Chapter One

[Soundtrack of the Chapter: I Woke Up in a Car by Something Corporate]

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

You woke up to a loud noise. Your head was swimming and you absolutely could not open your eyes. You tried to move your hands, to reach your face to figure out what was forcing your eyes shut, but your fingers barely moved. They felt as if they weighed a ton.

Panic begins to race through your body as you listen more intently to the sound of the beeping. Your heart begins to jump up into the back of your throat and you realized the foreign object, a tube, burning your esophagus. Your chest begins to work harder, the beeping gets fasted, and you want to know what the hell happened.

There was no movements in your stomach. An emptiness filled your whole body. There was a part of your missing and you could not feel it anywhere near. In fact, you felt lighter than you have ever felt before. Your body felt nearly nonexsistant.

Where was she?

"Behghmuah," you try to talk. Your words were mumbled by the tube. Again, you try harder, "Behghmuah." The coughing begins to wreck your body.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beeeep, beeeep, beeep.

The volume of the beeping coming from the right of you gets louder. Then an alarm sounds. Your ears begin to hurt from the noise.

"Code 417, Code 417. Dr. Berry to ICU, Room 1080, Dr. Berry to Room 1080."

There was a rush of air that came from the foot of your bed. Surrounded by darkness, you couldn't tell if there was someone there or simply an open window until you heard urgent footsteps pounding to stop right next to your bed.

A musical of eyes checking machines, monitors, vitals, and feet rushing back and forth from either side of the bed filled your ears.

A surprised voice rang throughout the room, "This is not normal, Wilma, her vitals are high but completely normal."

You question why wouldn't they be normal? Aren't most women's vitals completely fine after they give birth? Do they know where your baby is? Do they know where your mother is or the glee clubbers or even Mr. Schue? You would even settle for seeing Ms. Pillsbury if it meant that you could have your baby close.

A raspy female voice replied from across of the guy, "What do you mean, Joe? Where's the doctor?"

Joe replied, "He should be on his way but it is as if she's…"

Before answers could be given another pair of footsteps joined the room. "What's going on Joe?"

A deep sigh of relief came from your left, "Thank God you are here, Dr. Berry, look at her vitals. It's as if this Fabray girl is…well as if she is awake."

Awake? You ask yourself. Of course you would be awake, why wouldn't you be? Did you pass out while giving birth to Beth. Really, Quinn, it might be why you don't know where she is. You have read about this happening before. It's not too uncommon.

You try to speak again, giving the answer that yes, in fact, you are very much awake. When the words try to come tumbling out you begin to choke, the tube burning your throat.

Someone rushed to your side and you try once more to open your eyes, but failing. You are only able to see the bright pink of your eye lids. A deep, calming voice of the doctor comes from your side, "Miss Fabray? This is Dr. Berry, Rachel's Daddy, can you hear me?"

Rachel's Dad? You think to yourself. You have never met the man. In fact, you didn't even know that one of her fathers were a doctor or what he looked like. Was he at the show tonight? Cheering Rachel, his star, on for victory? Did we even reach victory?

"Yeamhgh," you try to mumble around the tube, lifting a heavy finger in his direction.

"My God," the woman known as Wilma exclaimed from the back of the room.

You hear Dr. Berry tell the other man, Joe, to take the tape off of your eyes. "Gently," he commanded. You hear his strong voice focused in another direction, "Please, go call Judy Fabray, tell her to come to the hospital right now….and… text my daughter to come here. Don't tell anyone anything, not yet, we aren't sure. It could be like last time."

Last time?

What does he mean about last time? Was last time a few hours ago or something? Why was her mom not even there anyway? If she wasn't in her room, wouldn't she be with Beth in the nursery? A ton of questions ran through your head as you felt Joe softly pull back the tape holding your eyes shut. You feel a rough hand pushing your hair back as Joe gets one side done before quickly getting the other side.

You hear Dr. Berry's voice again as he quietly instructs you to open your eyes, "Be gentle and slow, your eyes need time to adjust. Things might be blurry for a while. Your eyes have been closed for a long time."

You nod your head at his instruction as Joe finished the second piece of tape, pulling a few of your eye lashes along with it. When you feel your eyes freed you begin to slowly, extremely slowly, open your eyes.

The room is bright.

When did the sun get so fucking close?

You can't make out anything for a while.

It's only after a few minutes before everything comes into clarity. It's only thirty minutes after this that the feeding tube that was lodged deep in your throat is taken out and your bed raised. They noticed that the tube caused more hurt than help and it was in agreement with Dr. Berry that you would eventually try to eat.

An hour after you first woke up you have successfully passed the little tests that Dr. Berry had given you.

The tall, dark skinned man is sitting on the edge of your bed with a big smile on his face. He was very kind and you noticed that even though he was a different race than Rachel, he was the one were she got her strong smile from. You decided that you liked him. You notice that there is relief in his blurry (your vision should clear up in a few days) eyes. He pats your pale hand, "My daughter has been worried about you for a while now." He admits.

Your eyebrows go up in surprise. Why was Rachel Berry worried? Wasn't she too obsessed in Finn Hudson to care about her? This whole last week she was completely too lost in Finn to even notice anyone else. It made you smile inside to hear this little detail.

The man nodded his head as if he understood your surprise (because your voice has yet to return), "Seriously. I know that my daughter has a tendency to be pretty self centered sometimes, but I assure you, she has been worried about you."

You didn't have time for shock to settle in. If you did then maybe you would have thought about what he was saying. If you did then maybe you would have thought about that short Jewish girl who has always had a tendency to occupy a space in your thoughts.

Instead, your mother, rushed into your room to your bedside. Your eyes began to flood with tears and you didn't notice the many other people to flood in after her. Judy's arms wrapped around your too thin of a body as she held onto you with a bone crushing force.

Your confusion began to settle in deeper. Time was beginning to slip and you needed to know what was happening.

Your mother pulled back and you noticed that she looked just a smidge older. It was nothing too noticeable unless you knew the woman, as if she missed a few Botox appointments. You also noticed her hair seemed longer than it had been. You couldn't remember if she had it up the night before. Maybe she did. Yes, that's it.

A smile rest on her lips as she studied your face. "Oh, Quinnie, your awake!"

You nodded your head with a matching smile. Again, why wouldn't you be?

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