AN: Here's the sequel to a sequel, The Swearhouse Haunting!

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of its characters, and there is no way in heck that I am going to profit from this fanfiction, unless you count the awesomeness of writing it.

Bella POV

"Ghost!" Alice shrieked.

"It's The Goth Dude!" I added, screaming and pointing at the shape.

The Goth Dude crept closer, whispering, "You're hot."

"You're insane!" There was no way this ghost was going to do this. I don't care if he was The Goth Dude, in fact that actually made it worse. This was so screwy, how did I accidentally kill The Goth Dude and how come he just randomly decided to haunt me? Because my luck sucks. That rhymes, but still...I must be jinxed.

"Get away!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, running up the stairs, Alice on my heels. Somehow we could feel the ghost following us even though we didn't look behind us to actually see the spirit. We really didn't want to. We were now all the way down the hallway, trapped in the corner. There was no way to escape this unwanted confrontation now.

Tired of all this I decided to face The Goth Dude. "What do you want?"