I have rated this as Adult to be on the safe side as it contains violence and swearing. There will be sex later on, but I will label that chapter clearly when it's posted. The love scene happens in such a way that you can skip the graphic stuff without missing anything vital to the story. Feedback is, as always, craved and appreciated. Enjoy!

Love, Lies & Lizard Babies by PoorQueequeg

Chapter One

Dust swirled in the shafts of sunlight that streamed through the dirty windows of the loft. It was a wide, empty space above a disused warehouse, tall metal pillars jutting up from the floor to the sloping tin roof. Against one of the pillars a man slouched forward unconscious, his arms held against his sides by a frayed old rope that looped three times around his body, pinning him against the cold steel. Helen had been forced to improvise, seating her prisoner on a broken chair with no back and leaning him against the pillar before securing him as best she could with whatever she could find lying around. She stood back to admire her handiwork before setting about rifling through the man's pockets for some clue as to his identity.

"I usually like to know a woman's name before we get this far," a voice drawled lazily into her ear. Helen stood quickly upright, putting some distance between herself and her prisoner. Groggily, he raised his head, twisting his neck from side and trying to move his arms up and down. Helen reached for her gun, pointing it at him and hitched a shoulder.

"I think perhaps given the situation you ought to tell me who you are?" she said with a quirk of her brow. The man squinted at her slightly, his face twisting into a grimace as he squirmed in the seat, the broken slats of the chair digging into his back. "And why you're following me?" He raised his head, meeting her eyes and quirked a brow back, giving her a slight smile.

"Alright," he said after a long moment. "Since you asked so nicely. I'm Jason." Helen tipped her head to the side.

"Jason," she repeated slowly, her gun still aimed at his head. He licked his lips, his jaw working up and down a few times as he considered his reply.

"That's right," he answered, letting his eyes flick up and down over her body before coming back to rest on her face. "And you are?" Helen paused for a moment as she looked at him, his handsome features smudged with grime no doubt from when he'd hit the floor after the butt of her gun connected with the back of his head. Her gaze fell to his full lips and the rugged fuzz of his goatee and she wondered idly how it might feel against her skin.

"Why are you following me?" she asked tersely, pushing the thought away. Jason pursed his lips.

"I could ask you the same thing." Helen shook her head slightly.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I've never seen you before in my life," she replied. Jason attempted to shrug his shoulders, wincing as the hard metal of the pillar behind his back pressed into the bone.

"You been asking a lot of questions, lady. Getting into all sorts of thing you ain't got no business getting into," he replied, raising her chin to meet her stare. Helen regarded him for a moment through slitted eyes and he raised his brows at her questioningly.

"Such as?" she asked. Jason looked across the dusty floor, his eyes flicking about to see if there was anything he could use to his advantage.

"Such as my brother," he told her, letting out a huff of breath in frustration at the situation. Helen slowly lowered the gun and took a step closer.

"Your brother?" she asked sceptically.

"Hmm mmm," Jason replied with a nod of his head. "Christopher?" Helen tilted her head to the side and looked at him hard. He gave her a dazzling smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling as they sparkled at her. She nodded in return.

"Yes, I suppose I can see the resemblance. Although he has a little more hair," she told him. Jason chuffed out a breath of amusement.

"Ha, he's still a kid," he told her with a smirk. "Now you wanna tell me why you been asking questions about him?"

Helen raised her chin and glanced out of the dirty window beside her. "I want to help him. And if you're really his brother you would too."

Jason drew his chin up sharply, his face morphing from amused to angry. "You don't know me and you don't know my brother. This ain't none of your business lady."

Helen turned back to him. "I know he's special, that he's different. And I know he's in trouble." Jason clenched his jaw and regarded her sternly.

"He ain't your problem." Helen pursed her lips and let out a sigh. These Americans could be so stubborn, she thought to herself.

"I can help him," she repeated gently, stepping closer. Slowly she lowered herself to a squatting position in front of him. "Please, if you know where he is you have to tell me." Jason pulled his head up slowly and looked her her through half closed eyes. Helen met his gaze, her expression mild and earnest. "Jason," she said in a whisper, slowly placing her palm on his knee. He swallowed and let out a slow sigh.

"Alright," he said in a low voice. Helen's shoulders fell slightly and she let out a sigh of relief. She leant her weight on his leg and began to push herself up. At that moment Jason's arms came up and clutched her shoulders in a hard grip, the old rope falling to the floor in a cloud of dust. Helen let out a yelp of surprise as she found herself shoved back against the dusty wooden boards, her head connecting hard with the floor. She looked up at him, his face blurring as he towered over her.

