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Walking down the sidewalk was a lot more joyous than it ever was. The afternoon breeze felt a lot better than it did before. The people walking along the sidewalk or standing outside their houses still didn't faze me, but for a good reason this time. The other distractions still didn't cross my mind, but only because someone else was. This is what life is like now that I have Pazuzu back. Now, both Pazuzu and Dante are the people I live for.

Pazuzu and I hang out every day after school and on weekends. I introduced him to Dad and Vickie who looked very surprised to see him. I guess they still remember him from the exorcism. They pretty much told him to stay away from me. That didn't work out too well. He always sneaks in through my window or comes over when they're gone. I'll admit, this was way more simple when he was possessing me.

"It looks like they're still home," I said when I saw the two cars parked in the driveway.

"Looks like I'm sneaking in through the window again," Pazuzu sighed.

I walked on to the front door and went inside. Pazuzu's probably finding a bush to hide in and waiting for the right opportunity to come through the window. Stepping through the living room, I noticed that Dad and Vickie were in a rush for some reason.

"What's going on?" I asked. Vickie looked up at me quickly before digging through her purse.

"Oh, Nathaniel had an accident at work and now he's in the hospital."

"Is he okay?"

"Oh, he just tripped and fell. The doctors say he may have a concussion."

Yeah, and there's deffinately not a demon baby upstairs. Vickie likes to over react to certain things. He probably just has a huge bump on his head.

"Do you want me to come with you?"

"No. You have a baby to take care of and we're not bringing him in public. Your dad and I will go to see how he's doing."

"How long will you be gone?"

"Oh, I don't know. An hour or two? Ah! Found them!" Vickie found her keys and put her purse over her shoulder. She rushed over to my dad who was prepared to leave for probably 15 minutes now. They left after telling me to be careful and to call if the baby had an accident or was having problems. I told them I'd be fine and that I'd call them if Dante was acting strange.

As soon as they left the driveway I walked over to Pazuzu in one of his usual bushes. He looked up at me with a questioning look on his face.

"Dipshit Nathaniel hit his head at work, so they're going to visit him at the hospital," I explained.

"All worked up over some stupid bump on the head?"

"Hey, at least they're out of the house for an hour or so."

"Hmmmmm, wonder what we can do with all that free time..." his tone was very suggestive. I chuckled at him.

"You're so lucky we don't have homework tonight."

"Like I even do my own?" Chuckling again, I helped him up and led him to the house. We practically ran up the stairs to get to my room. As soon as I opened the door, I stopped. Pazuzu ran right into me and knocked us both to the ground. Then he saw what I was staring at.

Creed was standing in the room, holding our baby. This isn't the first time I found her in my room or holding our child. But, those were times when she just appeared out of nowhere or followed us home. This is the first time she beats us home.

"Ugh, Creed?" Pazuzu asked, slight annoyance in his tone, "What are you doing here?"

She looked down at us as if just realizing we're there.

"Oh, I had the impression that you two were going to have fun, so I came here to pick up the baby." Oh yeah, she's also Dante's baby sitter. Not the best, but she's the only one we can rely on. Besides, we later figured out that Dante either doesn't like humans or he just doesn't like my family. He seems really fine being around Creed.

"Ummm, how exactly did you know we were going to..." I trailed off, unsure how to talk with Dante in the room.

"Fuck each other's brains out?" Well, she's very blunt about it. Especially in front of Dante. "I pick up on sinful vibes during class. While you were day dreaming about The Tell-Tale Heart, Pazuzu was fantasizing about doing some very dirty things to you." She's also the school's new English teacher. She's not always there though. At least, only we know that. She makes copies of herself when she wants to make deals with creatures. She's not a good teacher. Actually, she only posed as a teacher to "keep us in check." Her words, not mine. "All right, have fun you two."

"We will..." Pazuzu said in a deep, seductive voice. Creed made a face before disappearing into a shadow on the floor.

"So, where were we?" I asked, getting up. Pazuzu pushed me onto the bed then straddled me.

"Let's continue from here."

He captured my lips in a lustful kiss, his tongue slipping in without permission. We were like this for a moment. Our tongues wildly battled within or mouths, his hands pinned my wrists against the bed, and his erection was steadily growing. He rubbed his erection up against my crotch, receiving not only a reaction but a satisfying groan.

