Written in a hurry; as usual, so please ignore the suckiness. My most passively negaishippy oneshot(not that there are a lot).

Ash relationship with Iris was, he felt, (relatively) straightforward. He felt something akin to love for her, and was content with spending the rest of his life with her. His relationship with Iris's Axew on the other hand was a complete mess.

The first time he'd seen Axew, he'd assumed him to be for Iris, what Pikachu was for him; a trusted first partner, not content with life in a pokeball, wanting to experience everything, side-by-side with his trainer. Ofcourse what he hadn't assumed was that Axew would impulsively dragon rage him, the first time he tried to kiss it's trainer.

From that point onward, Axew's over-protectiveness manifested pretty much every second of their relationship. Since Iris obstinately refused to return Axew to it's Pokeball (which Ash assumed she'd lost by now), the little dragon had it's work cut short. Whenever he tried to hold Iris's hand, Ash would feel Axew normally innocent stare, piercing into him. Since Iris's hair was Axew's permanent adobe, getting intimate with her was often cut short by a sudden scratch attack to the nose, more often than not leaving him nursing a sore nose for days, and Iris a mass of giggles. Still, for all it's setbacks, Axew was still a saint. Comparative to it's evolution, that is.

When Axew evolved, it finally became too large to fit in Iris's hair, allowing Ash to get personal, a bit more freely with Iris. Of course as a bonus from it's evolution, Fraxure learned a plethora of new attacks with which to torture Ash, to the point that the trainer actually began to miss the relatively innocuous scratches. Fraxure still listened to Iris though, and if it ever caught Ash in Iris's tent at night, it'd usually stop flamethrower-ing him when she told it to (which, suspiciously, often took a while). Essentially this meant that Fraxure ended up doing Cilan's job: regulating the amount of time Ash spent with his hands on Iris. Paradoxically, when Fraxure, in turn evolved, Ash actually felt the pressure easen. Since it was finally too large to trail Iris around, she was forced to keep the dragon in it's Pokeball (disabusing Ash's theory). While this did mean that Ash was free to act as he pleased most of the time, he learned very soon that Haxorus had a pretty effective glare attack, and being paralyzed for an hour cut severely into his schedule. It wasn't that he didn't look for help. When he finally worked up the courage to tell Iris about his predicament, he got the response he'd expected: eternal heckling. Obviously Iris still somehow saw the little Axew in her monstrous beast, so the idea that it'd mean any ill will to Ash was ludicrous. Asking Cilan about how to handle his "dragon problem" was out of the question, because Cilan was obviously very happy with the state of things. Ash even briefly considered asking Drayden for help, except that Iris's sensei was the only living thing that scared him even more than Haxorus.

Finally Ash did the unthinkable, and one day, when all their pokemon were out having their lunch, he boldly walked up to Haxorus. In front of a confused Iris, and an indifferent Cilan, Ash began explaining to the dragon how he felt about its trainer, and how it was difficult expressing his emotions while being dragon claw-ed in the face. While Ash definitely did expect the "Awww" s and the hug from Iris, what he didn't expect was the exact same thing from Haxorus. Giving a great roar of approval, the dragon-type threw it's stubby arms and it's tail around Ash, and presented him with the redefinition of a bear hug.

Suffice to say, in the coming days, Ash began to miss the dragon claws, because Haxorus's expression of fondness, made his own Charizard look timid.

P.S Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus is an "it" because this story was much easier to write that way :P. P.S.S I don't know if Haxorus can learn glare, it just fit the story.