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Carlisle POV

Bella and Alice came bursting into the room then. "We were on a plane!"

"Yeah, 'cause we wanted to know that!" Rosalie spit back at them.

Edward and Emmett were still rolling around on the floor, screaming their heads off and trying to pin the other down. Emmett was strong, but Edward was faster.

Esme now had Jasper pretty much stuck in the corner as she kept him there, still preaching him on the aspect of keeping your mouth clean of bad words. I'm telling you, she is obsessed with that. I have no idea what to say with all of this going on. Unfortunately, it wasn't done yet.

Bella grabbed Renesmee. "My baby! Get out of here you weirdo!" She appeared to be screeching at the air, and Nessie looked at her with confusion.

Alice ran in circles as Rosalie rolled her eyes. "It came back for us!"

Bella yelled again, now joining Alice in her fast circles as Renesmee clutched tighter to her, afraid of falling and being trampled. "It's haunting us!"

I now have no idea how I could live in such chaos. It was a haunting. A swearhouse haunting.