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Today was the big day. After many months of eager anticipation, the newly rebuilt Bueno Nacho was finally having its Grand Reopening, and Ron Stoppable couldn't be happier.

The residents of Middleton had long since lost count of how many Grand Reopenings of Bueno Naco #582 there had actually been, the iconic Mexican fast food place having been destroyed many times in the past by various and sundry threats, such as a genetically enhanced dinosaur, robotic toys developed by a mad scientist bent on world domination, and even a rampaging 15-foot tall mutated behemoth named Ron Stoppable (thanks to a rather unfortunate combination of an exclusive Bueno Nacho diet and a vat of mysterious chemicals). Most recently, its destruction had been brought about by rampaging aliens from another world, specifically the Lorwardians, who had been bent on subjugating the entire planet.

"So, KP, ready for the big show?"

Ron anxiously adjusted his tie as he addressed Kim Possible, world saving teen heroine and cheerleader extraordinaire, and now his girlfriend for just over a year.

"Sure, Ron. And just a gentle reminder, please don't get carried away with any big-headiness this time? I know that it's spankin' to have defeated the aliens that wrecked your favorite restaurant, but let's try and keep your ego under control, okay?"

As Kim had been best friends with Ron since pre-K, she had no problem talking to him straight. Up to now he had also been her sidekick, but after his nearly single-handed defeat of the Lorwardians, Ron was now a world saver himself almost on a par with Kim. But in spite of his usual lack of self-confidence, he also occasionally got an inflated ego when granted a windfall in either popularity or finances. Or most recently, with the sudden exponential increase in his Mystical Monkey Power that he had used to both save Kim and the world.

"Hey, Kim, no problemo. Remember, it's me!"

Kim grimaced. "That's what I'm afraid of."

She gave him a gentle kiss followed by a sly look. "And I mean that in the nicest way."

Ron likewise grimaced. "Yeah, KP. Totally comprendo, I promise. But now I get to cut the ribbon for my fav-o-rite eating establishment!"

He licked his lips in anticipation. "And then all the cheese nachos we can eat."

His eyes glazed over as he began to drool. He snapped back to reality when Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat, popped out of his pocket at the mere mention of his favorite food.

"Mmm! Cheese!"

Much more than just a pet, Ron actually considered Rufus a part of the family, as he had frequently given Team Possible critical help at many times in the past, as well as being Ron's closest confidant. And he was nearly as excited as Ron was at the moment, having done without Bueno Nacho for nearly two months now as well.


Kim's Kimmunicator sounded, and she had a feeling she knew who would be on the other end. She flipped it open.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

A worried Wade Load replied, "Hey, where are you guys? The mayor's starting to get worried."

"No big, Wade. We'll be there in five."

Rounding out Team Possible was Kim's super genius computer whiz and keeper of her website, Wade Load. With his brilliant technical know-how, they had managed to beat every super villain that had ever dared to tangle with them.

But events were about to occur which would stretch the closely knit friendship of Team Possible to the breaking point, as they faced an evil challenge unlike any other: one from beyond the grave. But today, all was right with the world. Well, until Ron arrived for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, that is.

The mayor breathed a small sigh of relief as soon as Kim and Ron arrived, and grabbed the microphone to address the large crowd that had gathered for the eagerly anticipated event.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Middleton welcomes the world-saving members of Team Possible: Kim Possible…"

The crowd broke out in immediate applause.

"And her sidekick, Ron… Ron…" He hesitated as he tried to find Ron's last name in his notes.

Ron hissed, "Stoppable!"

"Ah, yes. Ron Stoppable!"

As the crowd continued to applaud, the mayor whispered an apology. "Sorry!"

Ron merely shrugged. "No problem, I've gotten used to it."

The mayor continued with a wide smile. "And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for! The scissors, please?"

An underling hastened to his side and whispered furtively into his ear. The mayor momentarily looked panic-stricken, but then just shrugged as he sadly turned to address the expectant gathering.

"I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen. Our ribbon-cutting scissors have been borrowed by the city of Upperton for another ceremony that's being held concurrently, so unfortunately, we won't be able to…"

Ron immediately perked up and began jumping up and down in excitement. "Ooh, ooh! Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor!"

He quickly whispered his idea into the Mayor's ear, to which he gratefully nodded in agreement.

