from his suckling, letting out a strangled groan. He looked behind him, staring at the man as he wriggled his fingers around roughly.

"For someone so small he sure takes a lot, haha," another chuckled. Stan watched the fingers thrusting in and out of Kyle, squirming in his chair, his hand slowly working over his zipper and grabbing at his crotch, massaging gently. This was wrong as all hell but as far as Stan was concerned, this was just another ordinary porn movie. He just happened to know one of the actors is all.

The fingers receded from Kyle and the man spread his ass, spitting down on him. The camera circled over towards Kyle's face, where he was tonguing a cock with teasing precision. The man under him ran his fingers through his hair and Stan could see the camera tremoring again. "You ready for more, Babe?" he cooed at the redhead.

"Mhm," he nodded, leaning down under his cock and sucking lightly at his balls before the shot moved back over behind him. It slid down his torso, giving a quick glimpse of Kyle's dripping, reddened cock before sliding back down to view the man who was fingering him kneeling one knee on the couch behind him. The camera backed up, showing the row of people along the sofa all staring at the redhead as the man positioned himself, sliding his cock along his ass a bit and licking his lips.

"Get ready," he purred before holding himself steady and pushing in past Kyle's tight ring. Kyle pulled up off the other's cock, burying his head into the couch cushion and moaning loudly. The camera zoomed in as the man pushed in inch by inch, Kyle's body taking all of it in with shaky jerks of momentary pain. The man's balls smashed up against Kyle's ass and he groaned, his fingernails digging into the cushion underneath him.

"How do you like that?" he asked, scraping his nails over Kyle's back. "Whaddya want?" he taunted. "Hm? Tell me what it is you want."

Stan moaned, unvoluntarily undoing his zipper and button, his cock already pushing out through his boxers, practically purple from the brutal restraint.

Kyle raised his head back up, looking at the man with desparate eyes. Stan couldn't tell if it was lust or humiliation at this point; his own view too clouded over with yearnings for more of this. "Fuck me," he breathed out, flinging his hair out of his face.

The man grinned, pulling back just slightly before pushing back in, making Kyle's body curl. "Sorry, you'll have to beg," he chuckled.

"Please...fuck me," Kyle panted, thrusting his hips back against him urgently. The man just laughed, grabbing his hips and starting to do as requested, not giving him but a second to adjust before slamming his hips down into him time and again. Kyle moaned, his body bouncing in his crouched position along the couch.

Fingers intwined in his hair and pulled him back to the man in front of him. He opened his mouth falling down around his cock and bobbing his head in time with the man's steady thrusts. The man leaned over him, grabbing his hair and pushing him down. "Eat his cock, you slut," he commanded. "Take it all." Kyle did so, coughing as the man's thrusts pushed him down further, jolting the dick around in his throat.

Kyle pulled up with some fighting, gasping for breath before being pulled up flat against the man behind him's chest. He leaned his head back against the man's chest, moaning and reaching behind him, clawing at him. "Aa-aahh..." he cried out amongst the sound of colliding skin. Stan moaned along with him, his hand grasping around his aching cock and slowly pumping. "F-fuck!" Kyle gasped, bowing his head down and gritting his teeth. He looked over as a man jumped up on the couch in front of him looking up at him and grabbing his cock. He jerked his skin in time with the man's thrusts.

He blushed shyly before licking his skin and taking him down into his throat. The man behind him reached up, grabbing around his neck and holding him still as they both pushed against him eagerly. Kyle merely whimpered, shaking and squirming in their hold. Another of them stepped up next to them and he reached his hand out, grabbing his dick and following the rhythm of the other two. The one abusing his mouth pulled out, leaving a slick strand of saliva and cum between the two of them. It fell onto Kyle's face before the man behind him grasped his chin, pulling his head up and chuckling.

"You love this, don't you you little whore?" he murmered. Kyle just looked at him with hazy eyes, his mouth agape as he gave a few hardened thrusts into his body as the camera zoomed in on the two of them. He moved his fingers up into the boy's mouth, grinning widely as he licked and suckled his fingertips willingly.

The video suddenly changed scenes with a quick crossover transition to show Kyle straddling the lap of another on his knees, facing the camera. He slowly lowed his hips down, pushing his cock down inside of him and moaning heavily. He took a few moments to stabalize himself, resting his hands on the man's knees before starting to roll his hips back against him.

"Yeah," one of them taunted, walking up and smacking his ass firmly. "Ride that cock." Kyle just bit his lip, groaning and propelling his hips back and forth, grinding down and tonguing over his teeth. The man behind him leaned his head back and moaned, grabbing his hips and forcefully moving him along.

"Fuck, you're so tight," he groaned. Kyle brushed his bangs out of his eyes, propping himself up on his knees slightly and letting the man bounce up into him at his own pace. "You fuckin' love my dick in you, don't you?" Kyle mumbled an agreement, grasping on to another's length and keeping up with the pace.

Stan shook, pulling at his skin faster. Kyle's sweat-glistened skin. His blush, his...his skill in the whole thing. It was tantalizing. It was unbelievable to his best friend of so many years. No matter how much of a fleeting crush he had on the redhead, he never dreamed that Kyle could be so irresitably erotic.

One of the others stepped up in front of them, Kenny moving the camera at an angle showing Kyle as he looked up at him. He stopped Kyle's rolling and pushed him back slightly, grabbing under his legs and roughly pulling them out. Kyle's eyes suddenly became saucers with fear. His legs were pulled up and over the man's shoulders indecently exposing his body for whatever the man had in store. Stan winced along with Kyle. It was going to hurt.

