Life can never be as sweet
Or simple, as fairy tales are.
And problems can't be solved
By wishing on a star.

Maybe once upon a time,
We could have made our dreams come true
But too much time has passed
There's nothing we can do.
Too long I've tried,
Too long I've had to hide
And be someone I cannot be.

Long ago, within a dream
I escaped from life's masquerade
But breaking both our hearts…
Was that the price I paid?

If I ever had one day,
One chance to prove I wasn't wrong
I lost it long ago,
A sweet forgotten song

You are my soul
The one that makes me whole
The voice that's always in my mind

One tale is done
A new one has begun
We don't know
What parts we will play

All dreams must end
There's no rules we can bend

Please say you won't go

Christine: I can't stay…

Maybe once upon a time…