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"Ms. Starling," Barney referred to her while grabbing the first aid kit ", you came at the perfect time. I need your assistance." Clarice got to take a glance at the security camera before being dragged by the kind nurse.

Doctor Hannibal Lecter was upon the floor.

Not moving.

"The other nurse isn't exactly kind to the Doc, and he is too afraid to assist. I trust you have proper CPR training, so you can help. The Doc likes you a lot, so I know he wouldn't hurt you if he got the chance. We are not sure the cause, but he simply collapsed" Barney spewed out all the information to her as the jogged down the hallway.

"How can you be sure he isn't faking?" Clarice's accent cut through her words.

"He might be, but we can't deny him medical assistance. You just have to help, okay Ms. Starling?

"No problem." Clarice was uncertain of her want to assist, but peeled if her jacket anyway and fell to her knees beside the very grey looking Doctor.

"Medics are coming. I'll start compressions. You breathe air into him." Barney started pressing upon Doctor Lecter's chest. Clarice was in a haze, pinching the Good Doctor's abnormally large nose and tilting his head back. She mentally counted Barney's compressions, finally pressing her lips against the Doctor's very cold ones. She kept her two fingers on his pulse point, feeling nothing at all. Her hand shook slightly, the lack of pulse starting to nag at the back of her mind. Clarice felt her chances of finding Buffalo Bill slip away with each passing second, with each compression, and each breath she pushed into his lifeless lungs.

"Come on Doctor, stay with me." His title rasped from her lips, sounding more like 'docta' as it was murdered by her accent triggered by the panic. After a few more compressions ensued before Doctor Lecter returned to his normal colour, heart beat speeding up and breathing on his own. Still unconscious, heavily armored medics placed him atop a stretcher to which Clarice and Hannibal followed closely to the hospital. The hours of waiting dragged on, the smell of the hospital inducing a headache for Clarice. A woman in a white lab coat strode into the room with a clipboard in one hand and pen in the other.

"There seems to be nothing wrong with him. We can't determine if something happened as quick as a seizure or if he faked it. I'm sorry we can't be of better assistance. The police and you two shall advise him back to the hospital soon, yes?" The doctor was about to leave until Clarice pulled out her temporary credentials and showed them off as a flashy symbol of power.

"I need to speak with Doctor Lecter, for the case study." Clarice breathed, hoping the tall brunette would by her lie and simply nod, walking away with her first grade Gucci shoes. She hesitated, waving her hand after some stomach turning moments. As Clarice stepping into the room full of body guards, she noticed how tight Doctor Lecter's restraints were. His hands were nearly purple, veins bulging. The security agreed to step outside for a few moments while the agent spoke to her subject.

"I know you're awake, Doctor." Clarice tapped the ball of her foot lightly against the tile ground, a steady rhythm filling his ears.

"How can you tell, my dear? Would you do me the biggest of favors and loosen these restraints? I'm losing circulation." She sensed a smirk and a hint of playfulness behind his words.

"I know you, so I'm going to have to say no to that favor. My apologies, Doctor. You will be getting out soon."

"I know, Agent Starling. Thank you for the consideration." A moment of silence sliced through her like a butcher knife, but Clarice was sure it hadn't hazed the Doctor.

"So, did you fake it?" Clarice broke the ice, looking to his face for a moment to see a blank face except the pupils of his eyes.

"Do you think I faked it, Agent Starling?"

"I… well… yes." Clarice looked down in shame for actually saying something so offensive.

"No need to stutter, I understand. I suppose you should hop back to old Jackie Boy. Do tell him I said hello." He eyed her over once more as she turned to the door.

"Oh, Agent Clarice Starling?" His voice practically sang to here. She felt it, the final word he so often claimed. The one sentence that would rot in the padded cell within the depths of her mind until her final breath. He always got her. Doctor Lecter got the final word so often that Clarice had gotten quite well at looking them away, but the initial blow is all the same. She turned with her eyes wide and back so straight it hurt.

"Your lips taste of cheap watermelon… childish lip gloss. But I don't object to your choice of lip wear. It's made you lips quite soft."

Clarice Starling turned towards the door once more to hid an all innocent smirk as she left the room and the hospital behind.

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