"Shit!" he uttered as she lost consciousness.

Some time later, Helen came around to find herself bound against the pillar, only she was on the floor with her legs were stretched out before her, her ankles tied with what appeared to be Jason's belt. Raising her head she found him sitting on the broken chair, one leg bent over the other as he bounced her gun lightly on his knee. She blinked slowly, her mouth falling open. Jason gave her an apologetic smile and shrugged. Helen leant her head back against the pillar and let out a hiss as the back of her head throbbed at the contact.

"Ah...yeah...sorry about that. I didn't mean to shove you so hard," Jason told her. She glared at him with a sour expression. He gave her a toothy grimace and dropped his feet back squarely on the floor. "Now, you wanna tell me who you are and what you really want from my brother?"

Helen huffed and squirmed against the restraints, her ankle bones pressing uncomfortably together. "Very well," she replied. "My name is Helen Magnus. I'm a doctor. I help people, people like your brother."

Jason nodded slowly. "A doctor? I see," he said, the disbelief evident in his tone. "No offence, lady but I don't know too many doctors who carry a gun. Let's try again shall we?" Helen huffed in frustration.

"I'm not like other doctors," she told him.

"That, I can see," he replied with a grin, his eyes flicking up and down her prone form. Helen shifted her legs under his appraising gaze.

"Listen, Jason," she said acidly. "I know all about your brother's problems. He came to me, he asked me to help him. Now if you would kindly untie me, perhaps we could discuss this in a civilized manner somewhere a little more salubrious."

Jason gawped at her. "Hah!" he exclaimed. "That's rich! You punch me out, tie me up and point a gun at me and now you wanna talk about being civilized?"

"Oh for pity's sake," Helen snapped. "What did you expect? You've been following me all day, how did you think I was going to react?" He rolled his eyes in frustration.

"Listen, Doctor," he replied, rising to his feet and stepping towards her. Helen clenched her jaw and raised her chin unafraid, looking him in the eye as he spoke. "You better tell me what you're really doing here and who you work for, because my patience is wearing thin." Helen shifted against her restraints. Jason cocked an eyebrow at her and she sighed.

"Alright," she conceded. "But please, untie my legs at least. It hurts and I can't feel my feet," she pleaded in her most pathetic tone. Jason swallowed and crouched down, placing the gun beside him and after a moment's consideration began to unbuckle the belt. Helen let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank you," she told him with a soft, plaintive smile, twisting her ankles around and around. He turned his head to the side, reaching for the gun and Helen raised her foot hard and fast, the tip of her boot smacking into his chin.

"Shit! Ah!" he cried, falling back onto his ass, the gun skittering across the room. Helen side swiped with her other foot, smacking her boot into his head and he fell, sprawling across the floor. Pushing up on her feet, Helen squirmed and staggered upright levering herself against the pillar. She began to wriggle wildly, the ropes around her body slipping gradually down her body and over her hips. She rocked from side to side hard, trying to loosen them enough to get them down her legs.

Jason pushed himself up on his hands, taking a moment to shake his head before rising to his feet. He turned towards her, arms extended out in front of him to grasp at her shoulders just as Helen managed to get her arms free. She swung her fist out and punched him squarely on the jaw. He reeled slightly and she followed it with another blow to his solar plexus. Winded he staggered back, hunched forward to clutch at his stomach as he took several short gasping breaths. Helen quickly shoved the ropes down over her knees and stepped forward, barging him with her shoulder and knocking him onto his back. She leapt to the side, going for the gun when his hand shot up and grabbed her ankle. She fell face first to the ground with a loud "Oof!" as the wind was knocked out of her. Jason tugged on her leg and pulled himself up, his other hand pinning her thigh to the floor as he moved over her. She squirmed frantically beneath him, pushing herself forward on her elbows towards the gun. Her fingers grasped at the cool metal and just as Jason climbed over her. She clutched it tightly and managed to roll under him, her arm swinging upwards and the side of the gun cuffing him hard on the ear.

"Ah!" he bellowed, listing to the side. Helen carried on rolling and straddled his torso, gripping the gun in both hands and shoving the barrel into his face.

"Enough!" she yelled and he froze. They glared at each other, both breathing hard.

"Okay, okay," he conceded, his hands falling to the floor either side of his head. "Don't shoot!" Helen clenched her jaw in anger.

"I've had just about all I can stand from you, Jason!"

