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"Silence Is Love"

In the garden, showered by the petals of the cherry blossoms, as the golden haired host king, and natural host girl. The two were hardly ever alone, there was always someone around. Today was different, they were completely alone. Each one would steal a glance from the other, neither one wanting to change what they had.

"Senpai?" Haruhi asked, cutting their silence like a knife through butter.

"Haruhi?" Tamaki replied, a hopeful look in his lavender eyes.

Instead of speaking, Haruhi brushed the petals out of his golden hair with her fingers, and found her hand enveloped by his hands.

A/N: I know I already have a collection of drabbles story going, but those are more about random moments between characters, not actual romance. So, I've set myself a challenge! I'm to write 25 drabbles with exactly 100 words per drabble. I hope to achieve it. These will all be pairings, not of the same couples - though I might write more than just one of each couple though. Pairing suggestions welcome, so if you want to see one about a certain pairing, do tell me!