"P-please..." Kyle mumbled out worriedly.

"Begging for it, my little whore?" The man shook his chin a bit before lining himself up.

"I...It...It won't f-FIT!" he screeched out as he started roughly pushing into him alongside the other man. Kyle moaned and writhed and screamed all at once, seemingly having a mini seizure atop the man's lap.

"Fuck," the man grunted, shoving himself balls-deep inside the boy. "Look how well he can take it." The camera showed otherwise, Kyle gasping for breath, his fingers twitching and tears beading his eyes. The camera went through a spell of violent shakes before finally being set down on something sturdy. Stan frowned. Kenny couldn't take it. He had to walk away. One of the men walked up and grabbed the camera as the two resting inside of Kyle started to thrust.

"Nnn-nnghnoo..." Kyle groaned, laying his sweat-drenched head back. The camera panned around showing the other three jerking themselves off as they watched the poor boy being invaded. Stan couldn't help himself, his fingers still wrapped tightly around his dick. He knew this situation couldn't be good if Kyle was wanting to cry and Kenny wasn't willing to keep on watching, but that would have to wait until his thoughts caught back up with him. This was about twenty worth of wet-dreams come true.

"Spread your legs...wider," the man hovering over him demanded. Kyle just lied as he was, moaning and crying out, and Stan could have sworn he heard him plead for Kenny within the mass of noises escaping his lips. The man grabbed his thighs, stretching them apart and deepening his thrusts with increased vigor. "Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about," he laughed with the man under them.

The man under him grabbed his cock and Kyle shot up a bit, sobbing out hurriedly, his eyes staring at the ceiling. "Ahhh...Ahhh..."

"You gonna cum for us?" one of them purred, walking over and stroking his cheek. "You can't wait to feel someone all over you, huh? Even if it's you, you just want to feel it all over your little whore body."

Kyle screamed at his words, his hips violently jerking and making the men invading him moan loudly. He exploded onto his chest and stomach, moaning incoherent phrases all the while. Stan flinched, feeling that familiar knotting in the pit of his stomach. Oh fuck, he was close. This was so wrong but there was no turning back, he was just so fucking close...

"Ah fuck!" one of the men inside him shouted. He roughly continued thrusting into him until finally his head fell back against the cushion and his mouth fell open gasping for air. The man still thrusting pushed Kyle firmly back against him, driving his hips madly into the boy before finally letting out a long, heavy moan and coming to a stop. Shaking slightly, he finally pulled out of Kyle's reddened abused ass along with the other man, moving to let the camera zoom in on the cum now dribbling out of him with each breath he took.

They suddenly ripped Kyle away from his breather, forcing him down on the floor. The camera was handed off and the remaining three men surrounded him, quickly jerking their cocks and moaning. Kyle tiredly looked up, opening his mouth and holding out his tongue. Kyle looked exhausted, completely spent, unwilling for anything more. Stan stared at that heavy look in his eyes, that pure sweat-ridden expression before completely losing it. He moaned out Kyle's name as he burst out into his hand, staring at the ceiling and heavily panting, the feeling of guilt simultaneously hitting with the end of his climax.

Shit, he was going straight to Hell for this one.

He looked down just in time to see the three of them coming all over Kyle's face, hair, and chest. He tongued a bit up as they all ended, showing it on his tongue a few moments before swallowing what bit of it he had. He opened his eyes, his face flushed over with embarrassment.

The camera scanned up and down his abused body, the man behind asking, "Love the way that tastes, don't ya?" Kyle merely nodded, making a rather non-convincing 'mmm' sound. He licked his lips one more time before the camera faded to black and the replay button appeared on the screen.

Stan blinked. And again. And again.

He slowly grabbed a tissue, wiping his rather disturbing mess clean off of his hand and jeans before closing out of the internet, staring at his Nevermore background with very, very confused eyes.

"...THE FUCK?" he shouted suddenly.

Kyle was in a porno. Kenny was...letting him? As possessive as he is of Kyle? That made NO fucking sense to the boy.

He bit his lip, grabbing his phone and scrolling into his text messages, pulling up Kyle's name. He felt a shiver of shame passing through him before typing 'Hey, Dude.' and sending it. He took another wavering breath, closing his laptop to prevent himself from looking for that video again.

A matter of seconds later, typical of Kyle, came the response 'Hey. What's up?'

Stan thought a bit before deciding that he couldn't just let this go without knowing what the hell those two were up to. Too many restless nights would be spent as he constantly searched the internet in the hopes of finding more of these videos. Maybe if it was for some horrible reason, he would be less apt to jack off.

'You and Ken wanna meet for dinner tonight? My treat,' he added as an extra incentive. After all, Ken never turned down free food.

'Sure! When and where?'

Stan looked around a bit, biting his lip. Where would this be the least suspicious... 'Idk dude. Shakey's for old times sake?'

'That sounds awesome,' came the apt response. 'Meet you there at seven?'

'Sure. See ya then,' he typed back before putting the phone down and taking a deep breath. He noticed a missed smear of cum on his desk, staring at it with a million questions flooding his mind. His best friends of all people...some people did that kind of shit just to get their rocks off but it was way too obvious to Stan that this was not just some weird kink that one of them had. No part of this seemed to add up...He wiped off the drop with his tissue, crinkling it in his hand.

This was going to be awkward as hell for all of them, but Stan had a feeling there was more to this than just a hobby of theirs.