Kim instantly looked apprehensive. "Uh, oh. This can't be good."

As Ron walked back over to Kim, she cautiously asked, "Okay, Ron. What's your brilliant plan?"

He smugly replied, "Watch and learn, my little grasshopper…"

The mayor once again addressed the crowd. "Ron Stoppable has volunteered to save the day, and asks that you all stand by for, uh, uno momento…"

Ron closed his eyes as he began to glow a deep shade of blue. Leaves began to swirl around him as he activated his Mystical Monkey Power. He slowly began to rise above the ground as the crowd watched in rapt attention. Suddenly, a crack of thunder was heard as something approached them at greater than the speed of sound. Ron opened his eyes, which were now glowing brightly, and reached into the sky. Snatching the enchanted Lotus Blade out of the air, he slowly revolved around so that all could see the mystical weapon.

The hushed audience stood in awe of the supernatural display. They had all heard the stories of the magic sword and its owner, Ron Stoppable, the Mystical Monkey Master. They had also heard the rumors of how he could change its form to anything he desired simply by force of his will.

He slowly lowered himself to the ground as his blue glow faded.

"Now, let's see…"

The blade began changing rapidly into various forms, first what looked like a huge Swiss Army knife, then an oversized can opener, and finally a huge pair of glowing blue scissors.

"Ah, there we are. Booyah!"

Ron began cutting the ribbon to the amazed applause of the spectators. But before he could complete the ritual, the ribbon became wedged in the enchanted scissors, and he began shaking them to disentangle the mess. But no matter how hard he tried, the ribbon stuck fast.

"Oh, man…"

On the other side of the world, a young female Ninja watched with polite humor as the proceedings unfolded on a live webcast of the event.

"Ah, Stoppable-san. Your American-style humor always brightens my day and brings smile to my humble lips."

Yori continued to giggle at Ron's antics as he tried to unstick the recalcitrant scissors, but only managed to make matters worse.

He began violently shaking the enormous shears, accidentally slicing off the edge of Bueno Nacho's new roof which hit the ground with a thud. The roof, built like a huge Mexican sombrero, now looked more like an Australian outback hat.

"Oops. That just looks sick and wrong."

With one huge final swing, he freed the scissors but inadvertently struck the Bueno Nacho sign instead. Its designers, however, had fortuitously constructed it out of light, easily replaceable materials, no doubt due to the checkered past of this very site. But now the sign tottered precariously, and the crowd quickly dove for cover.

Ron assured the worried onlookers, "No problem, everybody! Almost got it… Almost got it…"

But instead of righting the sign, he accidentally sliced off its final support.

"Ooh, I don't got it…"

The sign groaned with the strain and collapsed with a huge crash, the large plastic taco on top crushing a car in the process. Ironically, that car belonged to Steve Barkin, the vice-principal of Middleton High and former teacher of both Kim and Ron. Some would also say former nemesis, if only because of Ron's tendency toward catastrophic accidents, with Mr. Barkin frequently on the receiving end. This event, however, certainly changed the term 'former' back into 'current.'

Mr. Barkin was often commanding, even fearsome in temperament, but today he simply put his head in his hands and wept.

Ron called out, "Uh, sorry Mr. B! I'm sure someone has some kinda insurance that will cover that…"

Barkin mumbled to himself, "My last two cars avoided almost certain destruction by Lorwardian attack robots, only to be wrecked by Kim Possible's kid brothers and their science experiments. And now this…"

He shook his fist in anger at the sky and at the inscrutable powers that be that seemed to curse every vehicle he'd ever owned.

"Why me!"

Ron had turned bright red from embarrassment, but as the damage to the restaurant itself was relatively minor compared to the disasters of past, the mayor quickly announced, "Bueno Nacho #582 is officially open!"

The crowd applauded rather half-heartedly and quickly entered the fast food establishment before Ron had a chance to create any further havoc.

Ron heaved a huge sigh. "Sorry, KP. I guess I still don't know my own strength when it comes to my Mystical Monkey Power."

Kim looked upon this latest mishap with the equanimity she'd built up over the many years of experiencing Ron's innumerable disasters.

With a wry smile, she answered, "Well, Mr. Mystical Monkey Power, it looks like the new Bueno Nacho has been officially christened, but at least it's still standing."

