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Zuka Club

In the dance studio, was three girls. Each one knelt on bended knee.

"Lobelia!" they sang, as they raised the lily flower in their left hand.

"St Lobelia Academy, high school second year, Benio Amakusa," the tallest said, as she stood.

"Lobelia!" they sang, as a spotlight fell on them.

"Second year student, Chizuru Maihara," said the most graceful, as she stood.

"Lobelia!" they sang, throwing their lilies into the air.

"And, first year Hinako Tsuwabuki," said the smallest, as she stood.

"This, my dears, is the end to Rose's little drabble collection... Adieu!" Benio said, waving to their audience.

A/N: So, that's it, I finally meet my challenge! That was fun writing them. I did say in the last drabble that I wasn't taking requests anymore, so those that have requested, sorry.

Hopefully, I'll do another drabble collection once I've finished all my other stories.