"Jay is fine," he chuffed. She tilted her head to the side, one elegant eyebrow arching in irritation. He gave her a cheeky smile and let his eyes run over her body, her jacket pulled ever so tightly across her heaving chest, a lock of dark wavy hair stuck adorably to her lower lip. He stared into her eyes and found them to be impossibly wide and blue as she sat astride his stomach, rising and falling with each breath he took.

"Fine. Jay," she said angrily. "Now, I don't care what you think of me or who you think I am. Your brother, if he really is your brother..." Jason huffed in indignation. "He came to me for help. I know all about his abilities and I know all about his problems. If you really care about him, you'll get over your mistrust and help me find him!"

"He never said a word to me, he never mentioned you at all. As far as I know, you're one of them!" Jay responded bitterly. Helen sighed but her grip on the gun didn't waver.

"It's the truth, Jay," she told him firmly, staring right into his eyes as she spoke. Jay clenched his jaw an regarded her coolly for a long minute.

"He woulda told me," he said quietly after a while. "He woulda said..."

Helen blinked slowly. "Maybe he didn't want to disappoint you. I don't know. He never said he had a brother. I thought you were looking for him to kill him,"

"So that's why you lead me on a merry dance all around the city," Jay stated, his demeanour defeated. "Figures. I can't imagine someone like you working for the mob."

"Someone like me?" Helen said defensively with a tilt of her chin. He smiled.

"An upright, proper Brit like you?" Jay told her, amused.

"I never really cared for that epithet, thank you," she told him sternly, jerking the gun in his face. He flinched.

"Gee, I'm sorry! I won't say it again!"

"Good," Helen replied. "Now, I'm going to get up and you are not going to try and take my gun, or hit me. Do you understand?" Jason nodded. Slowly, she pushed up from him, the gun never leaving his face. Jason watched appreciatively as the fabric of her pants tightened over her thighs as she rose, impressed by her strength. Gently she stepped back from him, keeping the gun extended in front of her. Jason pushed himself to a sitting position, his arms stretched out behind him. "Now get up. Slowly," Helen commanded. Jason pulled himself to his feet and kept his hands raised by the side of his head.

"Okay, okay, don't shoot doc," he told her, straightening up. "Now what?"

Helen took a few slow, deep breaths, her mind working rapidly. "Well, either you can help me, or I can make sure you don't get it my way. I made your brother a promise and I intend to keep it." Jason had experienced enough this afternoon to take her threat seriously.

"Okay, well, I made a promise too. To my mother before she died," he replied quietly. Helen nodded and slowly lowered her gun. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to put my belt back on before my pants fall down."

Helen narrowed her eyes and raised the gun again. "Alright but you try anything and I will shoot you." Jay jerked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Of that I have no doubt," he said taking a slow step across the room and stooping to pick up his belt. Helen couldn't help from admiring the way his jeans tightened over his ass as he bent forward or noticing the flex of his stomach muscles as he hoisted his t-shirt out of the way to loop his belt through his pants. He certainly was easy on the eye, she admitted silently as he dropped his arms to his sides and looked at her. "What now?" he asked, swiping the palm his hand over his beard to clear the dust.

Helen swallowed. "Now you tell me where your brother is," she answered. Jason shrugged his shoulders and turned his face towards the ceiling in frustration.

"I don't know. He hasn't been home for a couple of days now. I've been out of my mind."

Helen turned to the window, peering through the smeared grime and staring at the roof a building in the distance. "Damn," she muttered. "He was supposed to meet me. When he didn't show, I guessed they'd got to him already." She turned back to Jason, his face grave. "Is there anywhere he could have gone? Anyone he might have turned to?"

"You think I didn't turn this city upside down looking for him already?" he replied tersely. "I already tried almost everyone I know."

"Almost everyone?" Jay scowled at her and Helen scowled right back.

"I need to get back to my hotel, touch base with my people," she said with irritation.

"Your people?" Jay asked sourly.

Helen raised her chin and looked him in the eye. "I'm not the enemy, I told you. I only want to help."

"Why?" Jason shook his head incredulously.

"Like I said, it's what I do."

"You help people. People who are different. People like my brother." He tilted his head to the side, but the anger had gone from his voice.

"That's right," she replied. They locked gazes and Jason stared at her intently for a long moment. This woman simply exuded trouble but there was something sincere about her.

"Okay, so help then."

Helen clenched her jaw, this man was already driving her to distraction. She had absolutely no doubt that he would do nothing but get in her way but she was sorely lacking in back up and he knew the city at least. It had absolutely nothing to do with his charming smile and his scruffy beard, nothing at all.

"Alright," she said, irritated and turned briskly towards the door. Jason shook his head and let his eyes fall to her ass as he followed her out.