Ron blurted out, "Hey, it's not my fault if they used sub-standard ribbon!"

He then looked down, and realized that in his melee with the Lotus Blade, he had accidentally sliced both his belt and the buttons that held up his pants. His polka dot boxers were now wafting in the warm afternoon breeze.

Kim giggled, "Well, I actually was kind of impressed there for a moment, Ron. But do you think that maybe you could change your magic sword into a belt that could permanently keep your pants up?"

Ron snapped his fingers at Kim's idea. "Of course! That would be totally badical! Then I'd never have that, uh, little problem again. Of course, I've gotten pretty used to it by now, but still…"

They continued to chat amicably as they walked into the newly christened Bueno Nacho for their delicious snack.

Yori chuckled once more before turning off her computer, stretching her arms to relieve the tension. She was pleased at the chance to see Ron once again, if only on a webcast, and also pleased that, as of today, her summer term at Yamanouchi was finally over. She had stayed on for an additional semester to help coordinate Yamanouchi's many ninja graduates as they covertly helped protect Japan from any evil forces that might take advantage of her country's present vulnerability, as they rebuilt after the devastating Lorwardian attack.

She was also pleased that Kim and Ron were both still an 'item,' as the saying goes. After her many adventures with Team Possible, she had decided to study colloquial English on the side, always trying to increase her understanding and use of American slang with her close friends.

"A noble if daunting task, Yori-chan."

Yori turned to smile at her old and wizened mentor, Sensei. She had long ceased to marvel at his ability to enter a room unheard, and to read her thoughts as though she spoke them aloud.

"It is always honorable to attempt to increase understanding, do you not agree, Sensei?"

He returned her smile. "Hai. But American vernacular changes so frequently. You place your foot in the stream, but the water has moved on. Still, this noble trait of yours has made you one of the wisest students to have ever graduated form Yamanouchi. Remember however that a ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what it is built for."

Yori looked briefly puzzled at the saying, then realized what he was getting at.

"I understand, Sensei. A ship is designed to sail the oceans, completing whatever tasks or missions are assigned to it, no matter what risks or dangers it may encounter."

His smile increased. "Very good, Yori. And in your case, your continued mission here since your graduation has been critical, and you have carried it out with great diligence and honor. But that mission is now complete."

"And it is now time for me to move on, Sensei?"

He looked down at her with a touch of wistful sadness, but nevertheless appreciated her directness.

"Yes, Yori-chan. I sense the eddies of a great spiritual disturbance, the potential danger of which may be of even greater import than the recent Lorwardian attack."

Yori felt a chill go down her spine. "The Yono…"

Sensei's eyes went suddenly wide in surprise. "My child, your sensitivity is much beyond your years. Yes, Yono. The Destroyer."

"But Stoppable-san, together with my…" She immediately corrected herself. "I mean, with Stoppable-san's adopted sister, Hana, defeated the evil Monkey Fist, did she not?"

She added venomously, "And both he and the Yono have descended back into the deep, dark earth where they belong."

"That is true, my child. But such primal evil can never be completely defeated nor destroyed, only balanced. That is one of the primary missions of the Mystical Monkey Master. And he will soon need your help."

Now it was Yori's eyes that went wide in surprise. "My help, Sensei? How could I possibly assist Stoppable-san, especially against such evil? I am barely a graduate of Yamanouchi, and I could not imagine…"

Sensei held up his hand to calm her. "You underestimate yourself, Yori-chan. Your humility now prevents you from seeing your full potential. But very soon, you will embrace your destiny and assist Stoppable-san in balancing the evil that is the Yono."

He smiled again and continued, "But rest now, my child. Let tomorrow worry about itself. We will talk more in the morning. Goodnight, Yori-chan."

"Goodnight, Sensei."

In a small suburb of Denver, a short, squat gentleman walked up to the door of a small but immaculately kept house. He knocked on the door, straightening his khaki outfit and carefully smoothing his graying mutton-chops while he waited. Soon, a slightly pudgy but bubbly woman answered the door.

She smiled effusively and asked, "Yes, can I help you?"

With a gentle English accent he politely replied, "Yes, ma'am, I do believe you can. We have an important matter to discuss concerning… a mutual acquaintance."