He pulled away with a trail of saliva connected between us. His hand slipped down my arm, trailed my chest, and found its way to the button of my pants. He unbuttoned them and quickly slid both my pants and my boxers down my legs.

"You're not very aroused at the moment," he commented, "Let me change that." He gripped at my member very firmly. Hard enough to feel him but soft enough to not hurt me. He began stroking, slowly at first but he quickened his pace very soon. I felt so compelled to watch him as he did this to me. Watching him seemed to make it more pleasurable.

His tongue found my head and began licking up the beads of precum spilling out of me. I let out a soft satisfied moan. His lips wrapped around the head and sucked at the juices that came out. That's when his eyes traveled up my body to my face. We made eye contact, pleasure evident on my face, a sly expression in his eyes. He smirked while the head was still in his mouth. He was going to do something unexpected, I know that look.

Pazuzu switched his left hand (which was free) with his right (which was stroking me). He slipped the index and middle finger on his right hand into his mouth. Still using his tongue to coat my head with saliva, he rubbed his fingers on it and got them wet as well. Another moan escaped me as this continued for half a minute. He slid the fingers out of his mouth, stopped stroking me, lifted my right leg up, and slipped a finger inside. I gasped at having his finger inside me.

He fingered my hole at a moderate speed before forcing the second finger in. It was unbearable! It felt too good but I wanted more than his fingers inside of me. Still, it was a very great feeling. He kept thrusting his digits inside of me while giving me head. It didn't take very long for me to come with a pleasured scream.

He licked up the remaining semen before releasing me from his mouth. His fingers staied inside of me.

"I told you I'd change that," he said with a smirk on his face.

"Pazuzu..." I was still panting from the recent orgasm, "Please... hurry..." His smirk grew wider when I said this.

"Hmmmm... I don't think I understand what you mean. Would you mind being a litttle clearer for me?" Damn him. I know what he's doing. Yet, I do just as he asks.

"Please... fuck me... Fuck me to the point I won't be able to walk tomorrow..." My face flared up in to a bright red color. Pazuzu smiled and chuckled at me.

He removed his fingers quickly and pulled his pants off. He was really hard now and it looks like he's going to fulfill my request without mercy. He bent my legs to my chest and teased my hole with the head of his penis. He was already releasing precum. Without warning, he pushed his head in and began thrusting roughly. He wasn't going fast but it was a few steps above slow thrusting. It didn't stay like that for long, though. He went faster and faster as every couple of minutes slipped by. Well, time didn't seem to matter to me anymore as I was lost in this moment of ultimante pleasure and mixed emotions.

I felt my climax reaching its peak. Pazuzu pounded into me like there was no tomorrow. Tears started welling in my eyes for some odd reason. Too much pleasure? Or is it because of the words I wish to yell out to him?

"Why... are you... crying...?" Pazuzu said between small breaths.

I reached up and grabbed his head, pulling him down to my face. With tears streaming down my face I whispered into his face, "I love you so much, Pazuzu."

With a few final thrusts, we both came at the same time. Pazuzu collapsed on top of me. Despite his experience and how many centuries he's done this, his human body can't stand strenuous activities for long. He breathed heavily over my shoulder into my left ear.

"I love you, too..." he said quietly. I smiled even though he couldn't see it. He makes me so happy. I swear, this is one of the happiest moments of life. Although, one small thing could make this better...

"Ugh, Pazuzu...?"


"Can you take your dick out of my ass?"

"I don't want to."


"I'm going to miss the feeling of being inside you."

"Me too."

"Then why do you want me to pull out?"

"Because I don't know what time it is and I don't know when Dad and Vickie are getting home."

"They can kiss my ass. If I want to fuck you in your room, I'll do it."

"Oh Pazuzu," I sighed, "Stubburn as always."

"Don't pretend you don't think it's hot." I chuckled at him and ran my fingers through his hair.

Whatever happens to us, whatever trouble we come across, whatever miracle we make, I can see a very strange but great future ahead of us. With Pazuzu by my side and Dante in our arms, we can do anything. Nothing but death can come between us now. And, hey, you know what? Death isn't really an obstacle either. It seems more of a comfort to know that you're joining them in the same afterlife instead of heart breaking because you're separated from them.

Nothing can keep us apart now. Not even Death. Besides, I could always use Dante's ouija board...

The End