Cryptosporidium 140 left the Third Ring of Furon in order to locate Trisomy 13, the last remaining lead to Neuralgias's rebellion. Trisomy had been sucked out of a casino view port during his fight with Crypto and Neuroblastoma. However, Emperor Orthopox 15 didn't believe that Trisomy was dead, so he sent the two agents to find the traitor.

Trisomy was on an asteroid just twenty-seven kilometers away from the place where he had been defeated.

"The two dogs think they have killed me," Trisomy said to his guards in Russian. "They will pay dearly for their error."

At that moment, the casino fell from its support tower and fell into deep space. Fortunately, Crypto and Neuroblastoma had escaped right before the charges were detonated. Soon enough, they found Trisomy sitting on an asteroid.

"Filthy dogs!" Trisomy yelled. "Get them! They must not return to the planet alive."

Plasma turrets activated and guards surrounded Crypto and Neuroblastoma. They quickly dispatched the guards and Neuroblastoma went after the turrets with her grenade rifle.

Trisomy and Crypto kept firing at each other as the turrets were dismantled. One of Trisomy's bullets went through Crypto's arm, distracting him. Trisomy activated a switchblade and ran up for the kill. Trisomy jabbed the knife into Crypto's arm to the point that his blood was nearly gone.

"Filthy dog," Trisomy muttered.

Crypto got up and punched Trisomy in his cybernetic eye before losing consciousness.

Neuroblastoma silently jumped behind Trisomy and stabbed him in the neck with her newest weapon, the Furotech Chigger, which made him jump the asteroid shortly before he exploded into a waterfall of blood.

Crypto woke up and the two Furons returned to Gorta for their next mission.